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Internet2 Distributed Storage Infrastructure (I2-DSI) TERENA-NORDUnet Networking Conference 1999 7-10 June, Lund, Sweden Leif Abrahamsson, Ellemtel

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1 Internet2 Distributed Storage Infrastructure (I2-DSI) TERENA-NORDUnet Networking Conference 1999 7-10 June, Lund, Sweden Leif Abrahamsson, Ellemtel

2 UCAID/Internet2 zRe-create leading edge R&E network capability zEnable new generation of applications zIntegrate with production environment Internet2 Goals

3 Internet2 Working Groups zIPv6 zMeasurement zMulticast zNetwork Management zNetwork Storage zQuality of Service zRouting zSecurity zTopology

4 Internet2 Distributed Storage Infrastructure Update Micah Beck Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville Bert Dempsey Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

5 I2-DSI Technical Participants zUT Knoxville / ICL yM. Beck T. Moore M. Swany J. Talley zUNC Chapel Hill /SILS yB. Dempsey Paul. Jones D. Weiss Z. Xiao zSite Managers yNC Supercomputing Center yIndiana University yEROS Data Center yUniv. of Hawaii at Manoa z Ellemtel yL. Abrahamsson yC. Achouiantz P. Johansson z IBM yR Aiken G. Carpenter yG. Goldszmidt J. Warren z Sun Microsystems yR. Chawla (Healtheon) z Viagenie (with CANARIE ) yM. Blanchet F. Parent

6 A Word From Our Sponsors zCiscoDNS redirection zEllemtel engineering effort zIBM large storage & DCE servers zNovellstorage & directory servers zStarburst reliable multicast software zStorageTeklarge storage servers zSun design collaboration

7 Single Server Model zHigh performance locally zUnacceptable performance across commodity backbone

8 Relying on Wide Area QoS zHigh performance access with reserved bandwidth zEssential for real-time communication zTechnically difficult, expensive, not generally available

9 I2-DSI Model: Replicated Services zClients access nearby server zEveryone gets performance zLocal resources implement a global service

10 I2-DSI Service Architecture zReplication yRsync+, Omnicast, AFS/DFS Novell Replication zResolution ySonar DNS, Distributed Director zDelegation yCache prefetch general users replicated core delegated server local users

11 Internet Content Channels zA channel is a collection of content which can be transparently delivered to end user communities at a chosen (price,performance) point through a flexible, policy-based application of resources

12 Server Channel Examples zReplicated Web Servers yAPIs: Standard HTML, Active Server Pages yChannels: Web sites zStreaming Media yAPIs: MPEG-2, proprietary file formats yChannels: collections of multimedia presentations zExecutable content yAPIs: Java byte code, Tcl, Perl yChannels: CGI programs

13 Current Server Deployment

14 I2-DSI Server IBM RS/6000 AIX Server 2 GB RAM 72 GB Disk / 900 GB Tape ADSM Hierarchical Storage Mgt.

15 I2-DSI Server Operations zProject Operations Coordinator yJudi Talley, University of Tennessee at Knoxville zSite Managers yDave Vernon, Indiana University yDavid Lassner, University of Hawaii at Manoa yMark Johnson, NC Networking Initiative yMichael Rechtenbaugh, EROS Data Center

16 Infrastructure Expansion zStorageTek y2 PC/Linux Servers y700GB disk, tape backup zNovell y6 PC/NetWare Servers y100GB disk ySmaller institutions or departments

17 Infrastructure Development Efforts zProximity Resolution xMartin Swany: SonarDNS xGeoff Carpenter, German Goldszmidt: Narwhal (IBM) zReplication Mechanisms and Modeling yBert Dempsey & students: xDebra Weiss: Batch rsync + multicast xZhiwei Xiao: Network metrics and modeling zChannel Representation and Server xLeif Abrahamsson, Christophe Achouiantz, Patrik Johansson (Ellemtel)

18 I2-DSI Applications Workshop Chapel Hill, NC March 4 &5, 1999 z10 applications yIndiana: Digital music and media library yUNC-CH: Instructional Management System ySan Jose State: Art history images yVanderbilt: zoomable medical images yViagenie: Network docs database yColumbia: Earth sciences environment yUNC-CH: Virtual Laboratories yOhio Supercomputer Center: High Volume Datasets yCalTech: Globally Interconnected Databases yUniv. of Kent: National Software Archive yRed Hat: pan-Linux source distribution

19 I2-DSI Applications Workshop Chapel Hill, NC March 4 &5, 1999 z4 technologies xMinnesota: Scalable Video xIBM Research: Multicast, Filter and Store xMoscow Ctr. for New Info. Tech. in Med. Ed.: Semantic Text Analysis xIBM Research: Narwhal Resolution Proxy  zSpecial issue of the Journal of Network and Computer Applications (Academic Press)

20 Application Management Partner zThe site formerly known as zFearless Leader Paul Jones z“A cool, tall glass of sweet tea on a hot day.” z 2 M HTTP & 1/3 M FTP file transfers daily zCollections policy yteaching, research, or public service yuse technology in innovative and unique ways ynon-commercial or not-for-profit

21 Application Strategy zChose initial applications yAvailable or easily ported services yLow update demands zPort to an I2-DSI server yOur development effort is limited yApp developers can have access to the servers zDistribute to homogeneous core zDerive service abstractions

22 The Need for Channel Representation Standards Origin Server proxy Replicated Server Standard-based Web traffic Replication of source files Web clients locally interpreted files Replicated Server replicated files

23 Replication Performance and Scalability Issues zServer placement zServer resources zServer description (metadata) zServer Channel description (metadata) zObject representation zCharacterization of replication mechanisms zChannel-to-server mapping (subscription)

24 Network Storage Symposium (NetStore ‘99) zNetwork Storage Symposium  Seattle, Oct 14-15, 1999 zScope (look for CFP) yI2-DSI implementation yI2-DSI applications yRelated networking projects yStorage technology

25 Conclusions zA server platform is in place zInfrastructure development yService abstractions (search, computation) yPublication and replication protocols yPortable representation and API yHeterogeneous servers zSix months to show results from initial application development efforts

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