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Body Composition (What you’re made of)

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1 Body Composition (What you’re made of)

2 I am Made of Foods I can make healthy food choices that will improve my Body Composition.

3 Nutrients Are the substances in food that help us grow… but

4 Let’s see What We are Made of

5 Top 10 Concerns #1 is childhood obesity.

6 America Why do we struggle so much with weight and our health in this country?

7 We KNOW because We SHOW! We see the food choices through behaviors and size.

8 Chemicals Processed foods (think food laboratory where scientists) add to and take away substances to enhance tastes causes foods to lose some of the nutritional quality.

9 Facts and Stats! Of the over 600,000 food items available in your major grocery stores… 80% of that is processed.

10 Activity Today you will play Fat Attack Tag.
Notice and pay attention to how much processed food is after you. What are the ways we can avoid the processed foods?

11 Ways to reduce Processed Food
Drink more water Healthy Snacks Vegetables and fruits make up most of my plate. Look at the Nutrition Labels/Facts

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