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Evolution of Educational Technology Educ-7100-2 Instructor Dr. Powley Submitted by Jeannine Miller.

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1 Evolution of Educational Technology Educ-7100-2 Instructor Dr. Powley Submitted by Jeannine Miller

2 Strand 1 (s1) Toffler wave theories Agricultural wave 8000 B.C.- 1755 Industrial Wave 1755- 1955 Informational Wave 1955- present Strand 2 (s2) Key advances in technology Strand 3 (s3) Work philosophies Strand 4 (s4) Important theories Strand 5 (s5)Events determining thinking Strand 6 (s6) Key religions of the decade

3 S1) Industrial Wave S2) Visual Education formally named/First successful Radio Transmission S3) Ford Motor Co./ Firestone Tire Co. S4) Thorndike Theory of Connectedness/Freud lectures in U.S. S5) Automation/ Aviation S6) European Migration/Anti Imperialism 8#q=anti+imperialism&hl=en&rlz=1R2SKPB_enUS378&prmd=inb&tbs =tl:1&tbo=u&ei=SzDzS_6BAo6Y8ATXoZzNDw&sa=X&oi=timeline_res ult&ct=title&resnum=18&ved=0CGcQ5wIwEQ&fp=849e2d790c0ab0e9

4 S1) Industrial wave S2) 35mm silent film/First Talking Motion Picture S3) IBM Corp./RCA Corp. S4) John Dewey-Reflective Method of Instruction/ Edward Thorndike Connectionism S5) WWI/ Womens Suffrage Movement S6) Rise of Protestants

5 S1) Industrial wave S2) Recording of Electrical Sound/ Commercial Radio Broadcast S3) Bell Telephone/Food Industries rporations+in+1920s&source=bl&ots=6qjpwABmyf&sig=1- isw_16LfUpLzFbnvGx2Pky_DA&hl=en&ei=x- PyS4zsNYSBlAer9bX5DA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1&ved=0C BUQ6AEwADge#v=onepage&q=corporations%20in%201920s&f=false S4) Froebel Kindergartens/ Einstein Unified Field Theory In US & S5) Prohibition/ Roaring 20’s S6) Christianity/Patriotism

6 S1) Industrial wave S2) Theatrical films produced for schools/ Carter invents first photocopier S3) Capitalism/Nissan Corp./Genetics tested by DeKalb & histories/DeKalb-Genetics-Corporation-Company- History.htmlNat’l S4) The Morrison Plan by Henry Morrison/ Vygotsky Socioculture Theory _n28677164/ _n28677164/ S5) Great Depression/Nat’l Labors Relations Act S6) Religious Decline

7 S1) Industrial wave S2) Test films produced by McGraw Hill/ Invention of modern color T.V. baird.htm S3) Rebound of economic production/ U.S. Largest world ARMS dealer S4) Operant Conditioning by BF Skinner/ Claude Shannon’s computer science theory operant-conditioning.html S5)WWII/ Investment Co. Act S6) Southern Baptist

8 S1) Industrial wave; 1955 entered Informational wave S2) Audiovisual instruction name changes to audiovisual communication/ First videotape recorder S3) NASA established/Inflation S4) Reconstructionist theory by Brameld/ American Montessori Society established e/1950.htm e/1950.htm & Theodore-1904-1987.html S5) Cold War/ Korean War S6) Judeo-Christian

9 S1) Informational wave S2) Computer mouse invented/ TX instruments portable calculator S3) ARPA developed networking/ Warner Brothers est. Distribution S4) Great Society reform/ Civil rights Movement & S5) Apollo landed on moon/Woodstock Festival S6) Rise of Black congregation

10 S1) Informational age S2) Information processing/floppy disk invented S3) PBS formed/ Skylab first space station histories/Corporation-for-Public-Broadcasting- Company-History.html S4) Piaget Cognitive theory/ Open classrooms adec_0001_0008_0/adec_0001_0008_0_02624.html S5) OPEC crisis/ Vietnam war ends S6) New Age

11 S1) Informational age S2) Mobile Phones use on the rise/ Apple Macintosh invented S3) Feminism re-emerged/ Apple Corp. / FDIC regulatory changes S4) Instructional design theory/ David Kolb Experiential learning theory S5) Terrorism scares/ Tax reform Act/ Businesses merged S6) Cult like religions

12 S1) Informational age S2) Videodiscs/ Pentium processor invented S3) Networking/ Lockheed Martin/ Honda introduced Hybrid Insight vehicles.htm S4) Integration of Technology/ The educational theory of Alfie Kohn S5) Desert Storm/ Trade expansion S6) Nones (no religion affiliation) http://www.americanreligionsurvey-

13 S1) Informational age S2) Artificial Intelligence/ Emergency Economic Stabilization Act S3) Miniaturization of technology/ You Tube/ Blackberry Smartphone S4) Neural science technology/ Differentiated instruction tudl.html S5) Iraqi War/ Dot com explosion/ economic recession S6) Melting pot of religions

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