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By Taylor A Work in Progress (Working on Citations)

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1 By Taylor A Work in Progress (Working on Citations)

2 On November 11, in Weymouth Massachusetts, Abigail Smith Adams was born.

3 Abigail had a mother and father named Elizabeth Quincy Smith and Reverend William. She also had a brother named William and two sisters named Mary and Elizabeth.

4 When Abigail was young she realized that girls didn’t have equal rights like men did. She also liked to listen to her father and grandfather talk about politics and local events.

5 As a child Abigail never attended school. She learned her education from reading books in her father’s library. Abigail learned French, Pope, Milton, and Shakespeare in the library.

6 Abigail was a mother and wife she also managed the family farm because her husband was gone most of the time doing business trips. Abigail also made the farm into a home for people during the Revolutionary War.

7 During the Revolution, Abigail Adams spoke out against and was apposed to slavery. She also wanted women to have equal rights like men did. Doing these actions in the 1700’s was very unusual for someone to do especially for a woman. Abigail Adams second daughter Suzanna died at the age of one was also an important event.

8 Abigail Adams died on October 28, 1818. She was only 74 years old. The cause of Abigail’s death was of sickness and poor health.

9 Abigail Adams was remembered as the second First Lady of the United States. She is also remembered as a woman that wanted women to have right and didn’t want slavery.

10 During the revolution Abigail often wrote in her letters to her husband, John Adams not to forget the ladies meaning don’t forget to give rights to women. Abigail Adams was also the first “first lady” to live in the white house.

11 I learned that Abigail Adams is one of the first women to want women to have equal rights like men did because were not able to vote or own property. Women were also just items that men owned. I also learned that women can make a difference in there life time because I think that Abigail might be one of the reasons that women have rights.

12 I thing that Abigail Adams is a celebrity because she didn’t any lives or that sort of thing, but she did show that you didn’t have to go to school to have a good education. I thing a hero is different from a celebrity because a hero make a difference in the world and a celebrity is a famous person that people know.

13 Facts were found at Wallner. Alexandra,Abigail Adams Established in Washington D.C. 2oo1, “First Ladies of the United States” by John T. Marck at http:/ "Adams, Abigail Smith." World Book Student. 2008. [Place of access.] 11 Dec. 2008.

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