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All Roads Transportation Safety Roadway Departure Crash- 2013 (Formerly Jurisdictionally Blind Safety)

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1 All Roads Transportation Safety Roadway Departure Crash- 2013 (Formerly Jurisdictionally Blind Safety)

2 Overview Background Background of Safety Program and how we got here Framework Framework of proposed program – get input Questions Questions about how we get there, who delivers the projects, how do we choose what to fund, how are other decisions made and who makes them – get input

3 Context 1700+ people (fatalities or serious injuries) per year in Oregon 4+ people per day

4 Goals of the Safety Program Reduce fatalities and serious injuries Consistent Strategic Highway Safety Plan Use a data-driven approach Blind to jurisdiction – Fair and unbiased Address safety on all public roads

5 Oregon FA (Fatal + Serious Injury Crashes) 2009-2011 2136 48% 1208 27% 1106 25% State Highways Urban Non-state Rural Non-state About 1000 of the rural FA crashes are on 26,000* miles of County Roads About 120 or so non- state FA crashes are on 30,000* miles of tribal lands, BLM, Forest Service, local access and other roads About 1200 of the urban FA crashes are on 10,000* miles of City Streets 2100+ FA crashes are on 8000* miles of State Highways *About 74,000 total public miles Safety in Oregon

6 1 every 9 miles 1 every 33 miles 1 every 59 miles

7 In the Transition We: We set aside $16 million for local roads safety: Engaged local jurisdictions on selection of countermeasures Focused on a few systemic strategies Developed priority list of potential projects (300% list)

8 In the Transition We are: Regions are moving towards scoping 70-90% of $ on list Beginning to engage local jurisdictions to agree on scope Will be beginning the design process early next year Looking into a public interest finding with FHWA for allowing local jurisdictions to install curve signing

9 All Roads Transportation Safety Program Funding for program starts in 2017 Includes All Public Roads Develop a fair and unbiased selection process before July of 2014 (in time for 2017-2020 STIP process) Mix of both systemic and hot spot Funding

10 All Roads Transportation Safety Program HSIP funds (Proposed for 2017-2020)Per year Hot Spot (Traditional)$18 million Systemic Roadway Departure$9 million Systemic Intersections$4 million Systemic Ped/Bike$4million

11 Traditional vs. Systemic The traditional approach to safety is to identify “hot spot” locations, then try to identify measures to implement. The systemic approach identifies a few proven low- cost measures to be implemented where they would be most useful The systemic approach and comprehensive complements the traditional approach TraditionalSystemicComprehensive Higher Cost FixesLow Cost MeasuresEducation and Enforcement Hot SpotsCan spread them outCan be somewhat short term effect Often what the public wants (“political” fix) Not as “sexy” as Hot Spot May be best remedy to address behaviors

12 What should be the focus of Oregon’s Safety Program? Fair and unbiased process for local roads as well as state highways Data Driven- let the data lead us Targeted to reduce the most fatal and serious injury we can get

13 How do we get there? Looking at what other states do, i.e., application process Stakeholder Meetings to gather input Draft Recommendations based on input Form a statewide technical committee Seek buy-in and agreement Develop recommendations by next July

14 What does the program look like? Each region gets a share of the funds based on F&A Local agencies will come up with priorities on their system Each agency will submit applications Projects judged on how beneficial they are, i.e., benefit cost

15 What does the program look like? A competitive process, competing with other projects within the region Regions will sort thru and check all applications for consistency Technical committee of stakeholders to judge applications (with local representation)

16 What does the program look like? ODOT will provide assistance to local agencies that ask ODOT will provide clear criteria on the new program A lot of details of the process to yet be worked out None of this is in “concrete” yet, still working on it, Could change with more input

17 Questions? Photo Credit: Jonathan Maus

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