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Women of the American Revolution

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1 Women of the American Revolution
Molly Pitcher Mercy Otis Warren Deborah Sampson

2 Think about these questions:
How was each woman’s life like yours? How was her life different? Would you have done the same things if you were her? Why or why not? ? ? ? ? ? ?

3 Molly Pitcher Molly Pitcher’s real name was probably Mary Ludwig Hays.
She was probably born in 1754 in Trenton, New Jersey (or maybe she was born in Pennsylvania).

4 Molly Pitcher Because she was poor, Mary probably had no education. She may not have known how to read or write. When she was a teenager, Mary worked as a servant for a wealthy family.

5 Molly Pitcher When Mary was sixteen years old, she married a man named William Hays. Soon after, he went to war as a soldier on the Patriot side.

6 Molly Pitcher Mary followed her husband to war.
She helped the soldiers by bringing them pitchers of water when they were thirsty.

7 Molly Pitcher At the battle of Monmouth, her husband was killed.
Molly (Mary) took over his place at the cannon and fought alongside the men.

8 Would you have been as brave as Molly?
Molly Pitcher George Washington heard about Mary’s bravery during the battle. He gave her the nickname, “Sergeant Molly.” Would you have been as brave as Molly?

9 Mercy Otis Warren Because Mercy was born into wealthy family, we know a lot about her life and even what she really looked like. She was born on Cape Cod, Massachusetts in 1728, one of thirteen children.

10 Mercy Otis Warren Mercy’s brothers were well-educated and she was allowed to be taught along with them. (But no college for girls in those days!)

11 Mercy Otis Warren In 1754, Mercy married James Warren. He was politician active in colonial government when England still owned the colonies.

12 Mercy Otis Warren Mercy and James’ home became a meeting place for citizens unhappy with British rule. The Sons of Liberty and the Committees of Correspondence met there.

13 Mercy Otis Warren Mercy’s talent was writing. She wrote several plays that criticized British control of the American colonies. At that time, plays were not performed, but many people read them.

14 Mercy Otis Warren Warren corresponded with many famous Patriot leaders including Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington. In those times, it was unusual for men to listen to the opinions of women.

15 Mercy Otis Warren Mercy Otis Warren recorded the history of the American Revolution. In 1805, she published History of the Rise, Progress, and Termination of the American Revolution. Do you see yourself as a good writer? Do you feel strongly about political issues?

16 Deborah Sampson She was born in Massachusetts in 1760, one of six children. Deborah’s family was poor, and she became an indentured servant at the age of nine.

17 Deborah Sampson She was able to attend school in the winter, so she was able to read and write. She also did farm work and became physically strong. Deborah’s height was 5’7”, tall for a woman at that time.

18 Deborah Sampson In 1782, Deborah disguised herself as a man and enlisted in the Continental Army. She used the name, “Robert Shurtleff.”

19 Deborah Sampson Deborah fought in several battles. In one, her head was wounded and there were two bullets in her leg. The head wound was treated at a hospital, and Deborah left soon after.

20 Deborah Sampson Doctors might have discovered that she was a woman.
Deborah removed a bullet from her leg by herself!

21 Deborah Sampson Eventually, the army discovered that “Robert” was a woman. After serving in the army for a year and a half, Deborah was given an honorable discharge.

22 Was Deborah brave or foolish to join the army?
Deborah Sampson Later in life, Deborah gave lectures about her experiences as a soldier in the Revolutionary War. Was Deborah brave or foolish to join the army? Could you remove a bullet from your own leg?

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