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Irving Hutagalung Technical Evangelist – Microsoft

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2 Irving Hutagalung Technical Evangelist – Microsoft Indonesia @ihutagalung

3 What is Imagine Cup? Imagine Cup as a Solution
Imagine Cup is a global student technology program and competition that provides opportunities for students across all disciplines to team up and use their creativity, passion and knowledge of technology to create applications, games and integrated solutions that can change the way we live, work, and play. Imagine Cup as a Solution Students are the next generation of developers, business owners, technologists, designers, marketing professionals, among others. Imagine Cup works to grow student developers, inspire innovation and drive entrepreneurship.

4 Historical Overview Founded in 2003
Students are called to dream big and create anything with technology as their craft Imagine Cup has inspired over million students from around the world

5 Connect with the future
IMAGINECUP.COM Connect with the Future Imagine Cup showcases students as the next generation of developers, innovators and entrepreneurs. Over the past ten years, more than 1.65 million students from more than 190 countries have participated in Imagine Cup Spain Brazil Japan India Korea France Egypt Poland USA Australia Russia Notes for paragraph 1: Over the past 11 years, more than 1.65 million students from more than 190 countries have participated in the Imagine Cup. When you join the Imagine Cup community, you will connect with other smart students from all over the world to share ideas, have fun, and be there when the next big thing is unveiled. Imagine Cup 2013 is your chance to: Break new ground, solve tough problems facing the world today, and maybe even turn your ideas into a business Get involved in the next wave of games and applications – the future is in your hands Learn new technological skills Test yourself against the brightest students around the world Make new friends Win cash, grants, and prizes – plus, a chance for a free trip to Seattle, Washington, U.S.A. next July to compete at the Imagine Cup 2014 World Finals! 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014

6 Why Imagine Cup? Teach Software Development Lifecycle
Drive entrepreneurialism Inspire innovation, teamwork and fun Empower students with over $1M in cash and prizes

7 Imagine Cup 2015 | Competitions
Our three main competitions return for 2015, and once again the prizes are substantial: $50,000 to the first-place team in each of the following: Games: Great games come from anywhere and people play them everywhere. Powerful game engines and libraries are available for free so students can get started right away. Innovation: Incredible, world-changing software innovations often come from students. Social networks, music services, – the list goes on. We’re looking for the next big thing. World Citizenship: Find a problem in the world, even in your own life or community, that affects many people, and then work to solve it. Build a project that could change lives. Slide Notes: Our three main competitions are back for 2015: Games, Innovation, and World Citizenship. And once again the prizes are substantial: $50,000 to the first-place team in each competition!  One big change is that our dozens of National Finals held around the world in early 2015 will choose a winner in each of their competitions who will be designated World Semifinalists. We will spotlight every one of those World Semifinalist teams here on our website as each National Final concludes and then starting in May, all 200+ World Semifinalist teams will enter an online round here at our website. In that round our judges will determine the teams who win a trip to Seattle to compete in person at the 2015 World Finals in late July. We'll have a lot more to say about the World Semifinalist round in a few months so stay tuned. To give you an idea of the differences between the competitions and the challenges: The competitions are based on broad themes such as Innovation and World Citizenship. They usually attract larger teams and bigger projects. Our challenges are based on specific technologies like Windows Azure and are ideal for students learning those technologies as we connect you with reference materials and other resources. You can choose to participate in one or more of the competitions and challenges but cannot submit the same app to multiple challenges or competitions.

8 Imagine Cup 2013 Games Competition Worldwide Runner Up!
Save the Hamsters by Solite Studio team, Trunojoyo University, Madura

9 Save the Hamsters by Solite Studio
250,000+ downloads within 2 months! Recognition from Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs, Mr. Syarifuddin Hasan Available in

10 Imagine Cup Indonesia history Year Category Achievement
Team / University 2010 Software Design Worldwide Finalist Ganesh (ITB) Envisioning Award Si Mantri (UI) Interoperability Award Worldwide 2nd Runner Up Chandradimuka (IT Telkom) Windows Phone “Rock Star” Award Worldwide 1st Runner Up Tselina (ITB) 2009 Big Bang (ITB) Windows Mobile Award Embedded Development Pendekar Asyik (UI) Design for Development award Pedjoeang (UI) Suzanne Mubarak Award Gadjah Mada (UGM) 2008 Antarmuka (ITB) Rural Innovation Award Worldwide Winner 2007 Aksara (ITB) 2006 Gatot Kaca (ITB & Unpad) 2005 Embrace (IT Telkom) Imagine Cup Indonesia history

11 Imagine Cup Indonesia history Year Category Achievement
Team / University 2014 World Citizenship Worldwide Semi-Finalist DigiD2 (ITS) Innovation IDE DELTA (ITB) Games New Eleven Del (IT Del) 2013 Worldwide Runner Up Solite Studio (Trunojoyo) Indonesian Winner NextIn Futura (UGM) Imaginer (ITB) 2012 Software Design Worldwide Finalist Malabar (IT Telkom) Game design: Windows Phone Cronus (ITB) 2011 Gatot Kaca (IT Telkom & ITB) Embedded Development Macara (UI) Windows 7 Touch Challenge Worldwide 1st Runner Up dreamBender (IT Telkom) Imagine Cup Indonesia history

12 Imagine Cup Indonesia
Microsoft fosters the next generation of developers to become an entrepreneur Alumni success story

13 Live it Build it Dream it How they did it?

14 World Finals Late July in Seattle, Washington
Late July in Seattle, Washington More than 35 teams will travel to Microsoft HQ The world’s best teams will compete face-to- face in Seattle

15 Imagine Cup 2015 Indonesia Video Submission (28 Feb) (14 Mar)
Indonesia Semifinal Indonesia Final (10 Apr) (Jun) Worldwide Semifinal Worldwide Final (Jul) Imagine Cup 2015 Indonesia Flow & timeline

16 Imagine Cup 2015 Indonesia Prizes
Rp 50,000,000 for each Competition Winner* Rp 50,000,000 additional for World Citizenship Competition Winner 4 Lumia 1520 for each Competition Winner 2 Lenovo Tablet 2 for each Competition Winner * Pending confirmation

17 Games Innovation World Citizenship $50,000 Prize Winners

18 DON’T WAIT… START NOW! Register for free account at
1 Register for free account at Create a team and invite up to three of your brightest friends to be part of it 2 Sign up for your favorite challenge and competition 3 Notes to Step 3: Also make sure you have a mentor who can guide you throughout the competition. Remember to carefully read the rules so you know what the deliverables and deadlines are. 4 Start building your App or Game and WIN

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