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Information Technology Governance February 1, 2013.

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1 Information Technology Governance February 1, 2013

2 Agenda  Review of actions and decisions from November meeting  Completed projects since November meeting  Projects in progress (questions on circulated material)  Project Highlights  Website design  Exchange migration  Break  New and Emerging initiatives  Support overview  Help Desk evening support  Survey highlights  Any other business  IT unit plan initiatives - wireless and model classroom  Review of technology initiatives emerging from departmental unit plans. Are you aware of items in your unit plan that may affect IT?  Review of actions and decisions coming out of this meeting

3 Actions from previous meeting ActionStatusComments Voyager (Library) system meeting CompleteOriginal participants contacted. Library and IT Services formulating plan Technology delivery modeling (Virtual desktop, etc) CompleteTo be presented in budget process STEAM Peer ReviewCompleteSolution not workable. Idea owner will continue to look for alternatives 2-3 year view of IT initiatives EvolvingMore details will be available once budget processes are complete

4 Decisions from previous meeting DecisionComments IT Services stream at ConnectionsPreliminary discussions within IT Services Top three initiatives (password reset, client materials, process training) Emerging documents/plans underway Model technology classroom & wirelessPart of IT Services unit plan Moodle governanceTerms of reference complete

5 Completed Projects Banner Human Resources 8.8 upgrade Infosilem support for “pre-print” functionality rollout Mobile V3 Raisers Edge database conversion and hosting Faculty Exchange (email) migration AV Booking system replacement Culinary Arts AV

6 Projects in progress – Questions? Automation of Staffing Exchange (email) rollout Financial Aid Key Performance Indicators CS Website and registration application Dean’s and Director’s List Sustainability calendar enhancements Website redesign

7 Highlighted projects in progress Website redesign demo Exchange (email) migration Faculty rollout – post implementation review Plan for further rollout

8 Emerging initiatives Customer Service (IT Services) Moodle Governance (Educational Technology) Auto password reset (IT Services) External Communications (IT Services)

9 Support overview Help desk evening support Survey highlights

10 Any other business IT unit plan initiatives – wireless, model classroom Any technology initiatives coming out of your unit plan?

11 Review Actions and Decisions  Next meeting April 12, 2013 (exams Apr 10–20-conflict?)

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