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“ Show Racism the Red Card” A FREE three day event bringing, funded by ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ bringing together young people.

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1 “ Show Racism the Red Card” A FREE three day event bringing, funded by ‘Show Racism the Red Card’ bringing together young people from five youth organisations based in Leith. Our Programme will consist of football coaching and fun activities which aims to promote positive relationships and improve understanding of local cultures

2 Dosti Muslim Groups In partnership with “Show Racism the Red Card” Fortnight of Action The above Leith youth agencies, with funding provided by “Show Racism the Red Card” organisation, have united to plan a three day Multicultural event consisting of football coaching and various fun activities which will help to promote positive relationships and a better understanding of local cultures. Each of the five youth agencies have been asked to provide a maximum of eight (8) members aged between 8 – 11 years of age to participate in this school holiday project. This event will be held from Tuesday 18th October to Thursday 20th October from 1pm – 4pm each day @ Pilrig Park Special Needs School, Leith and enrolment is FREE Coaches and staff from the above Leith Youth organisations’ will be in attendance and represented at all times and will assist in all aspects of the three day project. If you are aged between 8 – 11 yrs and would like to enrol for this unique opportunity please return the tear off slip below no later than Monday 10 th OCTOBER to your group/team/section leader Youth Group:- ……………………………………………….. Age:-............................................................... Date of Birth:-............................................................. Members Name (Print):................................................................................................................................. Parents Name (Print):.................................................................................................................................. Parent Signature:-...................................................................................................................................... Member of (Youth Group):-............................................................................. If you would like to enrol for this unique opportunity please return the tear off slip below by MONDAY 10 th OCTOBER to your group/team/section leader Pilmeny Youth Centre Sikh Sanjog Redpath Albion Boys Club Dosti Muslim Boys Club Citadel Youth Centre

3 SRTRC Advisory Committee 1-3 Woodside Crescent Glasgow G3 7UJ 26 September 2005 Dear SRTRC Acceptance of Grant = £794.97 Our organisation is delighted to accept your most generous offer relating to the above award. The planned three day event involving youth and children’s groups based in Leith, Edinburgh, namely the Pilmeny Youth Centre:-Will direct and manage the project Redpath Albion Boy’s Club Will provide SFA Qualified football coaches Sikh SanjogWill provide support staff experienced in anti-racism issues Dosti Muslim Groups Will provide support staff skilled in ant-racism Citadel Youth CentreWill direct and manage the educational workshops All agree to be bound by the grant conditions listed by the SRTRC Advisory Committee. The three day, nine hour project, will bring together group members, eight boys from each, of primary school age from the agencies listed above and aims to address issues of racism that may exist within the local community. The project will offer community football coaching and educational workshops highlighting issue’s relating to racism. Many Thanks Bryan Maughan Manager PILMENY YOUTH CENTRE 44 Buchanan Street Leith Edinburgh Tel 0131 554 0953 Email: Website:

4 A little bit of information about our groups:- Dosti Muslim Groups Pilmeny Youth Centre, located at Buchanan Street in the Lorne/Pilrig ward of Leith serving the young people of the community and providing a variety of social and recreational activities. Part funded by the City of Edinburgh Council the centre’s evening youth provision is wide and varied. Founded in 1984 Juvenile and Amateur club formed in the late 50’s by the workforce of the local steelworks, Redpath Brown and Co, Albion Road, to provide football for works apprentices, the Boys Club was formed in 1988 to provide football and sporting activities for young people in the Lorne/Pilrig communities. SFA Qualified coaches work on a voluntary basis with the club’s U10-U11-U12-U14 and Amateur sections and current membership stands at 70+. Founded in 1957 Sikh Sanjog was set up in 1989 under the name of Leith Sikh Community Groups. At this stage, a number of Sikh families were receiving help from another of the voluntary organisations - "Leith Home Start", but they only catered specifically for families with children under the age of five years. It was realised that many Sikh women were isolated and because of culture, it was difficult for them to join any groups for social activities outwith their own religion. The boys group aims to encourage members to become actively involved in decision making and planning their own programme. Activities include football, pool, table tennis and outings. Dosti aims to promote education, health and social welfare of children and their families particularly in the Muslim Community respecting its cultural and religious views running a variety of activities to children’s groups ranging from sport, arts and crafts to outing’s. Based at Leith Walk, Dosti have an effective network reaching the Muslim communities in Leith and North Edinburgh. The centre offers all local children and young people a programme of play, activities and opportunities designed to encourage, develop and reinforce their skills and self-image in a safe and supportive environment. The centre promotes work with socially excluded children and young people experiencing difficulties and/or coming from a background of disadvantage.

5 What you will need to bring Kit What you will need to bring with you to the project every day.  Football Top – Shorts – Socks  Trainers or Football Boots  Track Top or Sweat shirt  Track Bottoms  Rain Jacket if you have one  Shin-guards would be advisable We advise that you bring a kit bag to store your belonging’s * Please remember that this 3 day coaching activity will be mainly held outdoors, weather permitting. In the event of bad weather the coaching activity will be held in the school gym hall * Each participant will be required to supply his own personal water bottle for use at water breaks. The project shall have a daily supply of water in order that the lads’ can re-fill their bottles at regular intervals. Please do not bring fizzy drinks. * The project will supply 3 SFA Qualified coaches, footballs and coaching equipment. Youth work staff will administer anti-racism education and facilitate non-football sessions. * Parental and Participant Information  At least five staff will be in attendance at all times’ during the project.  Participants are advised that entry to the school will be from 1pm. Please don’t turn up early as the staff will be busy preparing for that day’s activity.  At NO time will any participant be allowed to leave the venue, during the sessions’ If any participant has to leave during a session, we advice that you supply a note and give it to the staff member who works regularly with your youth group.  Clothes, bags etc will be stored in the school gym hall during outdoor sessions, however, neither the school nor the project staff can be held responsible for loss of personal property. We advise that items of value are left at home. For security and child protection reasons, the school Janitor will be instructed by the project that no persons’ will be allowed access to the school, unless accompanied by 2 project staff. Project staff Robbie Huxtable (Redpath/Pilmeny BC) Roddy Maughan (Redpath/Pilmeny BC) Willie Minto, Pete White (Redpath/Pilmeny BC) Wylie Wright (Sikh Sanjog) Lisa Miller (Citadel Youth Centre) Also, Bryan Maughan (Pilmeny Youth Centre) Lianne Scarlett (Sikh Sanjog) Andy (Citadel Youth Centre) Sarah (Dosti Muslim Groups) “Fortnight of Action” 18 th October - 20 th October 2005 Venue – Pilrig Park & Pilrig School Timetable – Tuesday to Thursday Programme – Tuesday to Thursday What will you need to bring Parental & Participant Information ******************************** Further Information from Pilmeny Youth Centre - 0131 554 0953 Redpath Albion Boys Club - 0131 554 0953 Sikh Sanjog - 0131 554 4737 Dosti Muslim Groups Citadel Youth Centre – 0131 554 0510 Information Leaflet for Parents and Participants

6 Tuesday 18 th October 1pm – 4pm 1:00pm – Check in ---- Change into Football Kit ---- Introduction from Coaches/Staff - “What is the project all about” 1:20pm – Light exercise - warm up to loosen the Muscles 1:30pm - Individual Ball Skills practice 1:50pm – Water Break 2:00pm – Passing and shooting Techniques 2:20pm – Split lads into teams based on age, skill levels etc 2:30pm – Water Break 2:40pm - Anti-Racism educational session...Quiz – Sport/Music based on cultures attending the project 3:15pm - Small Sided Soccer Team Games 3:45pm - Water Break 3:50pm - Pack Equipment 4:00pm - Quick evaluation from staff. Discuss any issues’. Confirm following day’s programme and any changes. 4:15pm - CLOSE Wednesday 19 th October 1pm – 4pm 1:00pm – Check in 1:10pm - Light exercise - warm up to loosen the Muscles 1:20pm - Individual Ball control skills 1:30pm - Water Break 1:40pm - Anti-Racism educational session...DVD/VIDEO ‘A safe Place’ with question and answer session 2:15pm - Fast warm-up 2:20pm - Fun Football Activity e.g. 2 v 2...3 v 3....4 v 4..... 2:50pm - Water Break 3:00pm - Passing and shooting Techniques 3:20pm - Small Sided Soccer Team Games 3:50pm - Pack Equipment 4:00pm - Quick evaluation from staff. Discuss any issues’. Confirm following day’s programme and any changes. 4:15pm - CLOSE Wednesday 20 th October 1pm – 4pm 1:00pm – Check in – Distribute Project T-Shirts 1:20pm - Light exercise - warm up to loosen the Muscles 1:30pm - Small Sided Soccer Team Games 2:00pm - Water Break and Anti-Racism educational session...Poster Design Competition, 2:30pm - Fun Football Activity 3:00pm - Visit from SRTRC Rep and player visit from Hibernian FC. Also Edinburgh Evening News to take photos Project photograph session, Lads contribute to Graffiti Board. 4:00pm - CLOSE Programme and Timetable of Activities

7 Tuesday 18 th October 1pm – 4pm ‘Let the Fun Begin’ On arrival each boy was registered and introduced to the football coaches and staff, then following a quick presentation of ‘what the project was all about’ Football Coaching was facilitated on the football parks adjacent to the school. A total of 15 lads’ aged 8 – 13 years were given the opportunity to express their football skills under the expertise of the our three SFA Credited football coaches. Fun games and a multi-cultural quiz based on sport, music and general knowledge was facilitated by the youth work staff which allowed the young participants to interact in teams of mixed culture. A short break was enjoyed and the lads ‘tucked’ into fresh fruit and nutritional snacks. Sample Quiz Questions. Quiz Question – ‘Who was Albert Wharton’? Quiz Question – ‘How many languages spoken in UK? Quiz Question – ‘Celtics Bobo Balde originates from where?’ All were answered correctly!

8 Wednesday 19 th October 1pm – 4pm ‘Another Day - Another Challenge’ Heavy overnight rain failed to curb the lads’ enthusiasm and the appearance of the portable goalposts lifted spirits even higher. An increase in attendance with 18 lads braving the damp weather. Our arranged 30 minute refreshment break, where the lads enjoyed another ‘feast’ of fresh fruit and healthy foods gave them time to view the ‘Safe Place’ video facilitated by the youth work staff and this activity was followed by a relaxed question and answer session. It was then on to a final 9-a-side game with teams of mixed cultures. It was this activity that really confirmed to the staff that the project was gaining strength as the lads developed a real sense of team-work and every goal was followed by a ‘high- five’ and a beaming smile. The day ended with the lads throwing out a challenge to play the staff on the final day!

9 Thursday 20 th October 1pm – 4pm ‘The Last Lap’ Our Final day at Pilrig and we adopted a more relaxed approach to the day’s activities. 18 Boys attended and enjoyed a good old fashioned kick-about as opposed to the more structured coaching programme. Mr Ian Mackay from the Edinburgh Evening News was on hand to catch a couple of photographs, which to the delight of the boys appeared in the news the following week. Fame at last! The project staff distributed specially made t-shirts and these were gifted to the lads. Later in the afternoon the lads headed inside for a special poster competition with the poster content highlighting an anti-racist theme. The competition was judged by Katie St Clair, representative of the SRTRC and Councillor for Lorne, Phil Attridge. The finale was a mass football game Lads’ v Staff and I’m sure some staff members caught a few ‘knocks’ for their trouble.

10 The Project captured via the Camera Lens

11 Through the Lens Continued…..

12 Stats, Stats and more Stats The success of the project can be measured in the attendance and enjoyment achieved by everyone who participated. Five paid staff, three SFA Qualified coaches supplied by Redpath Albion/Pilmeny Boys Football Club, one youth worker from Citadel youth centre and one from Sikh Sanjog, were in attendance at all times and supplemented by staff from the five Leith youth agencies involved with the project. Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

13 A short summary of the project by Andy – Citadel Youth Centre LEITH YOUTH PROJECTS UNITE AGAINST RACISM The October break saw a unique multi-cultural football event for boys in Leith, as part of the national Show Racism the Red Card Fortnight of Action. The 3 day event was organised as a partnership between the Citadel, Dosti, Pilmeny Youth Centre, Redpath Albion/Pilmeny Boys’ football club and Sikh Sanjog, with funding from Show Racism the Red Card. It was well attended by a total of 15-18 boys (aged 8-11) each day, with a good mix from the different youth organisations. The main attraction each day was the football coaching provided by three SFA qualified coaches from Redpath Albion/Pilmeny Boys’ football club. As a break from the football, the Citadel co-ordinated fun, educational activities with a multi-cultural theme, was including a quiz, a video and a poster competition. The boys were organised into mixed teams for all activities, which served to break down cultural barriers and build new relationships. The educational activities also helped to ensure that the central message of Show Racism the Red Card got across to the boys (as can be seen from the posters they produced on the final day). The final day was attended by a photographer from the Evening News and a representative from Show Racism the Red Card. Each of the boys took home a Scotland team poster and a custom made T-shirt to remind them of the event. The day finished with boys versus workers football match, which the boys won 4-3 (with the aid of a controversial penalty). All the projects taking part agreed that the event had been a great success and would like to get involved in a similar event next year (maybe involving girls next time).

14 Our thanks go to the following organisations’:- The “Show Racism the Red Card Organisation” for funding the project. The Boards and committee members of the following agencies who gave support via employee hours:- The Pilmeny Youth Centre – Citadel Youth Centre – Sikh Sanjog and Dosti Muslim Groups The club officials of Redpath Albion AFC and Boys Club who donated time and equipment to the project. Citadel Youth Centre who put their mini-bus at the disposal of the project Scotmid Superstore (Leith) who donated £100 worth of vouchers to allow us to provide fruit/snacks/prizes Edinburgh Evening News City of Edinburgh Council – Children and Family Services (School Lets) Pilmeny Youth Centre webmaster who promoted the project via the organisation website Redpath Albion AFC & BC webmaster who also promoted the project via the club website Our thanks go to the following individuals:- Project support staff:- Bryan MaughanPilmeny Youth Centre Andy …………. Citadel Youth Centre Lianne Scarlett Sikh Sanjog Sarah ……….. Dosti Muslim Groups Neelam Singh Sikh Sanjog Mellisa Robbie Huxtable SFA Qualified Coach Redpath Albion – Pilmeny Boys Club Roddy Maughan SFA Qualified Coach Redpath Albion – Pilmeny Boys Club William Minto SFA Qualified Coach Redpath Albion – Pilmeny Boys Club Peter White SFA Qualified Coach Redpath Albion – Pilmeny Boys Club Lisa Miller Citadel Youth Centre Wylie Wright Sikh Sanjog Slide presentation compiled by Bryan Maughan, Pilmeny Youth Centre/Redpath Albion AFC November 2005 ©

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