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The University of Memphis Libraries Faculty Survey Spring 2001 Executive Summary Prepared by Perveen Rustomfram November 2002.

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1 The University of Memphis Libraries Faculty Survey Spring 2001 Executive Summary Prepared by Perveen Rustomfram November 2002

2 Note: Percentages are based upon the 194 faculty responses received, unless otherwise indicated.








10 Male Tenured Professor Arts & Sciences @ UofM 10+ years Computer literate Grad/upper level Ugrad courses


12 Libraries used or visited during Feb. 2000 – March 2001 McWherter 85.6% Mathematics2.6% Chemistry2.1% Earth Sciences2.1% Music2.1% Audiology and Speech Language Pathology1.5% No Response 4.1%

13 Overwhelmingly the McWherter Library was the most used Visited in person 92.8% Used via remote access 67.5% Called via phone 44.8% Used via Graduate Assistants 40.7%

14 Top seven reasons for using the Libraries Research 87.6% Browse journal collection65.5% Prepare for coursework57.2% Pick up material ILL, holds/recalls57.2% Browse book collection 47.9% Consult library staff in person43.3% Consult library staff by phone28.4%

15 Bottom five reasons for using Libraries Consult library staff by email 20.1% Use instruction classrooms 14.9% Use meeting rooms 14.4% Bring in class for library instruction 12.9% Read for pleasure 10.8%

16 Importance of resources for faculty research Print Journals 82.5% Electronic Indexes and Abstracts67.5% tomCAT (Online Catalog)64.4% Circulating Books57.7% Full-text Databases54.1% Reference Books51.0% Electronic Journals45.9% Print Indexes/Abstracts39.7% U of M Libraries Web Pages32.0% Microforms25.3% Government Publications23.2% Newspapers11.9%

17 Satisfaction with resources for faculty research ranked in descending order (n=Number of respondents stating an opinion) Government Publications88.4% 95 U of M Libraries Web Pages87.6%145 Print Indexes/Abstracts79.7%138 Special Collections(Rare Books/Archives)79.0% 62 Electronic Indexes and Abstracts77.4%155 Newspapers76.3% 97 tomCAT (Online Catalog)73.2%168 Maps72.0% 50 Microforms70.8%120 Sheet Music70.4% 27 Electronic Journals64.8%128 Music Recordings(Records/CDs/Audio)64.3% 28 Full-text Databases63.4%142 Reference Books61.7%167 Audiovisuals(Film/Audio/Video)55.1% 78 Circulating Books43.4%175 Print Journals42.3%175

18 Importance of resources for student research (n=194) Print Journals 69.1% Circulating Books 60.3% Electronic Indexes and Abstracts58.8% Reference Books 58.2% tomCAT (Online Catalog)56.2% Full-text Database46.9% Electronic Journals44.3% Print Indexes/Abstracts38.1% U of M Libraries Web Pages32.5% Government Publications23.2% Microforms20.1% Newspapers11.9%

19 As a point of comparison, responses to the 1999 Undergraduate students’ survey indicated that the top three resources used were books, periodicals, and electronic databases.

20 Satisfaction with resources for student research (n=Number of respondents stating an opinion) U of M Libraries Web Pages87.7%114 Government Publications86.4% 81 tomCAT (Online Catalog)80.2%131 Electronic Indexes and Abstracts74.8%127 Newspapers74.4% 82 Print Indexes/Abstracts74.2%120 Special Collections(Rare Books/Archives)72.7% 44 Microforms72.2% 97 Maps66.7% 36 Full-text Databases63.8%116 Electronic Journals63.8%116 Sheet Music61.9% 21 Music Recordings(Records/CDs/Audio)59.2% 27 Reference Books56.0%152 Audiovisuals(Film/Audio/Video)48.4% 62 Print Journals40.8%147 Circulating Books39.1%156

21 Satisfaction with Services (n= Number of respondents stating an opinion) Check out/Renewal/Billing81.0%142 Adaptive Technology Lab80.6% 31 Interlibrary Loan72.8%158 Assigned Study Carrels72.7% 44 Reserve Room71.2%111 Networked Printing (Main)64.4% 59 Holds/Recalls61.6%112 McWherter Copy Center57.7%104 (Dept Photocopying) Micro/readers/printers/VCRs54.8% 93 Self-service Photocopying51.5%130

22 Satisfaction with Departments ( n=Number of respondents stating an opinion) Reference Department93.5%155 Circulation Department87.0%154 Periodicals Department90.0%142 Government Publications95.7% 94 Microforms/AV76.9%104 Special Collections91.7% 60 Interlibrary Loan Department78.2%147 Reserve Room71.4% 98 Copy Center67.4% 95

23 Satisfaction with Branches (n= Number of respondents stating an opinion) Audiology and Speech 100.0% 8 Pathology Library Chemistry Library87.5%16 Earth Sciences Library92.9%14 Mathematics Library66.7%18 Music Library 100.0%14

24 Library Instruction Aware of library instruction classes for students 64.9% Unaware of library instruction classes for students 28.9% Make use of library instruction classes for students 22.2% Do not make use of library instruction classes for students 69.6%

25 Future Needs : Prioritized by Faculty (n=194) Print Journals 80.9% Print Books62.4% Online Full-Text Journal articles60.8% Online indexes and databases56.7% Document Delivery Service48.5% Reshelve material quickly & accurately 42.3% Photocopiers 37.1%

26 Future Needs (contd.) Libraries computer workstations31.4% Electronic full-text reserves27.8% Vend-a-card machines24.7% Change Machines24.2% Improve online help screens23.2% Increase Libraries hours on weekends21.6% Microform printers21.6% More staff to provide assistance20.1% Microform readers17.0%

27 Characterization of Comments More, more, more journals More, more, more books More electronic indexes and databases More full-text electronic journals Increase acquisitions budget ILL-expand number of requests accepted weekly More videotapes/audiotapes Staff: assistance praised/needs improvement/need more Doing great job despite being under-funded and understaffed

28 Areas Recommended for Attention To be a research university library: Increase resources/collections (books, journals, etc.) Expand/improve document delivery and interlibrary loan services Expand/improve remote access to resources/services Improve student/staff training Increase number of library personnel

29 Actions taken by Libraries since survey was completed Remote Access Proxy server was installed; provides greatly improved off-campus access to Libraries’ electronic information Limitation on ILL requests removed Access Services Librarian position filled Redesigning ILL website New electronic ILL form available early 2003 Reviewing ILLiad software package for possible purchase Will provide online access to articles requested via ILL and enhance online requesting via ILL

30 Actions taken (contd.) Systems Upgraded Libraries’ network for increased speed Upgraded Libraries’ tomCat (online catalog) software Installed 70 new public access terminals in McWherter and Branch Libraries McWherter Library became a “wireless” building Secured network access to safeguard confidentiality and system security Will fill Web Services Librarian position in early 2003 Anticipate improvement/enhancement of Libraries WebServices

31 Actions taken (contd.) Resources/Collections Collection Development Librarian position filled Redefining collection development procedures through Libraries’ Liaison Program Provide access to 25,000+ e-books via Webpage Provide access to 150+ electronic databases/indexes Provide access to over 19,000 full-text electronic journals and / or abstracts of articles Upgraded microform printing system Loaded UofM Law School Library holdings into tomCat in 2002 Will load post-1989 Government Publications holdings into tomCat in 2003

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