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2 Chairman Mr.Hamed El Shiaty
Shoura International Chairman Mr.Hamed El Shiaty Shoura chemicals Mr. Ali El Deeb Shoura properties Mr. Zoheir Garannah Shoura investments Mr. Ashraf El Shiaty Cement and steel Mr. Ahmed Mubarak Defense and power Mr. Mansour Al Tarzy Shoura chemicals Shoura reclamation Shoura Bank Engines Shoura Cement Starchem industrial chemicals Criss Mubadala Deterrence Spegyco Starchem services Sharm Al Shiekh Al Alamya Reclamation Starchem Trade Iron Ore Amar Al Sham Trans Alexandria Star Steel Blue rock Royal lease Al Khomasya Inter med Shoura engineering Arabica coffee Shoura Economic Development Al Nada Med blue Djibouti Star Egypt Arabica egypt

3 Making our vision our sole mission
What have we achieved

4 Milestones in Shoura’s development
1958 – Eng. Hamed El Shiaty established his own private enterprise “Tawkilat” for pesticides and tractors. 1959 – introduced aerial spraying in Egypt and Syria 1962 – acquired the agency Schering Berlin for pesticides 1969 – worked with ICI plant protection 1970 – planted and exported the first strawberries to Europe, Russia and Arab countries.

5 History cont’d 1972 – introduced Hybrid maize plantations in Egypt with Hodee`, France 1977 – resumed operation of aerial spraying in Egypt with 4 helicopters and 2 fixed wings 1980 – introduced and imported the first Brown Swiss cows from Austria and started a dairy farm of 1600 cows

6 History cont’d 1981 – became the vice chairman of Egyptrac; agent of Massey Ferguson registered as the biggest importer of Friesian cows from Holland and milking parlors D.T.C; a company owned by the family in Holland. 1987 – agent and importer of animal feed and premixes – one day old chicks and hatching eggs reclaimed a desert farm located in km 76 Alex rd, 1500 feddans of: grapes, bananas and mangos

7 History cont’d 1997 – bought his first real estate plot of 320,000 sq m in Cairo 1999 – started his 1st steel mill 36,000 tons/year; StarSteel 2002 – enlarging the real estate business to reach a land bank of 2.3 million sqm 2004 ; Acquired a cement mill of 600,000 tons/year in Port Said; Shoura Cement Developed StarChem Trade as the agent of SIA, Bosch and DuPont paints and abrasives Acquired a coffee factory in Port Said free zone area. 2006 – developed a 400 studio condominium in Sharm El Sheikh, Neama Bay; Criss 2007 – sold 25,000 feddans of reclaimed land in the Western Desert

8 History cont’d 2009 – established Shoura Bank in Djibouti 2010;
converted a coffee factory owned by the group in Port Said free zone into a second agrochemical factory. This will be an extension to the already existing StarChem Industrial Chemicals located in 6th of October city Acquired Engines Company agent of IVECO DV. Due to the 1st year of impressive performance we extended to IVECO gensets – FPT and Coelmo 2011 – joint venture with Toyota Tsusho Egypt for importing wheat and maize to Egypt.

9 History cont’d Engines; a new acquisition added in 2010 to Shoura group It is the sole agent for IVECO Defense Vehicles Boosted our business by adding 2 new acquisitions; FPT Industrial and COELMO Succeeded to sign 8000 FPT engines to be supplied to the Ministry of Defense for repowering old military vehicles

10 History cont’d 2010; launched our maintenance service through 3 mobile workshops servicing the clients at their warehouses 2011; developed further our maintenance activity by establishing our 1st Service Center, even though the MOI/MOD have their own workshops, yet, we are keen on catering the clients and servicing them in the best possible way. Expanded our business to Libya and Sudan

11 History cont’d IVECO’S RANGE SUPPLIED TO MOI/MOD Anti Riot
Daily and Euro cargo Armored prisoner carriers Tippers Mixers Concrete pumps Cement Silo 4x4 (40E15) Aircraft Refuelers Garbage Collection

12 WHY US ound and profound market knowledge of the Egyptian market for more than 50 years. ighly competent Sales and Marketing staff – More than 700 emloyees. utstanding Business Performance. nderstanding our clients’ needs and searching continuously to provide them with new high quality products. eaching out and servicing our end-users throughout Egypt. ccountability and Trustworthiness gained by our clients over years. S H O U R A

13 Why ARE WE PR0UD? Our Group is 100% debt free
We have a sound financial position that can allow for any new business acquisitions / investments Due to the diversification of our Group’s business activities, we are capable with our business entities to empower the sales of our existing products portfolio as well as any future range of products in Egypt With Shoura ,wide spread client base all over Egypt, we can promote new products and reach out easily to our growing client base The success of our new acquisition “Engines” in such a short time with MOI and MOD; will be a driving force to promote new products to them. SHOURA, with its proven success in the industrial market, and their existing client base stretch the Group’s promotion and marketing arms to other market segments.

14 Thank You

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