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2013 Electronic Research Administration at Duke.

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1 2013 eRA@Duke Electronic Research Administration at Duke

2 2013 eRA@Duke:  Formerly ‘Document Management (DM)’  Phase I Implementation of Huron Study Recommendations  Focus on Sponsored Program pre-award and post-award functions and activities  Project Leader identified: Meredith Woods

3 2013 eRA@Duke:  Project Objective: promote process efficiency, transparency and the seamless transfer of Sponsored Program information across Duke organizations  Project Method: streamlining of core business processes by leveraging workflow, security and reporting functionality in SPS and SAP  Coming soon: eRA@Duke web page and more formal project communications/updates

4 2013 eRA@Duke: Project Workstreams  Notice of Award  CAS/Rebudgeting  CAS Reports  Rebudget Form  WBSE & Plan Setup  Sponsored Program Closeout

5 2013 eRA@Duke: Estimated Milestone Timing CY 2013 CY 2014 Q1 Q2Q3Q4Q1 Q2 Notice of Award Development/Testing; Rollout (staged) CAS Reports Rollout Rebudgeting and CAS Form Development & TestingRollout WBSE & Plan Setup Design, Development & TestingRollout Sponsored Program Closeout Policy Review & Pre-Planning Design/ Develop

6 2013 eRA@Duke: Project Structure RACI eRA@Duke Steering Committee CAS/Rebudgeting Working Group Leads: Beth Sizemore, Laurie Henry Jim LutherTodd Orr John MichnowiczChris Tobias Keith Hurka-OwenPaula Morrison Nate Martinez-Wayman Project Management: Meredith Woods WBSE & Plan Setup Working Group Leads: Beth Sizemore, Heather Quadlin Notice of Award Working Group Leads: Debbi Nixon, Amy Barbee * Each Working Group receives additional guidance from a Dept. Advisory Group.

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