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Internet Resources Discovery (IRD) IBM DB2 Digital Library Thanks to Zvika Michnik and Avital Greenberg.

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1 Internet Resources Discovery (IRD) IBM DB2 Digital Library Thanks to Zvika Michnik and Avital Greenberg

2 2 Introduction to IBM digital library The first commercial digital library effort in the United states. Consists of an array of products and services to transform information into digital multimedia. Includes tools to manage, present and protect information.

3 3 Primary Focus The primary focus is on image retrieval. Particular emphasis on high quality image presentation. Searching capabilities for the multimedia information. Copyright and intellectual property management capability.

4 4 The Digital Library Integrates a wide array of scalable information into a single architecture using technologies for: –Storage –Management –search –Retrieval –Distribution

5 5 DB2 Digital library IBM DB2 digital library is a digital asset management system for video, audio, images, and text. DB2 transforms multimedia assets into digital form which can be distributed over public or private networks. How does it work???

6 6 DB2 DL - The System

7 7 Create & Capture Provides creation of content and capture of existing materials. Allows digital content from many diverse sources to be incorporated into DB2. Integrates high-resolution scanning and color calibration technology to capture and reproduce images.

8 8 Storage & Management (1) Provides high-performance, scalable storage and management of information Openness - this is an open framework of hardware and software which can be implemented. Scalability - provides a powerful and scalable technology base, that will grow easily as needed. Provides for hierarchical storage management using disks, tapes, optical storage = cost saving.

9 9 Storage & Management (2) The information management features include automated indexing, foldering, correlation, feature extraction and translation functions for efficiently organized items for search. The heart of the library are servers which manage catalog information and provide pointers to the objects held in the collection. Clients receive a path to the information being held in object servers. Objects may be prestored and retried upon request.

10 10 Search & Access (1) Uses powerful search and access technologies that help users look at the content to find it quickly, accurately and intuitively. Provides content - independent data storage that allows for many kinds of objects to be stored in a scalable archive. Uses search technologies that include sophisticated tools for text and image analysis.

11 11 Search & Access (2) Offers natural language query - returns a ranked list with probability of relevance. Allows users to search a collections media objects by color percentage, distribution, position and image texture expressed graphically. Expanding to include video searching by moving image content.

12 12 Distribution IBM DB2 Digital Library is open to the world. Provides access to users through any existing computer network. The information can be viewed and presented using any computer system with graphical user interface. Uses network management software to assist in digital and analog information delivery.

13 13 Rights Management (1) IBM concentrates on Rights Management as a key factor in creating DB2 Digital Library. Uses IBM innovations in networking security and transactions technology. User identifies, enters a password, requests information and the system checks against the user eligibility. Based on the approval, the information is given.

14 14 Rights Management (2) Can authenticate original media such as photos, manuscripts, audio, video… - by using electronic signatures, digital content can be recognized as authentic with these signatures. The mark in use now is “Watermark” - it can be an electronic or visible mark.

15 15 DB2 is a digital library? Collection of data objects? Collection of metadata structures? Collection of services? Domain Focus? Quality Control? Preservation? { Depends on the creator and { the manager of the library Does DB2 answer to the definition of a digital library??? Lets see…

16 16 IBM DL - conclusion IBM DB2 digital library is digital library management: software and hardware that supposed to create, manage, store and maintain the digital library.

17 17 Libraries using IBM DB2 digital library The library of Congress The Vatican Library The National Library of the Netherlands Indiana University

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