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Trust me, I’m from the government! Photo by D Wansbrough.

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1 Trust me, I’m from the government! Photo by D Wansbrough

2 Don’t rely on intuition about trust Photo by D Osborne

3 Trust = future + risks + perceptions photo from

4 Can’t force trust

5 Do a good job (38%) Meet your needs (18%) Treat people fairly (15%) Keeps promises (14%) Admits mistakes (14%) New Zealanders’ views Photo by Silenceisfoo

6 Five ingredients Honesty Do the right things Do them well Treat people fairly Keep promises

7 Trust the public

8 Communicate well Photo from Wikipedia

9 CSIRO MEDIA RELEASE 95/99 10 October 1995 RABBIT CALICIVIRUS ON WARDANG ISLAND The rabbit calicivirus currently being tested as a biological control agent on Wardang Island, has successfully spread between warrens in the pens. It has also spread beyond the quarantine area to two other nearby locations and this necessitated invoking contingency plans, required under quarantine regulations. This appears to be good news for farmers and conservation groups who recognise the urgent need for additional control methods for rabbits, it does constitute a breach of the quarantine precautions so CSIRO scientists have culled the rabbits in the affected warrens. Real news, not “good news”

10 Don’t…misunderstand your audience

11 …deny people the right to express their views Don’t… Photo by Miyoko Schmez

12 Don’t…try to reassure while removing control Don’t worry, everything is OK

13 Concern Action Perspective When something goes wrong… photo from

14 Canberra bushfire 2003 Photo by D Wansbrough

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