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Przykłady krótkich form użytkowych Przygotowała: Agnieszka Kucharska.

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1 Przykłady krótkich form użytkowych Przygotowała: Agnieszka Kucharska

2 Zwróć uwagę na: Cel Odbiorcę Poprawny język

3 Pocztówka Dear Mum and Dad, Well, here I am at Camp Active. Oxford is fantastic and there are a lot of things to do here! The weather is great. The camp has got a swimming pool. We can swim all day. There are o lot of trips. We’ve seen famous museums and galleries. University buildings are so old and majestic. Hope you are well. Remember to feed my hamster. Love, XYZ

4 Notatka/Wiadomość Laura Gone to the pub with Tom. Back about 11.00. Love David P.S. Was the conference good?

5 Ogłoszenie For sale Nokia 2040. New. Silver. Bargain price. Call Anna Kowalska 99999999

6 Zaproszenie Come to our PARTY On Friday 26 Nov at 8.30 at Anna and Tomek’s place RSVP

7 Ankieta a. How often do you have English classes? - Three. b. What coursebook do you use? - English File Pre-Intermediate c. How is a lesson conducted? - We talk, read, listen, write and do exercises. We sometimes write short tests and compositions. d. Is your English getting better? - Yes, all the time. I have no problems with speaking and listening.

8 List prywatny Dear Penny, How are things? Just dropping you a line to tell you about life here in London. I really like going to school here! The teachers are very helpful. My classmates are all really friendly, especially Alex. My host family are wonderful. Mr Smith is really funny. He’s always telling us jokes. Mrs Smith is great, too. She’s a fantastic cook and keeps making me cakes and lots of other lovely things. Their daughter Cindy is our age. She’s really cool. We often go shopping together. Anyway, got to go now – I’ve got an English exam tomorrow. Keep in touch! Love, ZYX

9 Prosty list formalny Dear Sir/Madame, I am writing to you about a mobile phone which I ordered through your mail order catalogue on June 15th. The mobile phone arrived safely five days ago and worked perfectly for the first few days but now it has gone wrong. There are no signs on the display. I am returning the mobile phone with this letter and would be grateful if you could send me a new one or refund the money. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully, XYZ

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