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Be welcome and let us introduce ourselves 12RA01 from KSM-school (Germany)

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1 Be welcome and let us introduce ourselves 12RA01 from KSM-school (Germany)

2 Where to find Marburg? geographical location: 50° 48′ 36″ N 8° 46′ 15″ E

3 WHERE???

4 Where to find Marburg?

5 Some facts about Marburg:   Marburg is a city in Hessen, Germany, on the river Lahn.   main town of the Marburg- Biedenkopf county.   Number of residents about 77.600   Number of universities 1

6 Some facts about Marburg:   Number of students about 18.000   Number of non-university research institutes 3   Approximate private monthly rent € 350

7 Take a view!

8 Some sights!

9 Beautiful, isn‘t it?

10 Let‘s get to work!

11 School system in Germany  Elementary School (about 4-6 years, including Advanced Elementary School)  Depending on your abilities you can decide whether to attend  Grammar School (Gymnasium, about 8 years)  Intermediate School (Realschule, about 4 years)  Secondary School (Hauptschule, about 3 years)  After graduation in one of these 3 ways of education, you‘re free to get an apprenticeship or to continue with another kind of education.

12 One of the ways you can go is our way: The dual system

13 The dual system  Qualification obtained at the German vocational school „Berufsschule“  dual system: System of professional training, vocational school and industry share  ambition to qualify skilled personnel in the officially acknowledged training professions  vocational school: training location in it’s own right  its syllabus covers topics directly referring to the trained profession as well as a job-related enlargement of the general education acquired earlier, especially in the areas of German, foreign languages, social and economic affairs, religion (ethics), and physical education

14 The dual system  qualification attained and the entitlements combined with it are documented in the vocational school-leaving certificate  In addition, special knowledge, e. g. in foreign languages, or other additional qualifications attained can be documented in special certificates  with the professional diploma of a vocational school-leaving certificate you can attain the intermediate school qualification, entitling enrolment for further education.

15 K aufmännische S chulen M arburg

16 And what‘s our job?  Rechtsanwalts- und Notarfachangestellte(r)  This means, that we are assistants to lawyers (like paralegals) and notaries  During our apprenticeship we gain the abilities for mastering the tasks listed below:

17 And what‘s our job?  Receiving clients  Operating communicational devices  Taking and writing dictation  Wordprocessing  Commence and operate dunning procedures and executions  Drawing up accounts

18 And what‘s our job?  Notary‘s duties (like notarisation, rights of real estate and land charge register, etc.)  Scheduling  Fixing time limits, taking care that the lawyers keep terms, set by law or judgement, etc.  Etc.

19 And what‘s our vocational school like? Common education  German  Politics and economy  Religion/Ethics  Sport

20 And what‘s our vocational school like? occupational education  Judicature  Civil law  Laws of treatment and distraint  Criminal law  Notary’s duties  Laws of accounts and charges  Economy and laws of economy  Charges, taxes and fees  Occupational word- and information processing

21 Any more questions? Well, that‘s why we‘re here!

22 Thank you for your interest!

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