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Annie Rooney French Ph.D., Preschool Consultant Kentucky Department of Education Division of Program Standards.

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1 Annie Rooney French Ph.D., Preschool Consultant Kentucky Department of Education Division of Program Standards

2  To answer your questions about Infinite Campus and ensure that state-funded preschool children will show up in the Infinite Campus counts.

3 Eligible children include 3s and 4s with an active and locked disability and 4 year-olds who whose family income is up to 150% of poverty Note: In 2015-16 this will go up to 160% of poverty Other children may be enrolled, but they are not counted for funding purposes. Preschool enrollment

4 Other preschoolers are enrolled if they are receiving services such as: ◦ Special Education only (“N”) ◦ RTI/KSI (non-income eligible) ◦ Head Start in school building ◦ FRYSC child care ◦ Over income preschool (if space is available) ◦ Other: Title I, Tuition, ELL, universal preschool

5 New for 2014-15 To determine the grade of the child, look at their age on August 1 st. A two year old on August 1 with a disability who turns 3 on Aug. 2 is in Grade 97. There is an exception is for at-risk 4s whose birthday was between Aug.1 and Oct 1 who were enrolled prior to July 15. Those children may be enrolled in Grade 99 for the 2014-15 school year.

6 There is no need to click on State Exclude. Preschool is not included in the state reporting counts.

7  Remember districts cannot have a waiting list and must serve all eligible children. This includes 3 and 4 year-olds with disabilities.  However, districts are not required to enroll and at-risk children who turns 4 after August 1 st. Those children would be at-risk during the following school year.

8 Fall and Spring Enrollment counts for all state-funded 3 and 4s.

9 Y4at Risk Y2W Disa bilit ySL Y3W Disa bilit ySL Y4W Disa bilit ySL Tota l SL Y2W Disa bilit yMM D Y3W Disa bilit yMM D Y4W Disa bilit yMM D Y4 At risk – up to 150% of poverty, must be 4 years-old on or before August. 1, 2014 Y2, Y3 and Y4= Grade 97, 98 and 99 SL= speech language disability with an active and locked IEP. MMD= Mild to Moderate Disability including developmental delay

10 Y2WDi sability SEV Y3WDi sability SEV Y4WDi sability SEV Total SEV Y2 Or Y3 Or Y4 Total Disabil ities Y2 Or Y3 Or Y4 Total Eligible Sev=Severe disability Total disability=sum of all three categories of disabilities for the 3 age groups Total eligible=the sum of the disabilities combined with the sum of the at risk 4s


12  Is the IEP active and locked?  Are all the fields filled out (disability, Conference Summary evaluation date).  Is the Setting “Home”?  Is the child as special ed only student, Enrollment Type “N”.  Is there a preschool tab?

13  Check to see that the child is actively enrolled.  Is the IEP active and locked?  Does the date of enrollment for children match the IEP date (unless the 4 year-old is income eligible) See RTI/KSI slide for more details.  Is there a preschool tab for the child?

14  Is the child a Head Start student (not enhanced)?  Does the IEP information match the enrollment information (grade, school)

15 If a child is in KSI/RTI, he/she isn’t eligible to be counted until there is an active and locked IEP, unless the child first enrolled as an income eligible 4. When the IEP is active, if the child wasn’t already an income eligible 4, then end date the initial enrollment using the W01 code, and reenroll the child using the R01 code. Remember also give the child a new preschool tab with the new date of enrollment and end date the previous preschool tab.

16  The count is for children who are enrolled on March 1 regardless of when then entered.  If a child has left the school district before March 1, he/she will not count for funding purposes.

17  A child enrolled as Head Start will not be counted in the Preschool Enrollment Counts.  There is an Ad Hoc created for looking up the Head Start children who are entered into the Infinite Campus system. These children usually have an IEP or their classrooms are located in the public school.

18  For children actively enrolled on December 1, 2014  Data will be pulled on Dec. 2, 2014  Districts should verify accuracy before the count.  The data count is final (no changes)

19 Please contact your KDE preschool consultant in your RTC region if you have questions or concerns: phone (502) 564-7056 Anderson RTC – Melody Cooper x 4763 Ashland RTC – Sally Shepherd x 4716 Berea RTC – Annie Rooney French x 4736 Calloway RTC – Sally Shepherd x 4716 Simpson RTC – Melody Cooper x 4763 Administrative Support – Kim Wiley x 4710 Branch Manager - Bill Buchanan x 4702


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