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Chicago! By: Teeba Y..

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1 Chicago! By: Teeba Y.

2 Some facts! Population~ 2,896,016
Transportation~ There are many ways to get around Chicago, one way is you can get on a taxi, the Metra Commuter Rail, or even a bus! Lodging~ So many hotels to choose from! Some of them include: The Whitehall Hotel, W Chicago Lakeshore, Omni Chicago Hotel and much more! Time Zone~ The time zone in Chicago is Central Airports~ 2 airports you can find in Chicago are the O’Hare International Airport and The Midway International Airport

3 The Shedd Aquarium! The Shedd Aquarium is a definite family friendly attraction. You can pet animals and even swim with them! The hours the aquarium is open are 9 a.m.–5 p.m. Monday through Friday 9 a.m.–6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. The ticket price is adults $84 and children $69. This attraction has a 4D experience that will keep you craving for more! You can even swim with the dolphins! Shedd Aquarium is located at 1200 South Lake Shore Drive on Chicago’s Museum Campus.

4 The Bean! Where else are you going to find a giant steel bean in the world? It is located at 201 E. Randolph St., between Michigan Ave and Columbus Ave Chicago, IL and is definitely Family Friendly! You can see the Chicago skyline reflect off of The Bean where your family can take awesome pictures! The hours are Daily, 6am – 11pm and lucky for you, it’s free! It was built by British artist, Anish Kapoor. Come visit The Bean today!

5 Wrigley Field! All you baseball lovers out there, if you visit Chicago, make sure you visit Wrigley Field. One of the oldest baseball fields that is still here today, Wrigley Field is family friendly and the score is still changed by hand! The hours depend on which game you see. The prices are based on which seat you reserve. If you take the Upper Deck you will have to pay $29 but if you take the Club Box, you will pay $114. Wrigley Field is a fun for all place that you can enjoy. Come visit today!

6 Bobby in Richmond?!? This story would be much different if Bobby weren’t in Chicago. It would be easier in Richmond because it’s not a big city-like Chicago-and it wouldn’t be as hard to get around as Chicago. It is also warmer here so when Bobby has to take his clothes off to be invisible, he doesn’t have to run around freezing cold! Also, the Twin Hickory Library is close and Bobby could just walk there instead of taking the bus or cab. If I were Bobby, I would prefer Richmond over Chicago. Why? Well because when I want to be invisible I don’t have to be cold, but in Chicago, I would be freezing! I also don’t want to get lost. Chicago is a BIG city and it would be more of a risk to get lost. I also would get around easier because Richmond is a small city compared to Chicago! I wouldn’t have to take a bus or cab because I could just walk there.

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