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2 WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: Nothing Of Value



5 FIRSTLY Developers don’t know jack about databases

6 SECONDLY DBA’s know nothing about development

7 THIRDLY They can each do the others jobs

8 FINALLY They can’t work together

9 you? who are So

10 Phil Winstanley

11 Plip


13 $41T



16 to your development teams microsoft expertise we add

17 get their apps built and deployed we help customers but mostly


19 is attached to a database. application we see and nearly every

20 from the DBA & DEV relationships the pain so we see




24 the problem? what’s so,

25 this? it is





30 do we fix it? how and,

31 to that… come back we’ll

32 what we hate look at let’s, about each other.


34 hate about developers? do you what

35 well?

36 your database? to query they dare

37 the consequences don’t understand that they of their queries?

38 their SQL? can’t tweak that you

39 is a null. an empty string that they think

40 for live application issues? they blame you perhaps

41 up at 11 PM fixing apps. you are the one do you resent that

42 pub? are in the when they

43 your lovely schema. the Schema, Oh,

44 they place on your schema. demands the crazy

45 developers are a pain in the… fair to say It’s




49 hate about DBA’s? do you what

50 really, we do. we love you DBA’s, well,

51 of things we don’t like… a couple but, there are

52 no permissions on the database. when we have we love it,

53 almost have enough permissions. as much as when we although, not quite

54 drive us insane. ‘conventions’ your naming



57 are_you_fixated_with_underscores? oh why, why,

58 we’re on naming ‘conventions’ … and while oh

59 like you need your name makes you look tbl_customers

60 underpants into your sewn

61 mum your by

62 about the same time as … went out of fashion hungarian notation


64 they’re really hard to work with! null values what about,

65 the pain DBA’s knew if only

66 the suffering

67 the torment

68 the grief

69 developers. they cause that

70 we’re in this together. you do, well

71 is the real problem. none of this but

72 is only going to get worse. the real problem and

73 are one of the main culprits. microsoft we,


75 you’re perfect! it isn’t so microsoft, say

76 to make our minds up. can’t seem we

77 when you can have … data access technology why have one

78 RecordSets

79 XML

80 ADO


82 DataSet’s

83 Adapters

84 Readers


86 LINQ to SQL

87 Enterprise Lib


89 DynamicData

90 ORM

91 Entity Framework

92 technology focus? our new and

93 OData

94 Oh Dear

95 of chocolates at a party. a massive pile like

96 with data access methods. you’re spoiling us ambassador

97 why should you care? you’re DBA’s but



100 critical. this will become more, and more

101 now. we have control sorry DBA’s but

102 as the only way, is over. stored procedure the time of the

103 are becoming the standard. and other ORMs entity framework

104 they’re here to stay. and for worse for better

105 anytime soon. won’t change legacy systems

106 story they’re a different but new systems,

107 not to have a database at all. common practice it’s now

108 dah! dah

109 from the audience. of horror gasps

110 is we’ll generate the schema... for DBAs what’s worse

111 we’ve built the app. after from the code

112 to change anything. too late when it’s

113 forever more. your problem then make it

114 aren’t you? you’re listening now yeah,

115 this situation? should we fix so why,


117 this. ask yourselves developers

118 a database server? cluster how do you

119 of tempdb files? optimal number what is the

120 session? suspended what’s a

121 want to know? do you really and,

122 apps. you want to build no,

123 about... what do you know DBAs

124 environments? statefull stateless and

125 viewstate? optimize how best to

126 system is? source control what a

127 (just for reference, you should know that one)

128 want to know? do you really and,

129 it is that DBAs do for fun. do whatever no, you want to

130 drowning kittens

131 badger baiting

132 watching ready steady cook

133 that. like stuff

134 this. need to fix we

135 too late. before it’s now,

136 this situation? how do we fix so,

137 guidance. marriage we need


139 problem. a technology this isn’t

140 more technology. fix it with we cannot

141 we follow… the process it’s about

142 we have… the people and

143 to this. is key communication

144 get together… of projects right at the beginning

145 be handled will really talk about how data

146 as one the whole system and treat

147 and database application it isn’t

148 solution it’s a

149 fits all. one size there is no

150 to help. some tips here are

151 lists. e-mail distribution setup

152 to sign up. involved get everyone

153 alike. and DBAs developers

154 your knowledge. in a constructive way and share

155 on relevant topics quick presentations deliver

156 and discuss them. whole team to the

157 program. to pair don’t be afraid

158 together. applications test

159 each other just talk to and please

160 each other. educate so,

161 together… work and,

162 one another. against not,


164 if you can’t get on with your DBA’s developers, and

165 to keep them busy. you can do here is something

166 going home just before they’re wait until

167 and add this… from a production box open a proc

168 RAISERROR ('Transaction (Process ID 53) was deadlocked on lock resources with another process and has been chosen as the deadlock victim. Rerun the transaction', 16, 1 ); RETURN;

169 fin.

170 but suck less like this one there are other sessions

171 We have many open positions in the UK @plip

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