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OASIS Reference Architecture for SOA

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1 OASIS Reference Architecture for SOA
Presentation of Reference Architecture Foundation for Service Oriented Architecture Version 1.0 Committee Specification Draft 03 / 06 July 2011 for IASA 9th January, 2012

2 Credentials and Contacts
Dr. Michael Poulin Head of Business & Technology Architecture BuTechCon Limited, Beckenham/London, UK OASIS Member since 2007, SOA TC SOA Certified Architect, Senior Level, ZapThink, 2007 TOGAF 8.1 Certified 9th January, 2012

3 SOA Committee Members (extract)
Adobe Systems Capgemini Deloitte Consulting LLP Fujitsu Limited IBM Lockheed Martin Mitre Corporation Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium Nokia Corporation Oracle The Boeing Company 3M HIS Avaya, Inc. BAE SYSTEMS plc Belgian SPF Finances Booz Allen Hamilton CA Technologies Cisco Systems Denmark Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation Document Engineering Services Limited Eurostep AB GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences Hewlett-Packard Intel Corporation JISC Executive, University of Bristol LA County Information Systems Advisory Body Minitab Inc. MTG Management Consultants, LLC. National Center for State Courts Red Hat SAP AG Schneider Electric Swedish Association of Local Authorities & Regions Symantec Corp. The Open University Treasury Board of Canada, Secretariat US Department of Homeland Security Individuals (several) OASIS 9th January, 2012

4 OASIS SOA History Established: SOA Reference Model Technical Committee, chartered March 2005 Reference Model for Service Oriented Architecture 1.0 Committee Specification 1 / 2 August 2006 Reference Architecture for Service Oriented Architecture Version 1.0, Public Review Draft 1 / 23 April 2008 Reference Architecture Foundation for Service Oriented Architecture Version 1.0, Committee Draft 02 /14 October 2009 Effort to coordinate SOA standards with TOG and OMG Navigating the SOA Open Standards Landscape Around Architecture, Joint Paper by The Open Group, OASIS, and OMG, November 2009 Continuing coordination with HL-7 and Service-Aware Interoperability Framework - Canonical Definition (SAIF-CD) Reference Architecture Foundation for Service Oriented Architecture Version 1.0, Committee Specification Draft 03 / 06 July 2011 9th January, 2012

5 What is RM (Reference Model)
Focuses on the field of software architecture Major concepts: Service Dynamic aspects: Visibility Interaction Real World Effect Meta-level aspects: Service Description Policies and Contracts Execution Context 9th January, 2012

6 SOA RM Concepts Reused in SOA RAF
capabilities for needs Execution Context Concept (Copyright © Michael Poulin) Description-Contracts-Policies (Copyright © Michael Poulin) Types of Real World Effect (Copyright © 2011 Michael Poulin) 9th January, 2012

7 OASIS SOA RAF Organisation
SOA Ecosystem SOA 9th January, 2012

8 SOA-RAF: Sections 1 & 2 Section 1 Introduction
Focuses on Views and Viewpoints Sets Ground Rules for Views and Viewpoints along with UML Modeling Notation Section 2 Architectural Goals and Principles Focuses on Architectural Goals and Principles - Discusses Critical Success Factors - Goals of SOA-RAF (OASIS SOA RAF) 9th January, 2012

9 SOA-RAF: Section 3 Focuses on:
Section 3 Participation in a SOA Ecosystem View SOA service is an enabler in SOA Ecosystem The SOA Ecosystem is more than a sum of its parts; it requires a holistic perspective to be understood Focuses on: 3.1 Social Structure in a SOA Ecosystem Model Discusses Key General Components Participants, Actors and Delegates - Roles in Social Structures - Resource and Ownership, Trust and Risk - Policies and Contracts, Communication - Semantics and Semantic Engagement 3.2 Action in a SOA Ecosystem Model Discusses Relationships among Actors Needs, Requirements and Capabilities - Services Reflecting Business - Action, Communication and Joint Action - State, Shared State and Real-World Effect 9th January, 2012

10 Social Structure in SOA Ecosystem
Participants, Actors & Delegates (OASIS SOA RAF) ESB platform Participant Roles in a Service (OASIS SOA RAF) Contract & Policy (OASIS SOA RAF) 9th January, 2012

11 Need - Willingness - Capability Relationship
Technology is not enough Need - Willingness & Trust - Capability (OASIS SOA RAF) 9th January, 2012

12 Action and Service Description
9th January, 2012

13 SOA-RAF: Section 4 Focuses on:
Section 4 Realization of a SOA Ecosystem View Elements that are needed to support the discovery of and interaction with services What are services, what support is needed, and how are they realized? Focuses on: 4.1 ‘Service Description’ Model Discusses: The Model for Service Description - Use of Service Description - Relationship to Other Description Models 4.2 ‘Service Visibility’ Model Discusses: Service Provider – Service Consumer – Service – Capability – State – Real World Effect 4.3 ‘Interacting with Services’ Model Discusses: Interaction Dependencies - Actions and Events - Message Exchange - Composition of Services - Architectural Implications of Interacting with Services 4.4 ‘Policies and Contracts’ Model Discusses: Policy and Contract Representation - Policy Enforcement - Contract specifics 9th January, 2012

14 Service Description ? 9th January, 2012

15 SOA-RAF: Section 5 Focuses on:
Section 5 Ownership in a SOA Ecosystem view Focuses on: 5.1 Governance Model Discusses: Understanding of Governance – a Generic Model for Governance - How Governance Applied to SOA 5.2 Security Model Discusses: Secure Interaction Concepts - Where SOA Security is Different - Security Threats - Security Responses - Architectural Implications of SOA Security 5.3 Management Model Discusses: Management - Management Means and Relationships - Management and Governance - Management and Contracts - Management for Monitoring and Reporting - Management for Infrastructure - Architectural Implications of the Management Model 5.4 SOA Testing Model Discusses: Traditional Software Testing as Basis for SOA Testing - Testing and the SOA Ecosystem - Elements of SOA Testing - SOA Services 9th January, 2012

16 Governance in the SOA Ecosystem
Management Governance B Governance Governance is the prescribing of conditions and constraints consistent with satisfying common goals, and the structures and processes needed to define and respond to actions taken towards realizing those goals Governance Framework The Governance Framework is a set of organizational structures that enable governance to be consistently defined, clarified and, as needed, modified to respond to changes in its domain of concern Governance Processes Governance Processes are the defined set of activities that are performed within the Governance Framework to enable the consistent definition, application and, as needed, modification of the rules that organize and regulate the activities of participants for the fulfillment of expressed policies. 9th January, 2012

17 Separation of Concerns
Governance is concerned with decision making Management, on the other hand, is concerned with the execution Put another way, governance describes the world as leadership wants it to be; management executes activities that intend to make the leadership’s desired world a reality Where governance determines who has the authority and responsibility for making decisions and the establishment of guidelines for how those decisions should be made, management is the actual process of making, implementing, and measuring the impact of those decisions [Loeb] Consequently, governance and management work in concert to ensure a well-balanced and functioning organization as well as an ecosystem of inter-related organizations. 9th January, 2012

18 Implications of Testing in SOA Ecosystem
Guidelines for testing and ecosystem access need to be established and the ecosystem must be able to enforce those guidelines asserted as policies Updated service descriptions should be reported if new test results are available Testing resources and test conditions (execution contexts) must be described in a manner that enables discovery and access of these descriptions Testing service interfaces is not the same as testing SOA service Service mocks are not enough for testing SOA services The distributed, boundary-less nature of the SOA Ecosystem makes it infeasible to create and maintain a single mock of the entire ecosystem to support testing A distributed suite of monitoring services needs to be defined, developed, and maintained. All services and their resources should be monitored in the tests Services should provide instances to be accessible in a test mode by consumers 9th January, 2012

19 Takeaway Thoughts SOA-RAF assumes a distributed world made up of independent but cooperating entities Who have individual needs For whom success in addressing individual needs is more likely if each can effectively leverage the resources of others Who believe that the key is making resources/capabilities available in a reliable framework that the SOA-RAF aims to provide SOA Ecosystem occupies the boundary between Business and IT. It is neither wholly IT nor wholly business, but is of both worlds SOA-RAF is industry and business agnostic and addresses both automated and semi-automated service-oriented solutions SOA-RAF makes a strong focus on peers – SOA services – where exchanges span a wide range Interactions among people Interactions between enterprises under a structured framework 9th January, 2012

20 Resources Reference Architecture Foundation for Service Oriented Architecture Version 1.0. Committee Specification Draft 03 / Public Review Draft. 02, July 2011, OASIS Reference Model for Service Oriented Architecture 1.0. OASIS Standard. 12 October 2006 9th January, 2012

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