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TURN OFF YOUR PHONE; OFF, NOT SILENT 2013-2014 NCAA Compliance Meeting West Chester University.

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1 TURN OFF YOUR PHONE; OFF, NOT SILENT 2013-2014 NCAA Compliance Meeting West Chester University

2 Director of Athletics Dr. Edward M. Matejkovic Associate Director of Athletics for Facilities and Operations Terry Beattie Assistant Director of Athletics for Student Services, Compliance, and Academics Kellianne Milliner Sports Information Director James Zuhlke Faculty Athletic Representative Dr. Craig Stevens

3 West Chester Athletics Varsity Player Info. NCAA Drug Testing Consent Form NCAA Student-Athlete Statement NCAA Rules and Regulations WCU Student-Athlete Handbook/Website

4 Fill In Form Completely Press hard so it goes through to the second page Outside Money is any scholarship or grant from an outside source i.e., Elks Club award, high school award

5 Please write FIRST and LAST name at top right corner along with SPORT Signing Affirms Agreement to Terms of NCAA Drug Testing Program Signing Acknowledges That You Understand and Agree to Testing Rules and Violation Policies Positive Test = 365-Day Suspension

6 1 st positive = 365-day suspension (and loss of at least one season of competition) Suspended one calendar year Not season or semester – entire year 2 nd positive = loss of remaining eligibility Missed test = positive result (365-day ban) Ask sports medicine if questions about supplements or medications Positive result in non-NCAA test must be reported to AD and will lead to more tests

7 Attachment in Packet (last page) S-A Responsible to Know Substances Listed List May Be Updated During Year See Sports Medicine Staff With Any Questions If you are currently taking any of these substances, you must inform your trainer and compliance coordinator

8 There are Six Parts that Make Up the Student- Athlete Statement Completion of Form is Required to Participate in Collegiate Athletics Print Name Halfway Down First Page

9 Part 1: Statement Concerning Eligibility Certify you have not violated NCAA rules Meet NCAA regulations regarding eligibility, recruitment, financial aid, amateur status Aware of NCAA drug-testing program Signing this form falsely or erroneously is violation of NCAA ethical conduct rules Fill in blanks and sign name

10 Part 2: Buckley Amendment Consent Signing gives consent to disclose data to WCU, PSAC, and NCAA Results of NCAA and non-NCAA drug tests Test scores and transcripts Demographic information (race, gender) Information pertaining to NCAA eligibility and financial aid Disclose information as necessary for a waiver request, or for an award (i.e., academic) Sign and date on page 4

11 Part 3: Promotions Permission Authorize NCAA or a third party acting on behalf of NCAA to use your name or picture to promote NCAA events, activities, or programs Fill in blanks and sign name

12 Part 4: Results of Drug Tests Complete section 1. Section 2 A= no positive drug test Section 2 B= positive drug test previously Fill in blanks and sign name

13 Part 5: Affirmation of Amateurism Signing affirms that you have not violated any amateurism rules since requesting a final verification from the EC or since signing last years forms. Fill in blanks and sign name

14 Part 6: Valid Test Score FRESHMEN ONLY Signing affirms that to the best of your knowledge you have received a validated ACT or SAT score After today, you must notify Director of Athletics if informed otherwise Fill in blanks and sign name

15 By signing the Authorization for disclosure of health information, you allow the NCAA to view health and injury information for research or other purposes. By signing the photo release form, you allow WCU to use your photo on the website or other athletic publications.

16 Ethical Conduct Honesty and sportsmanship-represent WCU at all times Gambling Not allowed to provide information to gamblers Not allowed to bet on intercollegiate OR pro sports Stay away from basketball and football pools! No fantasy leagues where money is involved!

17 Amateurism You must maintain amateur status Cannot take pay or the promise of pay Agreed (orally or in writing) to compete professionally Cannot accept money or benefits from an agent Seasons of Competition If you did not enroll in college as a full-time student in the term that begins ONE year AFTER high school graduation, you use a season if you participate in organized competition after that year is up Financial Aid Cannot receive aid outside of institutional aid except: Parents/guardians Outside scholarships not related to athletics You must report any aid that you receive outside of the institution (loans, grants, scholarships). This is done on the varsity player information form.

18 Academic Standards Eligible to Compete Regularly enrolled and in good academic standing Not dropped by the university Deemed eligible per NCAA requirements Qualifier Enrolled full-time (12 credits) Eligible to Practice Enrolled full-time (12 credits) Qualifier or partial qualifier (freshmen)

19 Continuing Eligibility Passed 6 credits previous FT semester Meeting Satisfactory Progress Average 12 credits per FT semester (48 hours over four semesters = 12 per semester); or Earn 24 credits over previous two FT semesters (24 hours in Fall 2012 + Spring 2013+Summer 2013) 75/25 = 75% earned in regular year (18 of 24 hours in fall and spring semesters)

20 Continuing Eligibility (continued) Minimum GPAs 24 hours = 1.8 48 hours = 1.9 72 hours and up = 2.0 GPA must be earned at West Chester Major selected by start of 5 th semester

21 Freshman Eligibility Qualifier, Partial Qualifier, Nonqualifier Qualifier Graduate from high school Minimum GPA of 2.0 in 14 core classes 820 SAT or 68 ACT Qualifiers can practice, compete, and receive athletically-related financial aid

22 You are eligible to participate in FOUR seasons of eligibility in any one sport within TEN full-time semesters of school. You are eligible for championships that occur within 60 days of the date you complete the requirements for your degree. You are NOT eligible for the rest of the season if you compete on any outside team during the playing season for your sport (which includes the off-season, or non-championship season). You are able to practice for a maximum of 20 hours per week (all competition counts as three hours).

23 Transfers – 2-4 or 4-4 Different rules for different types of schools You must have a release from your former school AND must have been eligible at your former school in order to be eligible at WCU Should have already been discussed prior to today – if questions, stop by athletic office If you want to leave West Chester: You must inform your head coach first You must have a release from West Chester

24 Should you want a more detailed summary of the NCAA Regulations, the complete summary is available on the athletic website under compliance.

25 WCU Code of Conduct highest standards of integrity and honesty Class Absence Policy Not excused from class for practice Absence verification form courtesy form Academic Support Tutoring – 105 Lawrence Hall Mentoring Program Anti-Hazing Policy Athletic Holds Insurance Procedures You MUST submit a claim within 90 days of your injury or it may not be covered!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26 What is it? Focus on academic success, personal and professional development, leadership and service There will be some mandatory events, some that you may choose to attend SAAC – Voice of the Student-Athlete Every team represented – get involved Ram Cup WCUnited Attend games and events on campus and earn rewards!

27 Not Hard to Earn Your Degree GO TO CLASS Simply showing up and paying attention indicates interest and can earn a passing grade Complete assignments Get to know the professors Use tutors if needed – Lawrence Hall No Excuses Check your West Chester email daily - Professors, athletic department, university offers important information Make it possible to check on your phone Follow @WCUGoldenSASS

28 Remember Where You Are Represent coaches and teammates but also the university Standards High at West Chester Behavioral Expectations Greater than Student Body Being and athlete is a privilege, not a right

29 Return all Packets Send packets and to the end of the row, separate into two piles---SA form and NCAA forms Wait for them to be collected Keep sports separated (by GENDER as well) Retain and Read all Other Documents GOOD LUCK IN 2013- 2014!

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