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BC’s professional association for registered dental technicians.

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1 BC’s professional association for registered dental technicians

2 Annual General Meeting April 26, 2014

3 Vision We are leaders in Dental Technology Mission The DTABC is the professional voice of dental technology and is committed to delivering excellence in education and providing relevant benefits.

4 Professional development- discounts on continuing education courses Networking opportunities- deepen existing business relationships and make new contacts Advocacy and public awareness- DTABC can effectively organize campaigns to raise our profile and lobby government on your behalf Build a national presence – ADTO partnership Volunteer and leadership opportunities- participate in the governance process of the DTABC BENEFITS

5 Best possible & competitive professional liability insurance Competitive pricing on group insurance for extended health, business and access to Club DTABC Dental Technology Today and Spectrum Career opportunities – DTABC job ads and classifieds B ENEFITS CONT ’ D

6 A Solid Foundation Financial accountability to the Board Multi-year Strategic Plan Three very successful DTA Conventions with small surplus Public Awareness Program & new video Strengthening relationships with the College Dental Technology Today magazine Strong governance – AGMs with speakers & CE ADTO Partnership New website with improved member only section

7 Current Initiatives: Working with VCC to revise RDT curriculum and program delivery Working with ADTO on joint on-line education programs 1.Records Keeping and HR Management –WHMIS 2.E-max course with Ivoclar Vivadent 3.Possible National presence – informed consent /outsourcing Discussions with the College regarding education for Assistants Expanded Scope of Practice for RDTs

8 Expanded Scope of Practice Proposal Chris Opitz, Chair of Committee The current scope of practice is outlined in the Dental Technicians Regulation (2008) In order to better meet the needs of patients and requests of referring health professionals, it is proposed that the current scope of practice be expanded.

9 Scope of Practice cont’d Activities within the expanded scope of practice are considered additional “restricted” Require specific authorization from the College to perform them Interested applicants need to demonstrate to the College appropriate knowledge and competency to perform these activities

10 Scope of Practice cont’d Registrants would continue to perform under current scope of practice Those who elect to provide additional activities under an expanded scope of practice would require additional education approved by the College and application for authorization to practice the expanded scope of activities from the College

11 Scope of Practice cont’d The expanded scope of practice would be voluntary, not mandatory. To date: 235 DTABC members have responded in favour Next phase beginning in May

12 Informed Consent A way to help mitigate outsourcing Protects the consumer Ties with Awareness Campaign Link with National College Initiative and Health Canada


14 DTABC PDC Partnership DTABC joined PDC March 2014 at Vancouver Convention Centre PDC Exhibitors participated [24] 205 delegates attended Continuing Education Higher profile in dental profession Keeping DTABC identity / brand PDC very happy with results for 1st year

15 Stakeholder Relations Goal To strengthen the DTABC’s position and influence with key industry stakeholders

16 Stakeholder Relations Objectives To encourage ongoing cooperation with our industry partners To foster understanding and acceptance of the DTABC To better understand our partners’ issues and needs To promote membership in the Association

17 Assistant Education Establish minimum education requirements for new Assistants in partnership with CDTBC Scope of Practice for Assistants [CDTBC] Determine training required and who will deliver Determine Continuing Education requirements Delineate grandfathering if applicable Implement

18 Move forward with Expanded SOP Build and expand program with PDC New on-line education programs – HRM, RK, e-max Public Awareness- Radio campaign April 28 – May 11 National activities – pursue informed consent New education programs with ADTO – launch two courses in 2014 Stakeholder relations All to meet your needs as members OUTLOOK



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