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Educational Effectiveness Review (EER) September 14 – 16, 2011.

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1 Educational Effectiveness Review (EER) September 14 – 16, 2011

2 A three-step process on our part plus a one-step WASC Commission action 1) Institutional Proposal (Accepted December 2007) 2) CPR (submitted November 2009), Campus Visit Feb. 3-5, 2010 3) Commission letter with recommendations received July 2010. 4) EER (submitted June 22, 2011), Campus Visit Sept. 14, 15 and 16, 2011. Final Step: WASC Commission will issue their accreditation recommendation in February 2012.

3  Mary Kay Tetreault: chair  Mark Pavelchak: assistant chair and report writer  Mary Kittleson Kirlin: team member and Sacramento State faculty  Jillian Kinzie: team member and data/institutional research specialist  Diane Harvey: our WASC liaison

4 EER report addresses themes in this order: Theme 3: Learning as an Institution Theme 2: Faculty and Staff Support for University Success Theme 1: Student Success through Engagement in Learning What we learned as an institution (Theme 3) powered the changes described in Themes 1 and 2.

5 The report describes three major initiatives undertaken by CSUN since 2000. 1) Graduation Rates Task Force 2) General Education Task Force 3) Envision 2035 (Campus Master Plan)

6 Key findings about what matters most in a successful change process: 1)identify clear objective(s) and timeline 2)select the “right” leaders 3)engage all stakeholders 4)gain support of administration 5)communicate widely through accepted channels 6)set up efficient structure

7 Two-way street:  University supports faculty and staff success  Faculty and staff support student success

8 Highlights: 1) HERI data reveals faculty who are happy in their jobs, are active scholars and are engaged in the community 2) Long-term investment in staff development has resulted in commitment and engagement 3) Support for faculty and staff leads to measureable success of CSUN students

9 Key Points: 1)Rise in graduation rates since 2000 2)Rise in graduation rates since 2000 3)Rise in graduation rates since 2000

10 Other key points: 1)Improved advising 2)New GE 3)Academic First Year Experiences 4)Assessment (University, college, department, co-curricular) 5)Policy changes (high unit seniors, financial aid, etc.)

11 1)Read at least one section of the EER report, available at 2)Go to the IR website and look at your program data 3)Read the last program review for your department/unit. 4)Be able to talk about assessment in your area, especially your use of results (making change, closing the loop) 5)Ask your faculty and key staff to do the same. And, after you do all of the above: Attend the Faculty Open Forum Th, 9/15, 1:15-2.

12 There is a special confidential email account: Anyone can send information, opinion and messages. No one at CSUN EVER sees these emails.

13 Provost Emerita, Portland State University Interested in Institutional Planning, Faculty, Academic Culture, Support for scholarship, creative activity, service, diversity Previous: Portland State University, Provost, 1999- 2004 Cal State, Fullerton, VP for Academic Affairs, 1993- 1998 CSUN, Interim Dean of COE Cal State, Fullerton, Dean and Professor, 1987- 1993

14 Associate Director, Center for Postsecondary Research & NSSE Institute coordinates the NSSE Institute project activities. PhD is from Indiana University in higher education with a minor in women's studies. Coordinated the master's program in higher education and student affairs from 2000- 2002.

15 Director of Institutional Title Research, CSULA Interested in Student Success, Institutional Planning, Enrollment management, admissions, marketing, co- curricular learning, civic engagement, learning support, General Education PhD University of Pittsburgh 1985 Social/personality Psychology Previous: USC, Academic Information Officer, Office of the Vice President, Admissions & Planning, to June 2011 Director of Student Outcomes Research,1999 to 2005

16 Associate Professor, Department of Public Policy and Administration, CSU Sacramento. Interested in Institutional Planning, Governance, Faculty Leadership, Co-curricular learning, civic engagement, learning support, Faculty Roles/Rewards Previous: Assistant Professor Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis 1998-2003 Chief of Staff, CA State Superintendent of Schools 1994-1998

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