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The Chairperson’s Guide 2014. What to Expect When You’re Fundraising A how-to guide: Raise a lot of money in a little time with less work Fall 2014 Chair.

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1 The Chairperson’s Guide 2014

2 What to Expect When You’re Fundraising A how-to guide: Raise a lot of money in a little time with less work Fall 2014 Chair Guide

3 Getting Ready

4 Important! Add our email address to your contact list to ensure easy receipt of the emails Innisbrook will send you: Innisbrook will send you emails to keep you organized and make the sale easy! Innisbrook’s Awesome Customer Service: 1-800-334-8461

5 Your Confirmation You’ll receive a sale confirmation via email – Confirm all information is correct – Keep the confirmation where you can easily access it for reference

6 Chairperson’s Website

7 Chairperson’s Home Page

8 Your #1 Priority: Communicate your goal Research proves that parents and families are more apt to participate if they know how the funds are being spent. Keep information basic – don’t try to list everything you do Innisbrook will create customized emails to forward to your supporters Click on the pencil to change the message.

9 Entering Teacher Names Enter teacher names in advance to make life easy – for you and your participants!

10 Receiving Your Materials Your materials ship to the address indicated on your confirmation (double-check that it’s correct) You’ll receive an email notification of shipment Locate: – Catalogs (order forms and envelopes are inside) – Instruction Letters – Posters – “Special Instructions Packet” (includes your Kick-off DVD) Display Kit(s) will ship separately (if ordered)

11 Instruction Letters You can distribute instruction letters several ways: – Insert into the catalog – Staple to the catalog – Send home separately

12 The Sale is On!

13 Kick-off! A live assembly is the BEST way to increase your sale! – Tell why you’re raising money (your #1 priority!) – Demonstrate the prizes – Your Consultant can help with more ideas! The professionally produced, dynamic and energetic kick-off DVD is a great enhancement for your sale. Show often after your live kick-off – 3 minute “main” video – 30 second “mid-sale” commercial – 30 second “end of sale” thank you

14 The First Day Distribute your catalogs Keep a few extra catalogs in the office for added students, lost packets, and for teachers and staff use Make sure your daily announcements include your sale information (goal, dates, prizes)

15 Enhance and Excite! Talk to your consultant for ideas to promote and grow your sale: – Live Kick-off Assembly – Principal Engagement – Daily Turn-in Prizes – Reminder Stickers – Prize Patrol – 15-item Prizes – Limo Rides – Game Truck – End of Sale Parties

16 Watch Your Sale Grow! All the data you need to monitor your sale: – Online,.pdf, and.csv export options

17 Reports Export to Excel

18 Adding An Order If an order form is returned to school, it’s easy to add the order

19 Recording Payments As you receive orders, check money received against the payment slip Record check # or note cash rec’d on slip Forward the check or money to your treasurer (following your group’s own procedures) Using the payment slip info, enter payments at the chairperson’s web-site – We suggest entering payments weekly – This process highlights any balances due, unpaid orders, or questionable orders

20 Enter Payments

21 The Last Day of Your Sale There may still be outstanding orders – Remind teachers to submit any orders that may still be in their classroom – Send a final notice to parents as a reminder – Teachers can send a reminder home with students Give yourself a week to receive all the “late” orders from parents (check with your consultant)

22 A week later… View your Detail Summary Report – Look for any order or student duplications & correct – Contact families for any monies due – Delete unpaid orders if necessary Celebrate Your Success! – Show the “end of sale” commercial from your kick-off video (thanking the school families)

23 After the Sale

24 Product Delivery You’ll receive an email once your order ships – Innisbrook contracts with a trucking company to deliver your products The trucking company will call you directly to schedule an appointment, or you can contact your local Innisbrook Consultant for assistance – Inform the school secretary of delivery date and ask her to call you when the truck arrives Enlist volunteers to assist with product distribution Send completed “Innisbrook Orders are Here” flyer once distribution date is confirmed

25 The Truck Arrives! Verify the number of pallets and boxes match the bill of lading – Record any damages or shortages on the bill of lading Place the boxes on end (like dominos or soldiers) in numerical order. This will arrange them alphabetically.

26 Distribution Day Have the Detail Summary Report handy for reference… – Some schools have families sign the report to confirm pickup Hang signs for easy distribution – Alphabetical groupings (i.e. A-E, F-K, L-S, T-Z) – Classroom groupings (teacher name, grades, etc.) – Direct families to the appropriate sign Orders with less than six items will be packed in school/class boxes – Orders are individually bagged and labeled for each student, so you can insert them in the line of boxed orders

27 Congratulations! Guarantee the best sale dates and delivery dates by signing up for the 2015 program now! Contact your local Consultant to learn about our other great programs: Innisbrook School Supplies Simple Pleasures Cookie Dough & Frozen Foods Wrap It Up! Fundraising Program Fall 2014 Chair Guide

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