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Utilization of Basic Register Information from the PSI Perspective Aki Siponen, Counsellor, Ministry of Finance Business with Public Information National.

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1 Utilization of Basic Register Information from the PSI Perspective Aki Siponen, Counsellor, Ministry of Finance Business with Public Information National Meeting - Finland October 2 nd, 2007 Tampere, Scandic Rosendahl

2 Public Management Department Contents  Describe work done in Interoperability Development Programme Government Enterprise Architecture project  Describe future plans

3 Public Management Department Citizens Businesses Government IT Strategy supports structural renewal Infrastructure & middleware systems Municipalities Local government core services Government support services Networks & Equipment Financials HR IT Management Control Shared customer services Central government core services Regional government core services Online services Customer services Online services Shared services with common IT systems Harmonized & common infrastructure and middleware solutions Enablers for structural renewal in all government levels and municipalities Enablers for eGovernment services development Enablers for online services implementation and deployment

4 Public Management Department Development Proposals for Basic Register Utilization  Harmonization of regulation and administrative practices  Clarify restrictions on delivery of information  Organize training on utilization principles  Create a one-stop-shop for all basic registers  Documentation of essential basic register contents and interfaces easily available  Permission and contract processes development  Improve monitoring of use of confidential information  Develop government performance management to support wide utilization of existing information  Use cost price based pricing in intra- governmental information delivery  Harmonize legal framework: Remove gradually rights for free information  Support movement towards online use with pricing  Implement PSI Directive measures fully  Increase competition in commercial delivery of administrative information  Develop pricing models  Research information delivery cost structures and levels  Create common / harmonized vocabularies / ontologies and codes  Create uniform Web Services interfaces to all basic registers  Move focus from batch delivery to online delivery of information  Create a uniform timestamping solution for delivered information  Develop information security for online and batch delivery  Separate information delivery services from operative systems ManagementTechnologyPricing

5 Public Management Department Concrete Measures for Sharing and Information Reuse Design and implement Architecture Portal for design information Collect existing content to portal Design and implement content handling processes Design public sector common IT services architecture & roadmap Design government shared services architecture & roadmap Create Architecture Portal Create state level architectural designs and plans Support competency development Implement governance model Create & empower architecture forums and groups Adjust business planning & budgeting processes to include development portfolio with required architectural documents Establish Architecture School to support competency development in government branches and agencies Create Architecture Review Workshop and Architecture Sparring Partner services to support individual projects Create Government EA Framework awareness in ICT businesses Create public sector process and services map Identify top-level inter-organizational processes Create top-level ontologies Publish Government Architecture Principles and Guidelines Organize and coordinate process and information architecture work

6 Public Management Department Architecture Portal for Design Information and Processes Architecture domain identification and scoping Ownership claims Architecture / design document approval & publishing Standards approval and lifecycle management Basic register permissions and contracts handling Endorse wide participation in design decisions Establish domain architecture scope and ownership Maintain government standards portfolio Collect, approve and publish design documentation Manage basic register permissions, contracts Principles and guidelines Public sector services and processes Ontologies and information models Government information systems Government standards portfolio Online services and interfaces Basic register content and interfaces To reuse information To know government environment and IT systems To not reinvent the wheel (or the carriage or the train) Public automated processes for management of design information Centrally managed repository of design artifacts

7 Public Management Department Views Description level Hierarchical Architecture Artefact Framework describes artefact relations Activities Architecture Information Architecture Information Systems Architecture Technology Architecture Public sector Cluster / Domain Sub-domain / Agency / System Domain Processes Public Services Map Domain databases Information Models Standards & Interfaces Integration Goals Constraints Political goals, Government Programme, Gov. Strategy document Legislative framework EIF & AG etc. Good governance, compliance Domains Cross-governmental Processes Core Ontologies Information Portfolio Strategic Data Stores Integration & harmonisation principles Technology Portfolio Domain Services Map Scenarios Sub-domain Processes Services Map Scenarios Domain Ontologies Domain Information Systems Domain IS Services Model Architectures Interfaces Model Architectures Information Models Ontologies Data Stores Domain Specific Standards Technology Principles Technology Portfolio IS Services Portfolio Technology Portfolio IT Strategy IS Service Principles IS Services Portfolio Information Systems Portfolio

8 Public Management Department eServices High level Architecture Support Services National shared data services, basic registries Administration’s systems Administration’s systems Message Delivery Services Platform and common components for self-services Platform and common components for self-services Personal Account Customer’s systems Customer’s systems Portals – information and service look-up/search Portals – information and service look-up/search = Shared Service = Shared Service and Administration’s own solutions Identification Payments Signature SSO People Companies and corp. Real Estate Vehicles... Time Stamping

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