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Management Forum Professor Jane Everett Dean of Students 9 April 2008.

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1 Management Forum Professor Jane Everett Dean of Students 9 April 2008

2 2 The Principal’s Task Force on Student Life and Learning Creation of the position of Deputy Provost, Student Life & Learning Reporting to the DP-SLL... Dean of Students Executive Director, Services for Students University Registrar & Executive Director, Enrolment Services Executive Director of Residences Director, Athletics & Recreation Director, Teaching & Learning Services

3 9 April 2008 3 Office of the Dean of Students: Who? Professor Jane Everett, Dean of Students -4990/ Dr. Linda Jacobs Starkey, Associate Dean of Students -4990/ [from Mac Campus!!] Ms. Shannon Sullivan, Administrative Coordinator -4990/ Ms. Meghan McCulloch, External Awards Coordinator -3825/ Ms. Irene Rapaport, Communications Administrator -2538/

4 9 April 2008 4 Office of the Dean of Students: Where? Brown Student Services Building 3600 McTavish, suite 4100 Montréal, QC H3A 1Y2

5 9 April 2008 5 I know what I do – more on that later – but what do you do? Do your official duties include... 1. academic advising? 2. coordinating student awards? 3. sitting on committees with student representation? 4. assisting or advising students in non-academic matters? 5. communicating with students’ families? 6. some of the above? 7. none of the above?

6 9 April 2008 6 The Dean of Students... 1. is involved in promoting best practices in academic advising 2. coordinates the University’s Rhodes Scholarships and other external award selection processes 3. is a member of the University Senate 4. oversees the student discipline process 5. is an advocate for academic integrity 6. is on call 24/7 7. is involved in outreach to the Montréal community 8. all of the above

7 9 April 2008 7 Academic advising initiatives Results of internal and external surveys about student satisfaction with advising at McGill Recommendations of the Task Force Mission statement Training opportunities for advisors Sharing of best practices Improving communication of advising information to students Role of the Office of the Dean of Students Subcommittee on Undergraduate Student Advising Collaboration with University partners (student groups, advisors, Associate Deans, CIO, TLS, Student Services...)

8 9 April 2008 8 External awards & internal funding opportunities External awards Rhodes Scholarships Forces AVENIR competition Goldman Sachs Global Leaders program Canadian Millennium Scholarships Québec Entrepreneurship competition Internal funding opportunities Principal’s Fund (student initiatives) Mary H. Brown Fund (student and staff initiatives)

9 9 April 2008 9 Representation Deans’ Working Group Member of Senate and Chair of Senate Committee on Student Affairs (Calendar of Dates, students affairs policies, academic integrity matters, etc.) Member of APC Subcommittee on Teaching & Learning; University Admissions Committee; Joint Advisory Health & Safety Committee Member of national and international associations (CACUSS, CAI, NACADA)

10 9 April 2008 10 Student Rights and Responsibilities The Charter of Students’ Rights The Code of Student Grievance Procedures The Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures Academic integrity and academic offences Non-academic offences incidents/ incident reports The disciplinary process Interview, Summary Hearing, Committee on Student Discipline Range of outcomes Avenues of appeal

11 9 April 2008 11 Communications/ Helping Students On call 24/7 Legal guardian for all international minors in residence Coordination with University Safety and Security Services Dealing with student emergencies The Office of the Dean of Students is the contact point Balancing Acts: Protecting the confidentiality of student information and students’ right to privacy, and communicating with concerned others

12 9 April 2008 12 Community outreach Within McGill partnerships with student associations partnerships with Social Equity and Diversity Education Office (SEDE), Teaching & Learning Services (TLS), Student Services, etc. Within the larger Montréal community partnership with the above, doing outreach to the surrounding neighbourhoods short-term and long-term opportunities for involvement and collaboration

13 9 April 2008 13 Would you like to know more about... 1. the student discipline process? 2. academic advising initiatives? 3. helping students in difficulty? 4. what the Office of the Dean of Students is doing in the way of community outreach?

14 9 April 2008 14 That’s it, that’s all Merci et Thank You!!

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