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2013 HR Summit Survey Results. Participation 2 Registered = 268 total –General Counsels = 28 –Designated HR Authority = 64 –Training Coordinators = 28.

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1 2013 HR Summit Survey Results

2 Participation 2 Registered = 268 total –General Counsels = 28 –Designated HR Authority = 64 –Training Coordinators = 28 –DCHR Staff = 103 –Misc. (Guests, Awardees, VIPs, Presenters) = 45 No Shows = 26

3 Post-Summit Survey 3 Rate your overall experience Excellent = 64% Good = 36% Fair = 0% Poor = 0%

4 Post-Summit Survey 4 Rate the online registration process Excellent = 72% Good = 17% Fair = 3 % Poor = 0% I didn’t use it = 8%

5 Post-Summit Survey 5 Rate the Keynote Speaker, DeRetta Cole Excellent = 68% Good = 8% Fair = 1% Poor = 0% I didn’t attend = 23%

6 Post-Summit Survey 6 Comments regarding Keynote Speaker, DeRetta Cole “I loved her interaction with us and her ability to relate to everyone in the room. I also liked the way she explained how to resolve tense issues with professionalism.” “I thought her presentation was very motivating and uplifting. We need more of that!” “Great motivator. Would love to work with her. Made me want to work harder to be a better person and a better attorney manager.” “Needed more Q&A time.”

7 Post-Summit Survey 7 Rate the Awards Ceremony and Luncheon Excellent = 48% Good = 28% Fair = 4% Poor = 1% I didn’t attend = 19%

8 Post-Summit Survey 8 Comments regarding the Awards Ceremony and Luncheon “…very nice, but I felt sorry for the runner up. I think that only the winner should be called to the podium and that a few comments should be read about the winner...a few quotes from the nomination that make that person exceptional.” “Advertisement of the Nominations should be sent to all employees. I believe many did not receive the notification to be able to nominate their Human Resources teams/advisors.” “It was great to share other employees being recognized and honored for their hard work and efforts in their work areas.” “…very organized. It was an excellent way of awarding and recognizing individuals and teams for their hard work and commitment to excellence.”

9 Post-Summit Survey 9 Rate the Payroll workshop Excellent = 38% Good = 21% Fair = 5% Poor = 2% I didn’t attend = 34%

10 Post-Summit Survey 10 Comments regarding the Payroll workshop “I feel that it was informative and provided a lot of insight on the everyday challenges when it comes to daily operations in Payroll.” “It might be helpful to have a list of terms that are commonly used by Payroll so that everyone understands the words being used.” “The OPRS staff was very informative with information I did not know and reinforced the information that I did know. The Payroll staff needs to be included in next years HR Summit.” “This workshop was great. The information was very valuable and the payroll team was outstanding!.” “This was very helpful, particularly regarding what triggers problems for payroll. The information on benefits was also good. It would help to have copies of or electronic versions of any forms they refer to. Please have them come to the Advisor meetings to keep us abreast.”

11 Post-Summit Survey 11 Rate the LMPC workshop Excellent = 28% Good = 24% Fair = 5% Poor = 0% I didn’t attend = 43%

12 Post-Summit Survey 12 Comments regarding the LMPC workshop “I wish more time had been spent discussing next steps in light of the morale and customer service survey results - but it was a nice touch to receive a copy of my agency's results.” “Director Stokes said it all when she talked about trust and the need to build it. We have a long way to go because many managers and supervisors really don't collaborators they want compliant subordinates.” “Very helpful information and engaging. Good to know the inclusiveness and work being done to enhance labor relations in the city overall.” “The info was basically a presentation of survey results and did not necessarily lend itself to being interactive or skill-building. Might have been effective as a shorter plenary session presentation in order to shave some time off the overall event.” “This was a good session, but I would have liked to get more information on how we can use the data to improve.”

13 Post-Summit Survey 13 Rate the HR Effectiveness workshop Excellent = 42% Good = 23% Fair = 6% Poor = 2% I didn’t attend = 27%

14 Post-Summit Survey 14 Comments regarding the HR Effectiveness workshop “The consultants were energetic and their enthusiasm helped to make the workshop even more interesting.” “I liked the interaction with other Agencies through small groups. Defining culture was a unique way to inspire my listening skills and get involve.” “Now is the time to start implementing some of the recommendations that came out of this workshop. Otherwise, people will lose faith that there are real change agents in this Department.” “I am honestly tired of participating in these "task force" settings. We've collected enough information. It's time for implementation to begin.” “Information about the status of the initiative was helpful. Slides were complicated. Didn't see the value of the exercise.”

15 Post-Summit Survey 15 Rate the Class and Comp Reform workshop Excellent = 40% Good = 20% Fair = 3% Poor = 1% I didn’t attend = 36%

16 Post-Summit Survey 16 Comments regarding the Class and Comp Reform workshop “There were some useful/practical points and some theory. It was interesting.” “Reinforced the information that has been share monthly from HR Advisors Meetings.” “Very detailed presentation and great Q&A opportunities.” “It was just a snapshot of what's going to be implemented, so I hope there are more workshops to eventually connect all the dots.” “I did not learn anything new. I still have just as many questions regarding how this new procedure will be rolled the decision is made regarding what group/grade an employee is placed in, etc.”

17 Post-Summit Survey 17 Comments regarding the Sustainable Employee Actions panel “The Sustainable Personnel Actions was an excellent workshop. This should be developed into a required training course for DC HR professionals.” “…the 5 attorneys spoke are excellent. I would like to see them speak again next year. I learned a lot yesterday about legal. I think supervisors and managements should attend this meeting next year. There should be a preventative class for managers in legal matters because they need to know the policy, procedures and law. DC government waste too much money in legal.” “The panel on Thursday morning was very informative and should have been longer.” “I wish the Art of Sustainable Personnel Actions Panel was longer the information was very informative.” “…could have been limited on their introductions - and more time could have been dedicated to questions/answers...Overall Great Job DCHR!!!” “The agency heads need to know what we know, especially about UNSUCCESSFUL disciplinary actions.”

18 Post-Summit Survey 18 Rate the Kellogg Conference Hotel Excellent = 76% Good = 22% Fair = 2% Poor = 0%

19 Post-Summit Survey 19 Comments regarding the Kellogg Conference Hotel “Very convenient. Good parking. Would like to return.” “Please make sure that shuttle buses are available at the metro stop for employees to take. It's not the best of neighborhoods to be walking in that early in the morning.” “Attractive, convenient venue. Good food, good service. Great choice!” “This is a great facility space and area for all DCHR staff and health providers, nice bathrooms, and good food.” “First class. Staff very helpful and friendly. FREE PARKING definitely a plus. Thanks.”

20 Post-Summit Survey 20 Rate the customer service of the Summit team Excellent = 77% Good = 22% Fair = 1% Poor = 0%

21 Post-Summit Survey 21 Comments regarding the Summit team “I was impressed with the consistency of the team. Service with a smile...” “DCHR Summit team was extremely professional courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful. First class!” “I cannot say enough about the customer service of the DCHR Summit team. Your hard work was clearly evident, and it yielded great results. Thank you!!” “Awesome team!!! I have done events and I am amazed at how organized and seamless the event went. Well done. Kudos!!!”

22 Post-Summit Survey 22 Rate the food Excellent = 31% Good = 53% Fair = 14% Poor = 2%

23 Post-Summit Survey 23 Comments regarding the food “Day one was superior. Day two was fair.” “Access to water bottle was great during workshops. instead of soda a water and juice option should available during both lunches. recommendation: coffee should be available all day in neutral areas (hallway, lobby, etc.)” “The Luncheon main course was horrible.... The boxed lunch selections were also as bad.” “Awards lunch was excellent, the boxed lunches were ok at best.”

24 Post-Summit Survey 24 Rate the giveaways Excellent = 64% Good = 33% Fair = 3% Poor = 0%

25 Post-Summit Survey 25 Comments regarding the giveaways “I love the giveaways so much I wished I could get another umbrella. :)” “It was clear that much thought and effort was put into this and it is very appreciated.” “Nice, practical gifts -- especially the umbrella!” “I appreciate getting practical giveaways but I worry about the perception of "wasting" taxpayer dollars on that kinds of stuff.” “The giveaways were such a wonderful surprise. I especially appreciate the fact that the giveaways were very practical gifts. I really love the umbrella. Thank you!”

26 Post-Summit Survey 26 Rate the printed program Excellent = 70% Good = 28% Fair = 2% Poor = 0%

27 Post-Summit Survey 27 Comments regarding the printed program “Helpful info but it was ironic that the conference is titled "sustainable HR" and we had a 24 page printed program. Could have been shorter to save paper.” “The Summit Program was both aesthetically pleasing and informative.” “Great to put face and background information with a name. You know who you will need to contact depending on the information you need or matter. Excellent booklet. Thank you.” “I think it would have been helpful to include the room numbers on the personalized schedules and to have a display board on the second floor. Even with the electronic display on Wednesday, I did not realize that I needed to write that information down while the speakers were up because I would not see it at a later time to be able to write it down then.”

28 Post-Summit Survey 28 Rate the length of the Summit Excellent = 54% Good = 43% Fair = 3% Poor = 0%

29 Post-Summit Survey 29 What do you consider to be the right length? Two full days = 73% Two half days = 6% One full day = 21% One half day = 0%

30 Post-Summit Survey 30 Additional comments/feedback “Impressive to see how far DCHR has come in a short time... Glad to be part of the team.” “The workshop focuses more on seasoned people in HR. It is assumed that you already know a lot of this material. You need a workshop geared more towards those who are new to the process. DCHR also needs to offer classes geared strictly for new HR advisors.” “I wish the Art of Sustainable Personnel Actions Panel was longer the information was very informative.” “The Sustainable Personnel Actions was an excellent workshop. This should be developed into a required training course for DC HR professionals.” “The Summit was effective, but it could have been better if it was tailored to the audience. As a GC, I would have liked a legal track.”

31 31 Discussion and Questions

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