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Innovative Telephone Solutions --- ACD Information Services 211 Nebraska Hall (402) 472-3434

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1 Innovative Telephone Solutions --- ACD Information Services 211 Nebraska Hall (402) 472-3434

2 First Impressions Do Matter Does your office get more calls than one person can handle? –Are calls distributed among your staff fairly? –Do Callers frequently have to wait on hold? Are callers efficiently routed to the appropriate person? –This could happen automatically or with a menu.

3 Are Calls Being Answered in a Professional Manner Are calls being answered in a consistent manner? Do callers frequently have to wait on hold? –Do you want to pass particular information to your callers while they wait? –Do you want to give your callers the option to leave a voice message? Is your staff able to return voice messages in a timely manner? Do you have a need to monitor calls or have calls recorded?

4 Small Office or Large Call Center The tools that are utilized in large call centers to help with the high call volume can also be utilized to help with call flow in a small office environment. –Smaller Office = Smaller Staff = Same # of calls per agent –Do you know how many calls are received on any given day? –Do you know how many people to staff on high volume days like first day of school? Would you like to be able to see reports detailing –How many calls you receive –How long callers have to wait on hold –What types of calls your staff are taking Topic of Calls, Group (or Skill) Called

5 T-Metrics ACD (TM-2000) Automated Call Distribution

6 T-Metrics ACD (TM-2000) Call Routing Features: Call Prioritization Music on Hold Custom Hold Messages Advance Call Routing Options Agents can answer multiple lines Off Site Capabilities

7 T-Metrics ACD (TM-2000) Other Features: Detailed Call Reports Call Recording 3 rd Party Software Integration Call Monitoring by Supervisor Agent to Agent Instant Messaging Support for Wall Displays

8 ACD Agent Interface (GUI) Click on image to increase size.

9 ACD Expanded Agent Interface (GUI)

10 Web Reports Any Time Any Where

11 State Table Based Programming

12 Future Development Split ACD Menus and Queues into different Skills for reporting purposes Transition to DNS Aliases instead of IP addresses when connecting to servers Play MOD after hours Configure skills so if all agents are not available the caller will not wait on hold.

13 Other Creative Ways Telecommunications Can Help You or Your Department Voice Mail and Faxing –Voice Mails and Faxes delivered to your e-mail –Notification of messages sent to your cell phone or e-mail –Transcript of voice mail sent to your e-mail Phones –Cell phones and desk phones sharing a voice mailbox –One phone number for both desk phones and cell phones –Call Recording Audio Conference Services –On Demand Conference Calls Creative staff members willing to work with you

14 Slide design © 2007, The Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska. All rights reserved. Information Services (402) 472-3434

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