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By: Ashley Brown Samantha Fleming Alesha Shearer Katie O’Hagan

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1 By: Ashley Brown Samantha Fleming Alesha Shearer Katie O’Hagan
Team IL_11_ZZ687 Sycamore High School By: Ashley Brown Samantha Fleming Alesha Shearer Katie O’Hagan Teacher: Cheryl Maness

2 Bought on April 16, 2008 Starting price was $ At end of game it was $ We made approximately $110 per share. We decided to go with Google stock because it was low…we took a chance.

3 McDonald’s On 3/12/08, McDonald’s had a lot of promotions going on at this time, so they made more money. McDonald’s is popular, so we figured it would do well. We bought McDonald’s at $54.25 and it is now $ This was about a 4% increase for our team.

4 Purchased Target on 2/19/08 at $50.87.
Initially purchased to diversify our portfolio, we figured Target would do well because people would soon be buying summer clothes, swimsuits, bikes, etc. Sold Target on 4/9/08 at $53.11 We thought we would see an increase in profit, but the 2% broker fee overrode any profit so the net cost was $5,406 and the value at the end of the Game was $5,326. Our realized losses were -$80.00 and percent of loss was %.

5 Apple Apple inc. was at a low of $120 when we first bought it. It shot back up to $160 for a gain of $3,907. This made us money. Apple is a successful corporation. It showed a decrease in price when we first looked at it. The decrease made us decide to buy it in hopes that it would increase in price again. It did.

6 Account Holdings

7 Strategy Initially we simply planned to diversify our stocks as much as possible. We bought stocks in differing industries. We purchased stocks in well known companies, even if they were pricier stocks such as Google and Apple. We tried to buy low and hoped for an increase, and Target was the only stock that was disappointing. For the most part, our success was luck and good timing, and investing in popular companies. We looked at the 52 week high and low and the price earnings ratio.

8 The Good and the Bad What we would do again. What we wouldn’t do.
We would definitely buy Google stock again. We would also diversify our stocks. We would initially buy 100 stocks and then if they did well we would buy more shares. We wouldn’t buy stocks again without doing more research. We wouldn’t be so conservative with our money.

9 A Special Thanks to… A special thanks to: Our Team NIU
Illinois Council on Economic Education Edward Jones Investments DeKalb County Community Foundation Castle Bank Mrs. Maness

10 Resources

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