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New Firmware Marketing Guide

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1 New Firmware Marketing Guide

2 What is the New Firmware?
The New Firmware is a brand new firmware which is developed based on ZK hardware platform. Based on ZK hardware platform: Latest core-board:ZMM100 New SDK Fingerprint sensor(ZK2000) More functions Faster matching speed Large capacity Independent modularized process design 3 and 3.5 inches color screen

3 Instruction of New Firmware
Chip Encryption ZMM100 Core-board New UI Independent Modularized Process Design Schedule and Models UA300,UA400

4 New encrypt method (1) How can we make it Chip Encryption
Signature file in language Only receive a permission can you modify the firmware

5 Can’t change languages
New encrypt method (2)Why we need chip encryption? Can’t change languages Chip Encryption Protect Firmware Machines can sell in specified area Protect Customer profits

6 ZMM100 Core-board ZMM 100 Core-board Features: Use :
1、 More steadily with new flash,improve the some problems caused by the flash. 2、More compatible:support all kinds of U disk,compatible ADMS、the former SDK. 3、Easily to extension: easy to extension and customized. Use : 1、Will replace some older core–boards, such as ZEM510,ZEM560,ZEM800 and so on. 2、Will use one core-board in future. Easier to develop, maintenance and customized.

7 New UI The most popular and internationalized factor
Remarkable user experience Great user interactivity Easy use Old New

8 New UI Hierarchical design, easier to operate, more optimize and more logical. User-define interface

9 Independent Modularized Process Design
1 2 3 Customers can customize each UI flexibly ,such as the writing UI, user UI and other UI functions can change flexibly, and others have no influence All the func- tions can still operate in networking state

10 Other Features Multiple languages: it can support the Chinese, English, Thai, Spanish, Arabic and Indonesian and so on. Large capacity: 8000 fingerprint templates and records. Matching speed improve twice as before, more comfortable when matching. The functions are more perfect, and have some features functions which the customers had customized before . Letters job number, 24 Job Number(BAR CODE use as job number ), users validity function with new SDK. U disk: user dates and backup and restore, compatible more U disk.

11 UA300 UA400 3”T Screen LED indicator Fingerprint sensor Key board
Mounting Plate USB TCP/IP Power USB TCP/IP Power

12 UA300,UA400? to enjoy a news firmware and user experience, why not?
Why UA300、UA400 New appearance:More elegant ,more simple and more smart, providing more modern appearances and giving the best user experience. New products for new firmware. UA300,UA400? to enjoy a news firmware and user experience, why not?

13 Specification Items UA300,UA400 U160-C Picture Firmware New Old
Software ZKTime 5.0 SDK New SDK(compatible the old SDK) Ol d SDK Screen 3-inch TFT Fingerprint capacity 3000 Keypad Micro Switch Card capacity 10000(Optional) 10000 Record capacity 100,000 Communication TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB host & client TCP/IP, RS232/485, USB Host Standard functions Web Server, Short Message, Automatic Status Switch, Self-Service Query, Work Code, T9 input, 9 Digits User ID, DST, Schedule Bell SD card, Bell ,B-Client,TCP/IP,9 digit user ID,RS232/485,Work Code,DST,Short-message,USB-host,Attendance search Optional functions ID/Mifare Card,Printer WIFI,ID/Mifare Card, multiple identification Printer Certification CE, FCC

14 Configuration

15 Packing Information New Item Size Weight UA300 UA400 18*13.5*3.7cm
0.7kg box 30.4*25*11.4CM 1.1kg Wall Mounting Screws and Holders UA UA400 Metallic Mounting Plate New Software CD Star-shape Screw Driver Box Power Adapter USB cable Mounting Paper

16 UA300、UA400 Benefits New firmware give your a new experience.
New Encryption system means Languages can’t be changed casually, ensuring the effective sales area and preventing out of control in good management. Products are more steady , more capacity and cost-effective. More functions appear and don’t need to customized firmware. Having ZKTeco brand and a strong service team.

17 Target Market To meet general requirements for time attendance, such as large , medium or small companies, schools, hotels and so on. School Hotel Airport Office

18 Thank You!

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