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AGH University of Science and Technology

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1 AGH University of Science and Technology
Comparative analysis of aberration yields induced by radiation with different LET (Linear Energy Transfer) University of Warsaw Jakub Pietrzak UW University of Gdańsk Magdalena Rojek Monika Szymanska AGH University of Science and Technology Anna Kaminska Dominika Kedzierska Ewa Lagudza


3 Laboratory of Radiation Biology
Marta Deperas- Kaminska (supervisor) Ekaterina Zaytseva

4 The practice purposes:
Theoretical introduction to cytogenetic methods used in biodosimetry Instructions of safety rules of work with human blood samples. To learn how to irradiate human lymphocytes and culture them under experimental conditions. Be able to carry out a simple experiment and analysis with irradiated cells

5 Standard light microscope
SCHEME OF THE EXPERIMENT Incubation for the standard metaphase analysis colcemid 47h Fixation Staining with Giemsa 50h Standard light microscope Radiation

6 Our experiment Irradiation of blood samples with different LET radiation Lymphocytes culture (48 hours) Incubation for standard metaphase analysis Picture 2 Lymphocyte Picture 1 Blood

7 Analysis of chromosomes aberrations
Lymphocytes fixation Giemza staining Analysis of chromosomes aberrations Picture 3 Chromosomes Picture 4 Chromosomes 2

8 Unstable aberrations - dicentrics, acentric fragments and centric and acentric rings in Giemsa stained metaphase Dic Centric ring Acentric ring deletion ace

9 RESULTS: The increase of aberration yields with increase of radiation LET in human peripheral blood lymphocytes is observed.

10 Acknowledgements Special thanks to: Dmitri Vladimirovich Fursaev
Wladyslaw Chmielowski, Roman Zawodny Marta Deperas-Kaminska, Katia Zaytseva


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