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A few years ago, Dr. Drew Appleby from University of Indiana/Purdue University began to realize that newly enrolled freshman students expected college.

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2 A few years ago, Dr. Drew Appleby from University of Indiana/Purdue University began to realize that newly enrolled freshman students expected college to be a continuation of high school – › same study requirements › same student-teacher relationships › same registration procedures › same types of assignments Well, Dr. Appleby and I (as well as other college professors like those you will meet at GCC) would like to let you know that:

3 College is not 13 th grade! GCCN

4 In 2010, I asked 99 GCC North Introductory Psychology freshman, “What do you know about college NOW that you DIDN’T know before you started? I grouped their answers – both positive and negative --by topic.

5 Positive Negative  Self-motivation & management is crucial in college.  I thought it would be a busy experience but it is actually less active than high school.  More time is spent out of the book and class that I thought.  Didn’t know how much time it would take away from my family.  More of a challenge to organize my time.  You need great time management skills.

6 Positive Negative  That it is not above my mental capacity to learn and get good grades.  No little assignments just tests and essays.  Not all tests are M/C.  In HS, when you were failing the teacher would call a conference with you and your parents. In college they just fail you and drop you from the class. In HS, they helped you pass the class.  You are responsible for you grades.  It’s mostly tests.  Most of your grade will be final and tests.

7 Positive Negative  Resources and teacher help are available.  Teachers are *pretty flexible, *super helpful, *quite nice. (*multiple answers)  Instructors are less legalistic than HS.  I was told teachers in college were going to be hard and not allow time to copy good notes; it’s not that way.  Teachers explain things better in college.  The teacher/professor can make all the difference in your learning experience.  I have found that many of my college instructors care more about their students than my HS teachers did.  Teachers care if you pass or fail and want to help you!  I know now that some teachers actually do care that you succeed, and will help you do so.  It surprised me how helpful everyone is. Everyone said college is tough, it is but there are people, including instructors that are understanding and willing to help.  Curriculum & expectations vary by teacher.  Teachers expect more work than in high school.  HS teachers push expectations; in college the student is responsible for success.  Some teachers seem to question student desire to learn and don’t teach the students as if they want to learn.  Some teachers let their classes out early; classes are so long.

8 Positive Negative  More leisure that I expected.  Students are given liberty when managing time and assignments.  More freedom in college (2).  More freedom and the students all get along.  A lot more independent. Requires initiative from student.  Don’t have to show up like HS but if you don’t you’ll get dropped so it’s just a matter of how badly you want to get through your classes.  A lot more freedom.  College is much more laid back and it’s up to me if I want to be here or not.  No one here will make you do anything, it’s a lot of self- discipline. Professors get paid whether you pass or not.  I can go to class whenever I want (which can be good or bad.)

9 Positive Negative  More like HS because I know a lot of people.  Hotter chicks.  I never fit in with people my own age and discovered that people of all ages attend college. I can finally befriend people as mature as I feel.  It is extremely common and accepted, especially at community college level for people of all ages to go back to school at any time, not just little 18 year olds straight out of high school.  People are a lot harder to talk to. Hard to break the comfort zone.  Driving in the parking lot!! Ugh!  College is not about friends or fashion like high school. In college, you go to class, get your assignments, and mind your own business and leave.  Everyone only cares about themselves rather than what everyone else is doing. There is no “fitting” in.  People mostly keep to themselves.

10 Positive Negative  Independence, free will, determination, maturity!  Willing to put more effort in since it’s your responsibility to pass, not the teacher’s.  You don’t have people reminding your to do homework (2)  Treated as adults therefore punished as adults.  College is laid back: Requires a lot of self- discipline.  In college, you get what you put in.  If you don’t study, you will fall behind fast.  A lot of student responsibility, you have to be ready, mature and responsible.  You’re on your own; teachers don’t get on you for not doing your work; it’s your own responsibility.

11 Positive Negative  Don’t have to “do” anything.  Challenging but rewarding.  Classes are more interesting if you get the right instructor.  It’s a lot easier than HS. (3)  I thought is was going to be more challenging that HS. I was wrong. College is more “laid back.”  College is way easier than I thought it would be. HS teachers make it sound like so much work. I hardly have any homework and if I show up to class and pay attention, tests are easy!! I love college!  I thought college would be a lot more challenging than HS but it’s just like high school, round 2.  There isn’t as much homework as I thought there was going to be. It’s also not as hard as it seem like before you start school.  Everyone said it was super hard with a lot of homework. It’s not.  Not as hard as I used to think as long as I take a little time to study.  There’s a lot more reading.  Actually have to study. (4)  Lots of homework/studying (6).  Homework counts for so little. (2)  Assignments are assigned online or through email.  The amount of work I need to put forth to success is way higher than I thought.  More self-taught things.  How difficult Anatomy and Physiology is.  No extra credit.  Just as hard as HS or harder.  More fast paced than HS.  I didn’t realize how fast you have to learn the materials in each class you take.  Summer classes are harder.

12 Positive Negative  Shorter hours  Small classes  Don’t always need the book for every class.  You can just come and go from class as you please.  The schedule is largely dependent on you.  Smaller classes mean more student to teacher interaction.  You can make your schedule on your time; options for class times, etc.  Didn’t know how much money was available.  Unlike HS, the classes are small and easy to keep up with.  You can choose what time your classes are.  You can only miss 3 days before you get dropped (4)  Can’t be late to class.  Classes can be cancelled.  Never pick classes that start around 2 pm.  How expensive taking a course is (time & money.)  Getting set up into a class is horribly harder than expected.  In order to get your money back, you have to drop it in the first week of school.  Thought all of my activities were going to be online; that there wouldn’t be much classroom activities.  There are no bells; you can leave when you want; and smoke on campus.  I didn’t think teachers would care so much about phones.  Didn’t know what types of classes were needed to obtain a degree.  I wish colleges would teach more specific in the career paths. A lot of information we learn in college we don’t use or we just forget it.  I didn’t know all the options for classes to take.

13 Positive Negative  The college has resources to help vs. before I just figured you show up and that’s all.  I think high schools should try to make the last year or two more college focus so students can prepare.  More similar than I thought.  I didn’t think it was going to be this interesting/fun.  More relaxed than high school, also, somewhat easier. (2)  Teachers aren’t demanding. They’re more laid back than high school teachers are.  It turned out to be a lot easier than I thought. (2)  I thought college was going to be hard but it’s actually not that bad and in some aspects it is even easier than HS.  Didn’t know what kind of physical & mental toll it would take on me.  More stressful than HS.  You’re completely on your own once you walk into the gates of college.  I was dragged here by a friend.  I thought there was going to be more homework and it’s more note taking than anything.


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