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Figurative Language. *Similes* Similes compare two different things. A simile uses the words “like” or “as” to compare. For example, if you were to compare.

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1 Figurative Language

2 *Similes* Similes compare two different things. A simile uses the words “like” or “as” to compare. For example, if you were to compare your sister and the wind (two completely different things), you might say, “My sister is as quick as the wind.”

3 My School My school is like a home away from home. When I go there, I am never alone. My classmates are like my brothers and sisters. Especially Emma! I sure am going to miss her. When I leave this place, I’ll be as sad as a rainy day. Unlike rain, my memories will never go away. This year was as long as a highway. I can’t believe today is the last day. Find the Similes!

4 *Metaphors* Metaphors also compare two different things. While a simile uses the words “like” or “as” to compare, a metaphor does not. For example, if I wanted to say, “My fingers are as cold as icicles” as a metaphor, I would say, “My fingers are icicles.”

5 My Pencil My pencil is… The key to my creativity, As I write of a world far away. My pencil is… My ally on my test, Always sharp helping me every day. My pencil is… a compass. It often shows me the way. Thank you pencil. Find the Metaphors!

6 *Idioms* An idiom is an expression that has a special meaning. The words used in an idiom often have a different meaning than what you would find in the dictionary. One common idiom is “It’s raining cats and dogs!” Obviously, cats and dogs are not falling from the sky! This idiom means it is raining very hard.

7 I’m Confused? My teacher says, homework is a piece of cake. I think she’s crazy, for goodness sake. My mom told me, to hit the hay. Sometimes I wonder if she is okay. Should I eat my homework? Why is she mad at the hay? I just don’t understand what they are trying to say? I told my teacher, “I doubt your right.” But just to be polite, I took one bite. I told my mom, “I won’t hit the hay, but I’d like to go to bed, is that okay?” Find the Idioms!

8 *Hyperboles* A Hyperbole is an extreme exaggeration. For example, “I’m so hungry I could eat a horse!” is a hyperbole that exaggerates how hungry you are feeling. You can’t actually eat a horse!

9 I’m Better Than You Are! I’m smarter than you are, because my IQ is higher than Albert Einstein’s! I’m stronger than you are, because I can wrestle 10 alligators at one time. I’m more liked than you are, because I have over a million friends on Facebook. I’m more skilled than you are, because I can catch 100 fish with one hook. I’m faster than you are, because I can run a mile a minute. I’m better than you are, because this poem is about me, and you’re not in it! Find the Hyperboles!

10 *Onomatopoeia* An Onomatopoeia is a word you might use to imitate a sound. For example, “zip” is the sound effect you may use for a zipper, “Boom” for an explosion, or “buzz” for an alarm clock.

11 The Old Stadium! Boom! I heard as the old stadium crumbled. I have to admit my feelings were all jumbled. I love the old one, with all of the history. Why they did it is still a mystery. The Babe, Gehrig, Mick and Joltin Joe; Who will be the new stadium's hero? Splash. Splash. Went my tears, But now the new stadium will hear my cheers. Find the Onomatopoeias!

12 *Alliteration* An alliteration is when the same letter sound is used in multiple words in a sentence. Tongue twisters are a good example of this type of figurative language.

13 Cartoons For All! Scooby seems to solve the crime, always just in the nick of time. Fred Flintstone fires his best friend, But friends they'll be to the end. Jetsons George, Jane, Elroy and Judy, poor old Spacely is always so moody. Singing songs of blue is Papa Smurf. Gargamel always trying to steal his turf. Mystery, laughter, space and fun, there is a cartoon for everyone. Find the Alliterations!

14 *Personification* Personification is when non-human objects are given human characteristics. For example, “The trees were dancing in the wind.” Trees can’t actually dance, but humans can. “The cake was calling my name.” Cakes can’t talk.

15 Tornado! As I sat there next to the window pane, I wondered if life would ever be the same. The sky was crying, the clouds must be blue. Why they are sad, I have no clue. Power lines sleeping on the street. Flashes of light all trying to meet. I hear the wind singing a song of sorrow. I wonder what's in store for tomorrow. Find the Personification!

16 *Imagery* Imagery is when a writer uses great detail to describe something, usually creating a mental image or feeling. For example, “The scorching sun beat steadily on my hot skin” and “The exquisite jeweled box fit into the palm of my hand” both use descriptive language.

17 Cake! Soft and fluffy, and very moist. Vanilla is my favorite choice. A party or reason, it does not matter. Eggs and flour then mix the batter. The sweet smell as it bakes; The only thing better is how it tastes. Smooth frosting and sprinkles make it yummy; Watering my mouth, and grumbling my tummy. Some like soft pound, or even creamy cheese. Can I have another piece of cake, please? Find the Imagery!

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