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KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP Globalized IT Service Desk Ellen Sittinger, Global Service Desk Manager Joe Fousek, Customer Support Associate Director.

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1 KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP Globalized IT Service Desk Ellen Sittinger, Global Service Desk Manager Joe Fousek, Customer Support Associate Director

2 KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP The History  Six independent Help Desks in our larger offices Separate processes Self-developed procedures Most Help Desks also performing dispatched desk-side work

3 KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP The History  Inability to adjust Unable to handle peak “system down” call volume 1 vacation + 1 sick = service nightmare Off-hours support was an expensive, distributed endeavor No vehicle to share lessons learned or best practices

4 KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP Motivation to Change  First and foremost, the MONEY  Inconsistent customer experience  Inability to cover peaks in call volume  After-hours cost and staff burnout  Customer frustration with waiting for call backs

5 KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP K&E Globalization Project Goals  Create a Service Desk where the customer experience is consistently excellent  To leverage resources with the end-result of reducing expenses and providing a positive, consistent, unified experience for all users of the firm's IT services

6 KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP K&E Globalization Project Goals  Create and maintain Standard Operating Procedures for all routine operations  Develop metrics and reporting that enables us to review and respond to trends and staff our resources for maximum efficiency and continual service improvement

7 KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP First Establish the Play Book  Get all staff playing from the same play book.  We had to gather the information and start with a baseline.  How do we do what we do?

8 KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP Prepare the Team to Be a Team  First and foremost, entire group needs to be in synch with their methodologies and access to knowledge How analysts answer the phone How escalations are handled Resources available to them No difference in answers dependent on analyst reached

9 KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP PSPG Framework Standardization Project Policies Policies are rules that the department imposes on others Blessed by upper management Exceptions only be executive approval Standards Rules governing departmental operations Standard configurations, standard service offerings, standard technologies Exceptions by management approval Procedures Area requiring the greatest effort Every process done by group Designed to make operational expectations clear to staff SOP manual is the deliverable Guidelines Loose rules like Operating Principles Code of conduct, etc

10 KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP Was it Easy?  Differing opinions on the ease of building consensus  Most just delighted to have a standard.  Some offices believed the new standards were a step backward  Office culture/politics can make standards difficult

11 KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP How Did We Create Buy-in?  We engaged local supervisors and managers to be part of the project team  We broke the project down into smaller pieces, and assigned sub-projects so that people felt a sense of ownership. However, everyone involved reviewed and provided feedback

12 KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP How Did We Create Buy-in?  We made it clear from the beginning that this wasn’t going to be a home-office dictatorship.  We reinforced the idea that this was a globalization and that we wanted to learn how each office did things and come up with best practices based on our findings.

13 KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP The Globalization Process  Rolled one office in at a time  We held training courses on the Standard Operating Procedures and on the new phone/ACD systems  Mock calls – to give staff the chance to get to know each other and assure readiness, and practice new escalation procedures

14 KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP We’ve Finished the Globalization  In July, we finished our globalization when we added our Hong Kong and Munich offices to our Service Desk phone system.  It took us approximately two months to consolidate all of the offices (after many months of planning).

15 KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP Workflow: Requests Received Via Telephone  When you place a call to the Service Desk, the automatic call distribution (ACD) system first checks the availability of the Service Desk staff.  If a Service Desk representative in the local office is available to receive a call, then the call will be routed to them.  If no Service Desk staff member in the local office is available, then call is then routed to the first available agent in any of the other offices.

16 KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP Requests Received Via E-mail  We consolidated our local email request routing and created a new, central IT Service Desk inbox.  Any e-mails sent to a former local office email address are automatically routed to the globalized IT Service Desk inbox.  The IT Service Desk mailbox is monitored during all business hours for the Service Desk (user benefits from extended email coverage).

17 KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP What if a User Requires Desk Side Assistance?  In cases when a user’s issue requires desk side or emergency assistance, the technician taking the call (or responding to the email) will escalate the ticket to the user’s home office Customer Care team.  The issue queues are monitored by the local office supervisor and are addressed promptly by local office (Customer Care – feet on the street people) staff.

18 KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP How Do We Know if We’re Successful?  Metrics drawn from: Automatic Call Distribution’s Call Management System HEAT - Incident Tracking System Surveys

19 KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP Key Performance Indicators  We use weekly and monthly reports to communicate to the staff and management and measure our progress  We will analyze trends and adapt strategy based on data  We are monitoring and measuring Call/Email volume Percent of call answered live Average speed of answering calls Abandoned call patterns (people that hang up) The following slide shows total calls and emails processed for each office for the week


21 Personal Performance Indicators – How Do We Manage People Globally  How many calls each analyst handled  What each analyst’s average time was spent on a call  Individual After Call Work time (this is time spent either entering a HEAT ticket or continuing to work on a problem without keeping the customer on the phone)  How many calls were directed to each analyst but went unanswered (and rolled over to another analyst) - RONA


23 The “Aux” Report - Choosing Your Codes  When an agent is not engaged in taking calls, how are they spending their time? Lunch time Break time Helping coworkers Going to meetings Working on projects Monitoring incoming Email Attending training  Ensuring time spent away from phone duty is appropriate


25 Managing the Big Picture  Looking at 30 minute increments, throughout the day, what are our customers experiencing?  What adjustments might we need to make in scheduling?  Plotting Our call volume Staffing levels Maximum wait time of any call Abandoned calls (hang-ups)


27 Coming Soon – More Metrics to be Published  Percent of calls closed on first contact  Average time to close tickets (SLA’s and OLA’s)  Re-opened tickets  Reports outlining each group’s escalation management (OLA’s) Number of tickets open longer than 2, 7, and 30 days Re-opened tickets Mean time to acknowledge tickets Mean time to resolve tickets

28 KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP Reaping the Benefits  20% reduction in User Support head-count Promotional Opportunities Some trimming of head-count  Knowledge sharing across the team  Standardized services and processes  Metrics driven results Staff understanding definition of success Ability to compare performance across offices

29 KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP Lessons Learned  Communicate early and often. Many of our users seemed surprised when their call was answered by a voice they weren’t familiar with, or someone not located in their office. While we did communicate this, it probably wasn’t enough.  Expect some users will not accept change (hearing an unfamiliar voice/accent)

30 KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP Lessons Learned  Expect that there will be processes that vary office to office which may not have come out in the discovery phase. For us, it was offices vary on what kind of approval is required for accessing another user’s mailfile (calendar, address book).

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