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CSL: State Capitol Intern in Sen. Winters office.

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1 CSL: State Capitol Intern in Sen. Winters office

2 Practical Observations Given Alexander’s critique of mass incarceration, to what extent does her analysis apply to the State of Oregon?

3 Issue Considered Oregon v. Alexander model -How does Oregon Compare to what we have read in The New Jim Crow Current Prison system -Currently Oregon is ranked 33rd in incarceration rates -Highest rate of violent offenders behind bars -Fewer than 6% are doing time for drug offenses What is Oregon doing to improve the Prison system -Past Bills -Governors Position -Sen. Winters Position

4 Background: -Began her public service in 1959 at OHSU -Later in 1969 recruited to be the Supervisor of the Office of Economic Opportunity’s New Resource Program at the request of Governor Tom McCall -In 1979 was appointed ombudsman by Governor Victor Atiyeh where she helped create the Oregon Food Share Program -Most known for her famous Jackie’s Ribs restaurant which grew to three restaurants and three franchises -First Elected in 1998 as State Representative to District 31 -Moved to the Senate in 2002 State Senator Jackie Winters

5 Legislative Background First African American legislator elected in Oregon Committees: -Joint Emergency Board SubCommittee on Human Services -Joint Interim Committee On Ways and Means -Interim SubCommittee on Human Services & Public Safety -Joint Emergency Board -Senate Interim Committee on Conduct -Joint Interim Committee On Special Session -Joint Interim Committee on Interstate - 5 Bridge Replacement

6 My Typical Duties Secretarial Duties -Answering Calls -Responding to Emails -Scheduling Meetings Additional Duties -Hold meetings with lobbyists, constituents and other representatives -Write different pieces of communication: email, speeches & meeting prep -Track legislation from past sessions -Create an issues list for upcoming legislative session

7 Past Bills Measure 11 -Mandatory Minimums -Murder, Assault, Rape, Robbery, Arson, Attempted Murder, Manslaughter, Sodomy, Compelling Prostitution, Kidnapping, Sexual Penetration, Child Pornography HB 3194 -Changed the sentencing for marijuana charges -Committee on Public Safety endorsed -Gutted from original concept

8 Governor Kitzhaber & Sen. Winters -Created the Commission on Public Safety -Shift spending towards addiction services -Wants to be proactive rather than reactive -Believes it is in the public interest to re-integrate prisoners back into society -Against the Death Penalty -“Measure 11 does not allow for judicial discretion” - Chief Justice Paul De Muniz

9 Oregon Population

10 Convicted in Oregon

11 Population by Prison

12 Measure 11

13 Recidivism Rates

14 Conclusions 1.Prison Population percentages does not match the state population percentages 1.Oregon is doing better than other states with keeping felons out of the incarceration cycle Alexander argued was happening 1.Even in a state that is considered a leader there is still a lot of room for improvement (Governor, Legislators and Prosecutors) 4.Populations convicted under Mandatory Minimums compared to the population in Oregon is disproportionate

15 Sources the_hard_truth_about_oregons_prisons_they_work.html opped_fro.html

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