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Communicating with VAP Certified Labs Before Sampling Astrea Taylor.

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1 Communicating with VAP Certified Labs Before Sampling Astrea Taylor

2 Next Phase of the Project Life Cycle 1.PLANNING: 2.SAMPLING: 3.ASSESSMENT: 4.EVALUATION: Plan for data collection using the DQO process Collect data using a SAP and FSOPs Verify that data meets DQOs Make data-based project decisions

3 Two general ways projects arrive to CL CP 1: Clever Guy CP 2: Lyon Downonthejob Gets a quote from CL Sales Manager Talks with the Sales Manager and Project Manager Requests a bottle order with enough for duplicates and MS/MSDs Prepares a clear Chain of Custody Delivers samples with advance notice, meets short holds and rush needs Gets a quote from CL Sales Manager Doesn’t talk with Sales Manager or Project Manager Uses old bottles leftover from another project Barely completes the Chain of Custody Delivers samples without notice, short holds missed, rush missed

4 The difference… The first CP – Works smarter, a little harder – Saves time and money – Causes less confusion in the lab – Fewer missed holding times – More likely to receive rush data on time – Receives correct methods and detection limits – Receives VAP-certified data – Doesn’t have to resample like CP 2

5 Quote follow-up So you’ve awarded the project to a lab Most CPs let the CL Sales Manager know… – Always talk with the Sales Manager, because some projects aren’t entered or activated in lab systems until they’re awarded – What does the Sales Manager tell the Lab Project Manager? – Potential blind spot – Possibly a miscommunication

6 Lab Project Manager Talk or meet with the Lab Project Manager – Puts a voice with the name – Ensures you don’t slip through the cracks – Communicates specific details Best way to do that is…

7 CL Kick-off meeting Meeting with the lab is a great way to connect with the Project Manager and to ensure all the details of your project are understood. DQOs

8 QAPP or DQO Sharing Discuss QAPP or DQO – Analytical methods – Analyte lists – Reporting limits – Rush expectations – Delivery methods – Estimated arrival dates – Other details, like electronic data deliverables Send QAPP / DQO to the Project Manager and ask him/her to read and sign off for the lab’s part

9 Bottle Order Project Manager will provide sufficient bottles for all analyses – Extra containers for duplicate samples and MS/MSDs – An extra 10-15% glassware in case of breakage – Individually printed labels or barcodes (possible with some labs) – Trip blanks for VOC samples


11 Planning for Sample Delivery 1+ months before sampling Contact lab or meet up, give a general timeframe, DQO and QAPP sharing, indicate rush or not, order bottles “We’ll be sampling late August / early September.” 2-3 weeks before sampling Communicate planned sampling date by e-mail “We’ll be sampling around September 3 rd.” Week of sampling Ensure bottle order is correct, confirm planned date by e-mail “Changed to September 4 th.” Day of sampling Courtesy call “Samples need to be picked up by your courier at 3pm at the site.” or “We’ll ship samples tonight for delivery tomorrow.”

12 Chain of Custody (COC) Gives necessary information to the lab – Project name – Analytical methods and versions (8260 B or C?) – Sample name, date, time, and matrix – MS/MSD sample designations – VAP certification needed – Turn around time (rush) expectations – CP contact information – PO Number







19 E-Chain of custody Ask for an e-COC Complete it yourself, or ask your Lab Project Manager to create one with proper analyses Available as an Excel spreadsheet for editing ease Easier for the Field Technician Easier for Log-in Department Easier for the Project Manager Helps ensure COC completeness, including requesting VAP analyses

20 Smart Labs OHIO VAP

21 Review Talk with the Sales Manager Talk with the Project Manager – Share QAPP / DQOs – Discuss rush and short holds – Order enough bottles – Discuss delivery method and dates Have a plan for the Chain of Custody

22 Communication

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