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Utah Campus Compact AmeriCorps Program Supporting post-secondary education and success while meeting community need.

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1 Utah Campus Compact AmeriCorps Program Supporting post-secondary education and success while meeting community need.

2 2 The Utah Campus Compact AmeriCorps Program involves 1,200 college and university students in Utah. Students in the program serve at non-profits, schools, and governmental organizations in their communities. Collectively, Utah Campus Compact AmeriCorps students will provide over 500,000 hours of service to community organizations each year. After completing their service, students earn an education award ranging between $1,175 and $2,775. Utah Campus Compact AmeriCorps Program

3 What is AmeriCorps? Facts and Figures: AmeriCorps across the United States

4 Who Benefits from AmeriCorps? Youth, seniors, and others in need benefit from the tutoring, mentoring, health, housing, and other services members provide. Communities benefit from having better schools, safer streets, more affordable housing, a cleaner environment, and more engaged citizens. Organizations gain from having more reach and impact: 92% of sponsoring groups say members helped increase how many people they served to a large or moderate extent. Members acquire leadership and career skills, earn money for college, and learn how to be active citizens.

5 5 637,000 AmeriCorps members since 1994 774 Million Hours served by AmeriCorps members $1.77 Billion Segal AmeriCorps Education Awards earned by AmeriCorps members 2.4 Million Volunteers mobilized by AmeriCorps members in 2009 3,300 Number of organizations served by AmeriCorps members $6.3 Billion AmeriCorps funds invested in nonprofit and community groups since 1994 AmeriCorps by the Numbers

6 6 How Do You Pronounce AmeriCorps? AmeriCorps is pronounced with a silent “p” and a silent “s”. We’re not Ameri“Corpse” or Ameri“Corp”! “AmeriCore”

7 AmeriCorps Programs Divided up into three program areas  AmeriCorps VISTA  AmeriCorps NCCC  AmeriCorps State and National  Federal Agency that administers all National Service Programs

8 AmeriCorps*VISTA  VISTA = Volunteers In Service To America  Helps individuals and communities implement grassroots solutions designed to alleviate poverty  Members serve full time for a year  Funding comes directly from CNCS  Behind the scenes, capacity-building: Recruiting volunteers Raising funds Managing projects Etc.

9 AmeriCorps*NCCC  NCCC = National Civilian Community Corps  Program for men & women ages 18 – 24  Members serve full-time for 10 months  Serve in teams of 10-14  Based out of three regional campuses across the country  Take on a series of 6 – 8 week projects across their region relative to conservation, revitalization, homeland security, disaster preparedness, and other areas

10 AmeriCorps*State & National  Largest of the three programs (>80,000 members serving every year)  Members engage in direct service to address critical needs in education, the environment, public safety, homeland security, and other areas  Members serve in nonprofits, public agencies, and faith- based organizations all over the country  Most of the funding for these programs is administered by Governor-appointed state service commissions in each state

11 11 AmeriCorps*State Programs (This is the kind of program that Utah Campus Compact AmeriCorps Program is.) State and National programs that address locally- identified compelling community needs by engaging AmeriCorps members and volunteers in service. An AmeriCorps project must enhance what an organization was able to do before the grant, and cannot duplicate or supplant pre-existing activities, staff or volunteers. Focuses on one or more priority areas: (1) Education; (2) Healthy Futures; (3) Opportunity; (4) Environmental Stewardship; (5) Veterans; or (6) Disaster Services.

12 AmeriCorps Meets Critical Needs in America Teach and tutor Mentor youth Build homes Fight poverty Conserve the environment Provide health services Respond to disasters Mobilize volunteers Assist veterans Much, much more… 12

13 13 Who are AmeriCorps Members? …and what do they do?

14 14 Who are AmeriCorps Members?  Individuals enrolled for an intensive term of service (300-1700 hours per year) in an AmeriCorps program.  U.S. citizen, U.S. national or lawful permanent resident alien of the United States  At least 17 years of age (no upper age limit)  Not a volunteer or a staff person  AmeriCorps members receive an Education Award for successful completion of a term of service.

15 15 AmeriCorps Members:  Expand the capacity of organizations to meet identified critical community needs.  Help organizations to recruit individuals from the community to serve as volunteers.  Gain skills, experience, and an Education Award to be used to further their education or repay student loans.  Members and volunteers gain a better understanding of community needs/challenges and how to solve them.

16 So, you ask… “What do I get?” –Training –Segal AmeriCorps Education Award (amounts vary by campus) 300 hours = $1,175 450 hours = $1,468 675 hours = $2,114 900 hours = $2,775 16

17 17 The Segal AmeriCorps Education Award How, When, and Where You Can Use It

18 18 You will earn an education award ranging between $1,175 and $2,775 after you complete your term of service. The education award is issued to members 2-4 weeks after successful completion of service hours, end-of-service survey, and all paperwork. You can participate in AmeriCorps for the equivalent of two full-time terms of service (a full-time term is1700 hours). Students who do not complete their term of service do not receive an education award and this counts as one of their possible terms of service. The Segal Education Award

19 19 AmeriCorps members can use their education awards in three ways: Past  Members can repay qualified student loans such as Stafford, Perkins, Federal Direct/Indirect. Present  Members can apply the voucher to their current education expenses for the cost of attendance through the financial aid office on their campus. Future  Members can use the voucher for up to 7 years toward graduate programs, continuing education classes, specialty and trade schools, and study abroad. The Segal Education Award

20 20 Prohibited Activities Things You CANNOT Do While Serving as an AmeriCorps Member (but you can do them on your own time)

21 21 The Corporation for National and Community Service has defined some activities that are not allowed in AmeriCorps projects and activities. Individuals may engage in these activities during their own time, but may not include these activities as part of their term of service. Prohibited Activities

22 22 Influencing legislation; lobbying Letter-writing campaign to Congress Engaging in partisan political activities Advocating for or against political parties, platforms, or candidates Registering voters Organizing or participating in boycotts, strikes, or protests Religious activities Engaging in religious instruction or proselytizing Conducting worship services Constructing, operating, or maintaining facilities devoted to religious instruction or worship Prohibited Activities

23 23 Participating in activities that pose a significant safety risk to clients. (Ropes courses are appropriate service activities.) Grant writing or fundraising for operational expenses at the nonprofit agency. Providing a direct benefit to a for-profit entity, a labor union, a partisan political organization, or an organization engaged in religious activities. Assisting, promoting, or deterring union organizing. Impairing existing contracts for services or collective bargaining agreements. Providing abortion services or making referrals for such services. Prohibited Activities

24 Requirements to Serve Expectations from CNCS and Utah Campus Compact

25 You must serve at a qualifying not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization or government agency. Each site must apply to host AmeriCorps members. Only one application (Qualified Site Contract) per site is necessary. You must do 60% of your service at one site, and You must mobilize volunteer(s) for your site. Requirements to Serve

26 Requirements to Serve Member Development Member Development gives you the opportunity to pursue personal and professional goals that are education and service related. It is an important aspect of AmeriCorps service. Member development hours can account for up to 20% of your total service term and include: –Class time related to your direct service, –Professional conferences or workshops, –Faculty meetings or agency staff meetings, and –Time spent reflecting on your service individually or with peers on monthly time logs. The maximum number of member development hours you can accrue with each term of service is: –300-hour term = 60 –450-hour term = 90 –675-hour term = 135 –900-hour term = 180

27 You must: –Be a United States citizen or permanent resident alien of the U.S., –Be 17 years old or older, and possess or be working toward a high school diploma or GED. –Not have been convicted of murder or an offense which lists you on the national sex offender registry –Complete this orientation and verify that you have done so. –Complete and submit the following to your campus coordinator: Enrollment and Eligibility Form, Member Contract, Service Plan, and Qualified Site Contract –Pass a background check (paid for by UCC). Requirements to Serve

28 What’s Next? First, go to and run a check on your name. Be sure you put your first and last names in the correct fields. You MUST print and date the results. You will be able to see detailed instructions on how to do this at the following resources page. Without this document, your start date will be substantially delayed. : 28

29 Copy and paste the URL below into your browser or write it down for future reference. There you need to download, read, print, complete and sign the Eligibility Check, Member Contract, Service Plan, and Qualified Site Contract 29

30 Bring the following compelted items to your campus coordinator for review. -P 30

31 We’re Glad You’re Considering AmeriCorps If you are unsure of who your campus coordinator is, or if you have any other questions please email: 31

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