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OHIO OFFICE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. Even the agents are suffering…

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2 Even the agents are suffering…

3 To be a nationally recognized leader in technology governance and management and maximize Ohio's IT investment through collaboration, strategic planning and resource sharing. OIT Vision:

4 T i OIT provides a single face to the customers through multiple channels.

5 Establishing Foundation for Execution  Operating Model  Enterprise Architecture: Defined  IT Engagement Model

6 Operating Model Diagram CoordinationUnificationDiversificationReplication Business Process IntegrationLow High Business Process Standardization

7 Recommended Coordination Model  Provides a single face to customers through multiple channels  Many shared customers through departments and programs  Customer transactions are independent; but data is shared between departments  Individual government units own their own customer relationships

8 Enterprise Architecture Shared Customers Shared Data Integrating Technology Linked Processes Ohio Businesses Constituents Ohio Employees Vendors Ohio Agencies First Responders Geographic Data Asset Locations Small Business Information Constituent Demographics Business Intelligence OAKs MARCS GIS Ohio Business Gateway Electronic Payment Services Internet web forms Security and Risk Management State’s ISP

9 IT Application Center Vendors Constituents Ohio Agencies Ohio Businesses OAKS MARCS Ohio Business Gateway Enterprise Open Systems Contract Management IT Investment Planning Project Management Research and Advisory Human Resources Procurement Budgeting Security & Risk Management Ohio Employees First Responders Unified Network Services Enterprise Shared Services Accounting GIS Electronic payment svc. Internet Web Form Enterprise Architecture Core Diagram

10 Moving to An Optimized Core Elimination of data redundancy Addition of business process platforms Invest in Enterprise Open Systems

11 Components of the IT Engagement Model  IT Governance Recommendations  IT Project Management Recommendations  IT Linking Mechanism Recommendations

12 IT Governance IT Principles State Chief Information Officer Director of Administrative Services Enterprise Architecture Interim Deputy Director Chief Information Security Officer IT Infrastructure Interim Deputy Director Business Application Needs Chief Administrator Business Manager Policy Advisor Prioritization and Investment Interim Deputy Director Chief Information Officer

13 Recommended Project Management Steps 1. Establish a committee 2. Establish the tactical plan 3. Establish the business case 4. Review and confirm that OIT is providing governance from an enterprise IT perspective 5. Evaluate risk 6. Collect feedback from customers 7. Address external factors 8. Monitor operations

14 MARCS and GIS Implementation BusinessInformation Technology Enterprise Level Steering committee to drive the tactical plan Conduct Gateway meetings Scope Milestones Integration plan for MARCS and GIS Consider additional enterprise applications Funding Business Unit Level Establish Sponsors Training Manage Contracts Project Level Customer Focus Groups Establish ROI Project Meetings Architectural Research Implementation Technology Research and Development Companywide IT Governance Project Management

15  OIT’s Operating Model is a Coordination Model  Enterprise Architecture is a road map to IT integration  IT Engagement Model – governance, project management and linking  Value of EA – increase efficiencies while leveraging technology Summary


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