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Goldey-Beacom College Athletics

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1 Goldey-Beacom College Athletics
Student-athlete preseason Compliance Meeting

2 Compliance Office Mission
Ensure College, Athletic Department staff, student-athletes, and the Goldey- Beacom College Communality are aware of and abide by rule and regulations set forth by the NCAA Promote the health and well-being of GBC student-athletes Assist in the effort to ensure GBC student-athletes are eligible for practice and competition

3 Compliance Contact Kelly McBryan, Compliance Specialist Office (302) Cell (724) Ask Before You Act!

4 Purpose of Meeting Ethical Conduct Amateurism Financial Aid
Playing and Practice Seasons Student-athlete Support Services and Policies

5 Ethical Conduct Act with honesty and sportsmanship at all times
You represent you team AND your institution Failure to provide information related to potential NCAA rules violations is unethical and carries harsh penalties, including permanent loss of eligibility

6 Sports Wagering (Gambling)
NCAA prohibits athletic department staff members, nonathletic department staff members with responsibilities in the athletic department, student-athletes and staff members of a Conference Office from gambling on any NCAA sponsored sport at the collegiate or professional level. Gambling activities such as placing bets on horse racing or poker/slot machines are not prohibited by NCAA legislation because such activities are not sponsored by the NCAA


8 You lose your amateur status and are not eligible for participation in an NCAA sponsored sport if you have ever: Taken pay or promise of pay for competing in that sport Agreed (orally or in writing) to compete in professional athletics in that sport Played on any professional athletics team as defined by the NCAA in that sport Used your athletics skill for pay in any form in that sport Enter into any verbal or written agreement with an agent and/or accept anything of value from an agent Prize money exception: During college enrollment, you can accept prize money only in events played outside of your sport’s playing and practice season or during summer vacation period. Cannot exceed actual and necessary expenses.

9 Promotional Activities
NCAA rules prohibit you from promoting any commercial produce, service or enterprise by lending your name, picture, or appearance to that entity Non-profit/charitable or educational promotions may be OK but you must receive prior approval from Compliance Office in order to participate


11 Time Clock to Participate
You have 10 full-time semesters to participate in four seasons of competition which begins at the time of initial full-time enrollment at ANY collegiate institution You use one year of eligibility even if you only compete for one second of one contest, or just a single play the entire year Medical hardship waiver may be used – please see Compliance Office

12 Initial Eligibility You must be certified by the NCAA EC as an academic and amateur qualifier 2-year and 4-year college transfers must also be certified amateurs by EC

13 Continuing Eligibility
You must be enrolled in 12 credits in order to practice and/or compete Exception for final semester of enrollment You must pass a minimum of 18 credit hours between Fall and Spring semesters to be eligible the following semester Must pass a minimum of 24 credit hours during the previous academic year (Fall, Spring, and possible 6 credits during the summer PLEASE SEE COMPLIANCE BEFORE DROPING A CLASS!!!

14 Continuing Eligibility
You must declare a major by the start of your Junior year Pass 40% of your declared major upon entering 3rd year of collegiate enrollment Pass 60% of your declared major upon entering 4th year of collegiate enrollment Pass 80% of your declared major upon entering 5th year of collegiate enrollment

15 GPA GBC requires student-athletes to maintain a 2.0 GPA in order to be in good academic standing 2.0


17 Financial Aid You are not eligible if you receive financial aid other than financial aid that GBC distributes; however it is permissible to receive: Money from parents/legal guardians Financial aid awarded to you on a basis other than athletics ability Financial aid from an entity outside GBC must be reported to Compliance (listed on student-athlete information packet)

18 Employment Only employed for work actually performed
You must be compensated at a rate commensurate with the going rate for similar services You must report your employment to Compliance Office (listed on student-athlete information packet)

19 Extra Benefits Special arrangement by an institutional employee or a booster to provide a student-athlete or their relatives or friends a benefit not expressly authorized by NCAA legislation. Examples include: Special discounts and credit Free or reduced cost service Use of telephone or credit card Entertainment (e.g. free movie tickets) Loans of money Use of an automobile Gifts of any kind


21 Countable Athletically Related Activities (CARA)
CARA is any required activity with athletics purpose at the direction of, or supervised by, one or more of GBC’s coaching staff CARA does not include travel or time spent with Athletic Training (or compliance meetings)

22 CARA Hour Limitations In Season 4 hours of CARA a day (golf exception)
20 hours of CARA per week 1 day off per week Competition days count as 3 hours No practice activities following a competition (except tournaments and double headers No classes missed for practice activities Out of Season 8 hours of CARA per week (skill instruction limited to 2 hours) 2 days off per week Prohibited one week prior to the beginning of final examination period through conclusion of final exams

23 Outside Competition A SA becomes ineligible for intercollegiate competition in his or her sport if, after enrollment in college and during any year in which the student- athlete is a member of an intercollegiate squad or team, he or she competes or has competed as a member of any outside team in any noncollegiate, amateur competition during the institution's intercollegiate season in the sport. If an institution conducts separate fall and spring practice or playing seasons in a sport, it is permissible for a student-athlete to participate in that sport on an outside team during the period between the two seasons without affecting his or her eligibility


25 Drug Testing You are subject to random drug testing
A no-show = a positive drug test Drug Testing is managed through Athletic Training Staff Must disclose all prescription & nonprescription medications to Athletic Training staff Positive drug test may result in loss of eligibility


27 Permission to Contact Before speaking with another four-year institution you must provide that institution with permission to contact from GBC Compliance Office If you wish to transfer, see either your head coach or the Compliance Office

28 Permission to Contact, cont’d
Denial – If permission is not granted, a second four year institution shall not encourage the transfer and that institution shall not provide athletics aid to the SA for one year Hearing Opportunity – Any delay or denial of a request for permission to contact requires written notification from the Compliance Office to the SA of his/her opportunity for a hearing to appeal the decision

29 Recruiting Prospects Generally speaking, student-athletes do not recruit prospects to attend GBC Coaches do the recruiting! Coaches cannot ask SA to call, write to, , or otherwise contact a prospect Two exceptions: Official Visit Unofficial Visit

30 Official Visits GBC pays for a prospect to visit campus for a maximum 48 hours Current SA may serve as host May entertain the prospect within 30-mile radius of campus Possibility of $30/day to be used to entertain the prospect (cannot purchase items that the prospect can take home with them). Never use your own money! Student host can receive a free meal provided the host accompanies the prospect

31 Unofficial Visit Prospect pays their own expenses
May entertain the prospect only on campus but my not pay any expenses


33 Academic Resource Center
Located by Student Affairs Office Tutoring services available Time spent with a tutor counts towards your Table Studies Program hours.

34 Table Studies Program Overview
Who is in the Table Studies Program? -All first year students (freshmen and transfer students) -All returning students who have under a 2.5 cumulative GPA. Program Requirements: Complete 5 hours of academic study each week in either the ARC or Library. Turn in a bi-weekly progress report to Assistant Athletic Director, Bethann Burke (see gold packet for due dates) Questions Contact: Bethann Burke: or (302)

35 Missed Class Form Filled out by ALL students (whether you are in the Table Studies program or not) Complete 2 forms for every class you will miss for athletic competition. Turn in 1 form to your professor and 1 form to Assistant Athletic Director, Bethann Burke DUE BY: Wednesday September 3rd

36 Table Studies Contract
All Freshmen and Transfer Students: complete this form & return it to Bethann Burke (before you depart from this meeting) Make sure to fill out all aspects of the form including when you tentatively plan on completing your required 5 hours of study a week.

37 Progress Report Form Must be completed and turned in bi-weekly.
Make sure to fill out ALL aspects of the form. Place form in Table Studies bin outside Bethann Burke’s office (located in the Jones Center next to the training room) Do not be late!

38 Table Studies Sign in Make sure to sign in and out each time you visit the Library or ARC. Meeting with a tutor does count towards your required time! Ask for the Table Studies sign sheet at the Library and ARC front desk. Make sure to have AT LEAST 10 hours of academic study for each due date.

39 Life skills program All new student-athletes entering GBC must participate Meetings on the first Sunday of every month: Monday Sept 8 (All student-athletes must attend) 8 pm Sunday, October 4 7:00 pm Sunday, November 9 7:00 pm Sunday, December 7 7:00 pm Sunday, February 1 7:00 pm Sunday, March 1 7:00 pm Sunday, April 12 7:00 pm Check GBC for the location of each meeting. Please see Compliance Office for questions!

40 Student-Athlete Advisory Committee
Application forms must be turned in by September 8, 2014 Please see Kelly with any questions Some of the Activities for academic year: Fall Gatorade Pong Tournament Make-A-Wish Softball Game Honors Student-Athlete day breakfast Decorating athletic department for holidays Voting on new NCAA legislation proposals Community service

41 Compliance Forms Student-athlete information packet
CACC Code of Conduct Form GBC Code of Conduct Form Student-athlete statement Drug testing consent form

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