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Strengths  Good brand image, similar range of products.  Considered No. 2 in Market after Aimil  Customization facility. Servo.

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12 Strengths  Good brand image, similar range of products.  Considered No. 2 in Market after Aimil  Customization facility. Servo and cyclic Testing range in indigenous.  Technical capabilities equal or better than Aimil. Serious competitor in customize and high end equipment  Low price with good quality  Quoting very cheap prices in Govt Tenders.  NABL Accreditation, NSIC Regn, Manufacturing facility, in-house electronic and software development team  Offering high discount i.e. 25 to 35% in private engineering colleges  Special focus on higher range of equipment i.e. Servo, Cyclic Triaxial, UTM Hydraulic Actuators etc.  Good promotion strategy e.g. gifts, colanders etc. Weaknesses  Expensive & less after sales support. Spares parts are costly.  No fixed price and quality. Only one service Centre (Delhi), Average Delivery time, Not active in Cement & RMC, No channel partner

13 Strategy to overcome  Need to improve our technical capabilities at affordable price  Very less price difference. Need to explain the difference between Aimil and Heico to customer.  We should work out our prices strategically depending on the case where Heico is involved.  Try to beat them by highlighting our R&D facility  Strategy to approach customer first  Regular visits  Provide special offer to customer like training, Extra Warranty, guest lecture by our technical expert on civil engineering  By promoting our after sales support strength

14 Strengths  Low Price, less than 30% to AIMIL.  Has a strong hold in Govt. segment like PMGSY (They go to the extent of offering 30% to 40% discounted prices just to secure orders.  Similar Range of equipment, Manufacturing facility, NABL Accreditation  Registered with NSIC Weaknesses  Poor after sales support  Poor quality products  No sales team  Only one service center (Delhi)  No Customization facility  Not working in Private engineering college Strategy to overcome  To convince customer on quality and long term value  Try to beat them by highlighting our R&D facility and atleast 6 year NABL accreditation.  Refer the unsatisfied and blacklisted credentials of Enkay.

15 Strengths  40% less price  Very good hold in L&T and using it as a reference  Quick sales support to the extent that they supply equipment on verbal order  Very Active in few contractors segment.  Fast delivery Weakness  Average quality  Does not have in-house calibration facility Strategy to overcome  To convince customer (QC) on quality of equipment. Give the reference to unsatisfied customer of ASEW


17 Civil Indigenous  Low Prices and High discounts offered by the Competitors.  We have got very poor image regarding delivery and quick service support. Many contractor do not send us the enquires when they require material immediately  Competitors are offering complete package to pvt. engineering college  Dealyed and very expensive after sales service (Post warranty)  Lack of service engineer for DAQ & Geostar.  Not getting specifications on time for special equipment – It helps competitors to enter into our customer’s area.  Lot of complaints were faced in our most premium product - CTM  30 to 40 days credit policy in private contractor  Not able to breakthrough in PMGSY project because of price war Civil Imported  Multiple distributorship of Proceq  These products are not mandatory as per IS standards, so it gets difficult to convince the customer.  Unavailability of Demo equipment.

18  We should increase the warranty of our all capital equipment from 1 year to 2 years  Standardize the response time and resolution time for CSG (Most important)  Merge target of CSG with sales team and let sales team handle CSG team  We should prepare a technical comparison sheet between Aimil and others  Once in a year we should organize a free training camp for private engineering colleges  Special pricing for big orders  We should prepare a short corporate video and working of capital equipment/ software related items (by professionals) that we can show to customer in our laptop or mobile.  Separate technical team to help us in technical specification and pricing.  Avoid delays in providing specifications and prices for new/customized products by bringing into regulation a better coordination between our different teams.  Standard Pricing for calibration, AMC etc.


20 OpportunityRemarks ConstructionDMRC, Third Phase In touch with different contractors working in DMRC.(ITD,L&T,PARTIBHA JMC Project etc Consultant Consultancy companies (Like,Flsmidth and chanderpur works pvt ltd) Cold Call Required ConstructionPrembariPul to Azadpur Corridor projectIn touch with contractors(Simplex) ConstructionDelhi outer bypass. Vikaspuri to Meera Bagh.In touch with contractors(Simplex) ConstructionHousing Project in GurgaonIn touch with contractors(Simplex,DLF and L&T Roads Kithal Haryana border to Rajisthan border( 4 line highway 160km) 4000 cor. Awarded to IRB infra EducationNew private Engineering University Cold Call will be done Ansal University. G.D Goenka Universty, SRM University, K.R Mangalam University, IMT University Etc Research and Development NCCBM Received Tender enquiry with our specification ( Value to tender Appaox 80lakhs) IIT Delhi special flexure and compression testing machine for established soil, concrete and asphalt ( Approx value 12 to 15 Lakh) NITK Rut Shaper and tester Value( appox. 15lakhs) In touch with the end user as well as purchase dept. for the same In ouch with the end user, working on the technical speciation for the same for tender purpose. submitted our technical specification along with price to end user. Tender will be come in next month Close watch on big projects.. ACTION PLAN TO IMPROVE PERFORMANCE Contd…

21 Hydro Power Geotechnical Lab in THDC Approx. Value-30 to 40 Lakhs We have submitted our technical specification along with price. Tender will be come in next month ContractorL&T DFCC Project approx. 70 Lacs.Negotiation stage GovernmentPMGSY, Uttarakhand – 1 cr.Spec. are locked. Waiting to publish tender. PMGSY RajasthanSpec. are locked. Waiting to publish tender. Contd…


23  Road Show  Mailer campaign  Focus on creating market for customized products  Educate colleges/institutes for up gradation of existing equipment  Provide combo offers to customers from private sectors (eg. along with 1 CTM-6 cubes of 150mm free (adjust the cost of the cube in CTM)  Initiative for providing training, seminars, presentations to students and faculties from the colleges  Collaboration with colleges to provide lab training to students-in return of a minimal fees.  Special focus on defense customers(DRDO, MES etc)  2 to 3 days Free training on purchased equipment and one guest lecture by expert of civil engineering  Trying to get our specifications locked in as much government tenders as possible-to improve our chances of winning the tender. Eg; PWD U.K., PWD Rajastahn, PWD U.P, MES, NIT Uttarakhand, THDC, MCG, GEC Jhalwar, CET Bikaner, CTEA Udaipur, MNIT Jaipur, DTU, Kurukshetra University, BHU, IIT Kanpur GPR etc.  Increasing focus on private consultants who are related with testing etc.

24  Small type drilling ring for use in soil as well in rock for up to 2 m depth, dia 100- 150mm (Presently requirement from TATA Projects and snow fountain.  New application/Industry – AAC Blocks, Electronics Test Laboratory for battery testing, Telecom, Refractory Tile.  Products – Servo CTM, Wheel Rut tester and Visco 2000  Focus on Private Consultants  By promoting our new/customized products  Focus on Customers from Power Sector  Increasing focus on government departments like PWD etc. in the Uttarakhand (due to last year’s disaster they are under tight scrutiny form the governing bodies)

25  New order from MES, Lucknow and for small value  We have succeeded to lock-in our specification in PWD Lucknow. Tender worth Rs. 50L tender is about to come.  Also tender is expected in the same line from MNIT, GEC Jhalawar, CTEA Udaipur, CET Bikaner.  Persuaded UPES-Dehradun to upgrade their existing equipment to computerized ones with DAQ and Software.  Grabbed order from Modern Institute of Technology where the competitor was Heico.

26  Got our specifications locked in premier research institute like IIRS- Dehradun, NIT-Uttrakhand, THDC-Rishikesh  Given idea to our Branch Manager to develop Whatsapp Group for cross selling opportunities that helped entire branch to improve getting leads.  Got one order from IITD stone polishing machine on our specifications  We have succeeded to grab first order of DSR, Malvern from IIT Roorkee.

27  Development alternatives, NGO : Bricks manufacturer  Aqua proof Minerals: water proofing  IIT Delhi - stone polishing machine for different application

28  Work done as per KPI sheet planned.  Received order from IIRS as per our specifications locked in.  Educated customers for upgradation of labs.  Visited all labs of DFCC project and convinced them for Aimil and started getting the orders.  Focused on Private Engineering Colleges in Q1 & Q2.  Participated in a tender without our margin for DSR.

29  Implementation of KPIs as planned  Work closely with the concerned officials for upcoming projects.  Organize Road Show in Nepal and UP.  Arrange to provide best service and after sales support to Key accounts  E-mailers  Give package deals on NDT equipment.  Planning to offer free service to customers in a particular region twice an year (only charge the price for spare parts)  Will attend seminars etc. so as to increase contacts and product awareness.  Will send e-mailer to customer and do rigorous presentation in private engineering colleges.


31  NM - Prepare separately technical spec. of all indigenous items incorporating USP. Pricing strategy for different segment. More product training.  Engineering: should encourage customized products, quick response, descriptive tech specs  CPU: quick deliveries and inform customer in advance delay delivery date. Coordinate for road permit also. Systematic Pre-dispatch inspection facility, accuracy in order acknowledgement and mange all post sales activities.  AM – Involvement in distributor meeting, timely finalization of blue pages, release of incentives, resolve delivery & quality issues as early as possible etc.  CSG: Quick service and response to customer.



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