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Public Health Practice Opportunities in Baltimore Mindi B. Levin, MS, CHES Founder and Director, SOURCE (Student Outreach Resource Center) JHSPH Faculty.

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2 Public Health Practice Opportunities in Baltimore Mindi B. Levin, MS, CHES Founder and Director, SOURCE (Student Outreach Resource Center) JHSPH Faculty Appointment: Health Policy and Management Baltimore Community Practicum, Course Director 410-955-3880

3 Practice Options Through SOURCE Baltimore Community Practicum course The Connection Community Consultants Certificate in Community- Based Public Health Academic Courses Special Studies Federal Work-Study

4 Baltimore Community Practicum To provide a planned, supervised, and evaluated experience for students to gain experience in population health with a community-based organization (CBO) or local health department (LHD).

5 WHAT is the Baltimore Community Practicum (BCP) Course?  A credit-earning course that provides field experience and learning in the real public health world.  An internship where students apply classroom knowledge to a CBO’s or LHD’s public health issues.  A partnership  SOURCE (Student Outreach Resource Center)  Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health  Various CBOs and LHDs the Baltimore area

6 BCP Course Requirements  A public health practice experience  Minimum of 60 hours effort  Over 2 nd and 3 rd academic terms  Attendance  Weekly seminars in the course (Tuesdays, 3:30 pm – 4:20 pm)  At least ½ day per week on site (4 – 8 hrs/wk)  Register for 550.864.01 after accepted  2-4 credits per term, Pass/Fail  Actively engage in a practice-based project  Submit educational plan  Oral presentation & paper

7  Basic concepts of service- learning, CBPR, and civic professionalism  Practical methods for promoting partnerships between communities, public health agencies, academic institutions, CBOs and LHDs  Effective communication skills  Information about Baltimore’s history, health issues, leadership, and more! What is Covered in the Seminar?

8 Participating CBOs American Diabetes Association Baltimore City Health Department Baltimore Health Care Access Baltimore Medical System Baltimore SquashWise Behavioral Health Leadership Institute Health Care for All! House of Ruth, MD International Rescue Committee Jewel House Living Classrooms Foundation People’s Community Health Centers United Way of Central MD And many more!

9 Available Projects Developing Healthy Eating and Exercise Habits for Youth Enhancing Baltimore City's Community Outreach Initiatives for Older Adults Bite Bed Bugs Back! Initiative (B4) Evaluation of 2-1-1 Program at UWCM Improving Access to Health Care Resources for Resettled Refugees Healthy Living: Educating Patients on the Important Link Between Environment and Health The Eastside/Westside Community Challenge for Healthy Living And many more!

10 Performance Evaluation  Community Preceptor’s Evaluation  Participation in the Weekly Seminar  Written Educational Plan  Reflective Journals  Oral Presentation  Final Paper

11 Application Process  View all possible projects online  Prioritize projects by your interest  Submit application (Mon, Sept 13 th at 5 pm deadline)  Interviews (weeks of Sept 20 th – Oct 6 th )  Matching occurs in early October  Register for 2 nd term when accepted Be on the lookout for reminders over the activities-l listserv!

12 PHASE vs. BCP

13 PHASE and BCP Contact Aita Amaize at:

14 “The Connection” Community Consultants Small Teams, Short-Term Projects Strategic Consulting Fundraising Strategy and Grants Performance Measurement Communications Consulting Secondary Data Analysis and Mapping Go to “Students” and then “The Connection”

15 “The Connection” Community Consultants  Grants  Community outreach initiatives  Develop policies and procedures  Curriculum design  Program evaluation  Literature review  Develop communication materials  Financial audit  Secondary data analysis/mapping  And more…

16 “The Connection” Community Consultants  Fill out a Consultant Profile Form  Submit your resume to SOURCE (  Projects will be announced in first term. 3-4 rounds per year.  Select your projects of interest  Diverse Connection teams are organized  Group leaders are assigned  Connect with your CBO  SOURCE support, Evaluations

17 Certificate in Community-Based Public Health Educational Objective: To assist students in developing skills and competencies for careers in both community-based public health practice and research, particularly for applications in underserved urban settings.

18 Certificate in Community-Based Public Health Core Courses: 410.631: Introduction to Community-based Participatory Research: Principles and Methods (2nd term, 3 units) 550.864: Baltimore Community Practicum (2nd & 3rd terms, 2-4 units per term) 410.630: Implementation and Sustainability of Community- Based Health Programs (4th term, 3 units)

19 Certificate in Community-Based Public Health Complete Elective Courses focusing on these competencies:  Cultural Competency Skills and Attitudes  Linking Social and Environmental Causes of Disease and Community Health  Community Dimensions of Practice Skills and Attitudes Dr. Janice Bowie, Mindi Levin, Barbara Diehl, Contact:

20 Academic Courses Program Planning for Health Behavior Change Baltimore Food Systems Qualitative Research course series Program Monitoring and Evaluation Health Communications

21 Customized Experience Developed as independent project under the direction of a faculty advisor: –Agreement with CBO –Agreement with Faculty –Variable Credits –“Special Studies” –How to “Show” Learning

22 Federal Work-Study Program For FWS-qualified students only Review all available positions in the Financial Aid Office (E1002) Review FWS positions posted in SOURCE’s Weekly Service Scoop

23 Connect with SOURCE Subscribe to SOURCE’s Weekly Service Scoop! Email and type “subscribe” “Like” SOURCE on Facebook Follow SOURCE on Twitter View SOURCE’s Website

24 Get involved with the Local Community! Questions?

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