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. Vypracovala: Mgr. Silvie Reitharová Some views from the US history.

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1 . Vypracovala: Mgr. Silvie Reitharová Some views from the US history

2 Discovering America for the Europeans Discovering America for the Europeans Who and when discovered America for the Europeans? Christopher Columbus in 1492

3 First English Settlements in North America During the 16 th century the first English speaking settlers came to America There were also a lot of other nations coming to the New World The most famous English speaking group came in 1620 They are called Pilgrim Fathers

4 Pilgrim Fathers Pilgrim Fathers were English who had to leave England for their faith They escaped to Holland where the King gave them a ship called May Flower Their arrival to America is celebrated every year on the fourth Thursday in November as the Thanksgiving Day May Flower

5 The War of Independence - the reasons During 16 th and 17 th centuries a lot of new people came to North America most of the places where they settled were the colonies of Great Britain so the people were colonists - it means they were not free, not independent Some people living in America didn’t like the situation They didn’t like English kings, English laws and especially new and new taxes they had to pay for the goods such as newspapers, sugar, coffee, textiles, and also tea…

6 The War of Independence- the beginnings The people who wanted to be independent didn’t want English King George III to rule them any more The people who wanted to be independent didn’t want English King George III to rule them any more They slowly started a revolution that grew to a war One of the most famous events from the beginning of the revolution is Boston Tea Party On December 16, 1773 a group of Americans worn in costumes to look like Indians attacked ships in Boston port and threw 342 cases of tea into the sea “ I hope that King George likes salt in his tea”

7 The War of Independence 1775-1783 Thomas Jefferson The author of the Declaration of Independence The war started in 1775 near Boston In July the leaders of the Americans met at SECOND CONTINENTAL CONGRESS in Philadelphia- they were the first American government They accepted THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE ON JULY 4 TH 1776 England didn’t want to accept American independence and the war continued for many years Finally England recognized the new United States of America in September 1783 George Washington George Washington, a farmer and the General who led the Americans in the War of Independence was elected the first president of the USA

8 American Civil War 1861-1865 The South – people grew cotton and tobacco – plants that need plenty of people to be grown. But in America there weren’t so many people – where to take them? The Europeans brought black slaves from Africa to make them work in their fields. The southern economical system, life style and way of thinking were based on slavery. It is like a feudalism. The reasons - the differences between the North and the South The North – people grew corn, fruits, vegetables – food. People didn’t need slaves to plant it. New industry came to the country. The economical system, life style and way of thinking were more like in Europe A lot of new ideas, inventions and changes appeared. It is capitalism.

9 American Civil War 1861-1865 During 18 th and 19 th centuries the USA grew bigger and bigger.They get many new states Americans argued whether or not to allow slavery in the new states In 1860 Abraham Lincoln won the presidential elections and became a president of the USA. He was against spreading slavery into the new places. Southern states were against Lincoln At the end of 1860 South Carolina voted to SECEDE from the USA. It was soon joined by TEN more Southern States. They announced to be independent - The Confederated States of America and elected their own president Jefferson Davis The worst, bloodiest and cruelest war in North American continent started. on April 12 1861

10 American Civil War 1861-1865 The Emancipation Proclamation - a document that abolished slavery in the whole USA and made all the slaves free Was accepted in 1862 to encourage Northern soldiers to fight to unify the nation The Battle of Gettysburg The worst battle hold in North American continent In June 1863 50 000 men were killed The Southern Army had suffered a defeat from which it never recovered

11 American Civil War the end A cruel war in which two brothers, a brother with a father or two friends were often made fight against each other Nearly 650 000 died on both sides On April 9, 1865 the Northern General Grant met Southern General Lee who surrendered his army In 1865 slavery was abolished everywhere in the USA but the real emancipation of the Blacks came much much later. In fact it started after 1960. Just a few days after the end of the war president Lincoln was assassinated in Ford Theatre in Washington D.C.

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