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2009 Roadway Conference April 20, 2009 Cathy Nelson, Technical Services Manager / Chief Engineer.

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1 2009 Roadway Conference April 20, 2009 Cathy Nelson, Technical Services Manager / Chief Engineer

2 ODOT Mission To provide a safe, efficient transportation system that supports economic opportunity and livable communities for Oregonians

3 ODOT Values Safety –Traveling public, employees, contract workers Customer Focus –Public; Oregonians, visitors, commuters, recreational travelers, freight movers, emergency responders, businesses, landowners, local & federal governments, state legislators, congress, special interest groups………. Environment –Protect and enhance Efficiency & Accountability –Scope, schedule, budget transparent trust Problem Solving & Positive Workplace –Inclusion, innovation, initiative, respect, diversity

4 Fiscal Realities – Good News and Bad News The Bad News:Were in an Economic Recession National Oregon ODOT Impacts The Good News:Transportation investment is an Economic Recovery Driver in the Short-term Transportation is essential forEconomic Vitality in the Long-term Transportation Funding Opportunities Short-Term Economic Recovery – Jobs Creation Long-Term Economic Vitality -- Strategic Transportation Investment Federal Stimulus Package – American Recovery & Reinvestment Act (ARRA) $334M to Oregon o $224M ODOT o $100M Locals o $10M TE Federal Authorization State Stimulus Package – Go Oregon! $175M for eleven State Agencies o $4.4M ODOT (deferred Maintenance) Governors Transportation Pkg – Jobs and Transportation Act (JTA) HB 2120 $499M/yr including $600M Bond Package (proposed)

5 Transportation Funding Timeline * Feb 17 th ARRA Signed * Feb 18 th OTC approved 2 projects * June 18 th ODOT Contract Letting deadline * Feb 19 th 1 st ODOT ARRA project let * Feb 27 th OTC approved 31 Projects * March 18 th OTC approved 59 Projects * March 2 nd Apportionment received * July 10 th 120 day obligation deadline (50% State Hwy funds) * March 2 nd 2010 (100% ob) Nov 2008March - MaySummer 2009 Prepare for Potential Stimulus ID potential Projects o CCO on existing projects o Under construction this summer Develop contract plans & specs Develop/Implement 1R Paving Concept Develop Contracting Plan o Volume & Velocity o FHWA Endorsement Bid Federal ARRA Projects 80 State Projects @ $224M 10 TE Projects @ $10M 207 Local Projects @ $100M ( 1 year to obligate unless have projects utilizing state funds above ) Construct Stimulus Projects Work Boots on the Ground Bid State Go Oregon! Projects 101 projects @ $4.4M (87% $75K) Approve State Transportation Pkg.

6 JTA Funding and Distribution March 2009 Initial Proposal Revenue IncreasesYearly Revenue Increase Registration Fee ($27 $81/yr) $308M Increase Title Fee ($55 $110/yr) $100M First Time Title Fee (new $100 fee) $33M $0.02 Fuel Tax Increase ($0.24 $0.26 per gallon) $58M TOTAL$499M Distribution of FundsYearly Distrib. Backfill to State Hwy Program to replace federal funds flexed to non-highway investments $44.0M County Road Programs (to 36 counties by formula) $136.5M City Street Programs (to 242 cities by formula) $91.0M State Highway Program$227.5M TOTAL$499.0M

7 2009 Jobs and Transportation Act Key Principles Creating and sustaining jobs and the economy Maintaining statewide distribution of investments Incorporating sustainability Ensuring local decision making Improving transparency and oversight

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