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Strategic Highway Safety Plan/Developing Local Road Safety Plans Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Office of Safety.

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1 Strategic Highway Safety Plan/Developing Local Road Safety Plans Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Office of Safety

2 SHSP Status To obligate funds for Section 148 (HSIP) eligible activities, SAFETEA-LU required States to develop and implement an SHSP by October 1, 2007 All States currently have SHSP in place MAP-21 continues SHSP requirement Required to be developed, implemented, and evaluated Required to be updated and evaluated on a regular basis 2

3 SHSP Background An SHSP is an essential and required component of the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Data-driven, statewide plan that: Identifies State's priority roadway safety needs Provides a comprehensive framework for reducing highway fatalities and serious injuries Includes behavioral and infrastructure priorities and strategies 3 Transforms how states identify roadway safety needs

4 SHSP Background Development led by the state DOT in consultation with local, state, tribal, federal and private-sector safety stakeholders Addresses 4 Es of highway safety Considers safety needs of all public roads Describes emphasis areas and effective strategies to reduce or eliminate roadway safety hazards Guides investment decisions for safety projects Approved by State Governor or responsible State agency 4 The Four Es Engineering Enforcement Education EMS

5 SHSP Benefits Unprecedented collaboration between safety partners Strengthened partnerships Increased awareness of highway safety Shared knowledge, data and data systems Leveraged resources Coordinated transportation safety planning; unity of safety priorities, goals and strategies 5 Among the many benefits, the SHSP generates…

6 Local Road Safety Plans Why develop a LRSP? Benefits from developing an LRSP may include: Safety Awareness Establish partnerships Collaboration Leverage Safety Funds Complements the State SHSP A SHSP can assist local practitioners but a locally-focused plan(LRSP) is often needed to address the unique conditions on local and rural roads. 6

7 Local Road Safety Plans Factors influencing the development and implementation of LRSP: Having a champion Developing a clear vision and mission Assembling collaborative partners Allocating appropriate resources Establishing open communication The Focus is Results!

8 Local Road Safety Plans Steps in the LRSP Development Process Step 1: Establish Leadership Step 2: Analyze the Safety Data Step 3: Determine Emphasis Areas Step 4: Identify Strategies Step 5: Prioritize and Incorporate Strategies Step 6: Evaluate and Update the LRSP

9 Local Road Safety Plans 9

10 Resources – Strategies Crash Modification Factor (CMF) Clearinghouse FHWA Proven Countermeasures NCHRP 500 Series NHTSA Countermeasures that Work Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Manual LTAP/TTAPs Local Road Safety Plans

11 Prioritizing Strategies – Reasons to prioritize Limited Resources Safety Effectiveness Ease of Implementation Techniques to prioritize strategies Benefit/Cost Available funding Timeframe

12 Local Road Safety Plans Sample outline of a draft LRSP:

13 Local Road Safety Plans Evaluate and Update the LRSP Monitor Progress Plan Evaluation Living Document

14 Common Issues, Opportunities and Challenges Personnel Funding Limited Data Local Road Safety Plans

15 Summary Complements the State SHSP Promote safety awareness Identify Safety Issues More informed for participation in SHSP process Identify projects for safety funds 15

16 The Local Road Safety Plan Manual Purpose: To save lives and prevent injuries from motor vehicle crashes. Audience: Road supervisors, engineers, planners, local and tribal officials, law enforcement officers. Includes: Template for Kickoff Meeting Agenda Sample Emphasis Areas Emphasis Area Table Template for LRSP Resources for assistance fhwasa12017/

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