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DVR Móvil 1C-B4XDD.

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1 DVR Móvil 1C-B4XDD

2 DVR Móvil

3 Aplicación

4 Funciones Básicas - Total resources: 4 channels D1 at real time(100fps/ 120fps)  - Built-in GPS for location tracking - Built-in 3G for live view and remote management  - H.264 video compression - Patented FS 3.0 file system for data reliability and data recovery - Supports 2.5” up to 1TB SATA HDD storage - Built-in capacitor provides MDVR with enough time to pack the files to avoid any video files loss when the external power is cut off suddenly  - Pre-recording maximum 60 minutes - Low voltage protection.

5 Funciones OneTech patented special file system is professional to improve the security level of data, provide self-recovery function, self-check, self-backup for certain critical data and avoid data fragment that affects system efficiency. Support hard disk recording UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) supported to protect the MDVR from the damage of high voltage and provide the power to the MDVR when the MDVR external power is cut off (for example accidents happen) Dual streams: one for local recording and one for wireless transmission. 4 channel real-time D1 at 25 fps/30fps continuous or priority video recording and live view display. Semi-transparent GUI makes setting for GUI and live display synchronously. Maximum 1 hour pre-recording and 30 minutes post-recording Watermark prevents any modification in recorded file which is part of the law enforcement. 4 channels for high-fidelity, digitally recorded, synchronized audio matched to 4 video channels User friendly criteria to playback the events associated video only. Automatic timer to resume the live display if the unit is idle for user defined time. User-selectable settings for quality and audio record enable/disable for each video channel. 12v power supply for multiple devices such as cameras, sensors, relays and any other accessories.

6 Ficha técnica Características

7 Conexión Frontal

8 Conexión trasera

9 Accesorios

10 Tipos de software CMS (software para servidor)
CEIBA (software para configuración y visualización de grabaciones) CMS (software para servidor) MiniPlayer (Software para visualización de grabaciones del disco duro) CMS Mobile Plus (Software para móviles en Iphone y Android)

11 CMS Ceiba Playback and Analysis Software
- Live view based on LAN network  - Supports remote search and playback through LAN network.  - Supports Mult-channel playback mode  - Supports full remote configuration  - Supports video file backup, edit and playback remotely and locally.  - Supports local HDD, directory and single file playback. - Supports log file and meta-data analysis 

12 Software CEIBA 1) Version number
2) Playback mode. Currently the Ceiba supports playback function only. 3) Ceiba supports 3 different ways for video file playback. The first one is local playback. Please just take out the MDVR removable hard disk case (or SD card) and connect it with PC directly by the USB port (or insert the SD card to the card reader). In this situation please select hard disk icon to playback the video file. For this mode you get the video files from the external hard disk or SD card for playback directly. 4) If you connect the hard disk or SD card to the PC and download the video files to PC already. In this situation you get the files from the PC directly, please select the directory icon for playback. 5) Playback video files remotely by WIFI or LAN. 6) The file list after searching 7) Different events for playback 8) Calendar shows which day is valid for video files 9) Show the video/alarm/speed chart in details 10) Operation bar

13 Software CEIBA 11) Video file playback window 12) GPS map
13) Image display mode

14 Software MiniPlayer Mini Player
- Easy operation, No installation - Local Video file playback  - GPS tracking information display  - Graphical metadata analysis  - Video Clip supported 

15 Software MiniPlayer 1. Video playback window 2. Video loading info
3. Play control 4. Google map tracking 5. Frame info analysis and display

16 Software CMS Central Monitoring Software
- Mult-channel live view based on 3G/4G - Shows the vehicle, GPS, alarm, log information clearly - Supports to lock alarm vehicle automatically - Supports PTZ control and MDVR remote configuration - Supports remote recording - Supports download and playback video file - Vehicle management - Database supported and GPS route playback - Supports to export the report - Different user level management - WEB client login supported; iOS and android mobile phone client supported

17 Software CMS Mobile Plus (Iphone/android)

18 Requisitos Servidor Considerando cuantos equipos se van a monitorear
Conexión 3G Software Cliente en PCs Servidor INTERNET Considerando cuantos equipos se van a monitorear Ancho de banda Windows Server/ Win 7/ Win 8 MSQL 2008 Firewall Net Framework 4.0 IIS

19 Dudas Gracias por su atención

20 ____

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