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San Jose State University COMPLIANCE OFFICE

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1 San Jose State University COMPLIANCE OFFICE
Student-Athlete Preseason Eligibility Meeting

2 Compliance Office Mission
To ensure the University and Athletic Department staff, student-athletes, boosters and SJSU community are aware of and abide by the many rules and regulations set forth by the NCAA. Works to promote and protect the health and well-being of SJSU student-athletes. Assists in the effort to ensure SJSU student-athletes are eligible for practice and competition.

3 Compliance Office Staff
Lynn Meade, Associate Athletic Director of or Wendy Dunn, Director of or Nick Sterkel, Assistant Director of or Julie Stansberry, Student Services or

4 Where is the Compliance Office?
The SJSU Athletics Compliance Office is located in the ABS Athletics 1393 South 7th Street Compliance Office Fax:

5 Purpose of this Meeting
Provide a basic understanding of the NCAA rules that affect you as a student-athlete Provide you with enough knowledge to know when there is a potential NCAA rules issue in certain situations Remind you that you must be accountable for your actions

6 Ethical Conduct You must act with honesty and sportsmanship at all times so that you represent the honor and dignity of fair play and the generally recognized high standards associated with wholesome competitive sports. [NCAA Bylaw ] You have engaged in unethical conduct if you refuse to furnish information relevant to an investigation of a possible violation of an NCAA regulation when requested to do so by the NCAA or your institution. [Bylaw 10.1(a)]

7 Sports Wagering (Gambling)
NCAA Bylaw defines sports wagering as placing, accepting or soliciting a wager of any type with any individual or organization on any intercollegiate, amateur or professional team or contest.  Examples of sports wagering include the use of a bookmaker or parlay card; Internet sports wagering; auctions in which bids are placed on teams, individuals or contests; and pools or fantasy leagues in which an entry fee is required and there is an opportunity to win a prize. 

8 Sports Wagering, cont’d
NCAA Bylaw 10.3 prohibits athletic department staff members, nonathletic department staff members who have responsibilities within the athletic department, student-athletes and staff members of a conference office from gambling on any NCAA sponsored sport at the collegiate or professional level. Gambling activities such as placing bets on horse racing or poker/slot machines are not prohibited by NCAA legislation because such activities are not sponsored by the NCAA.

9 Amateurism

10 You are not eligible for participation in an NCAA sponsored sport if you have ever:
Taken pay, or the promise of pay, for competing in that sport. [Bylaw ] Agreed (orally or in writing) to compete in professional athletics in that sport. Exception for actual and necessary expenses prior to collegiate enrollment [Bylaws & ] Played on any professional athletics team as defined by the NCAA in that sport. Exception for no more than actual and necessary expenses prior to collegiate enrollment [Bylaws and ]

11 You are not eligible for participation in an NCAA sponsored sport if you have ever:
Used your athletics skill for pay in any form in that sport. [Bylaws and ] Prize Money Exceptions: Prior to collegiate enrollment, so long as prize money was based on place finish, was from sponsor of event or team and amount did not exceed actual and necessary expenses to participate in the event. [Bylaws , and ] OR After collegiate enrollment, so long as prize money is based on place finish, was from sponsor of event and amount does not exceed actual and necessary expenses to participate in the event. Event must occur outside your sport’s playing and practice season or during summer vacation period. [Bylaws and ]

12 Agents As an SJSU student-athlete, NCAA rules prohibit you from entering into any verbal or written agreement with an agent for representation. [Bylaw ] As an SJSU student-athlete, NCAA rules prohibit you from accepting anything of value from an agent or anyone employed by an agent. [Bylaw ] Policies regarding mere discussions with agents vary by team; please see your head coach for team rules regarding contact with agents.

13 Promotional Activities
As an SJSU student-athlete, NCAA rules prohibit you from promoting any commercial product, service, or enterprise by lending your name, picture, or appearance to that entity. [Bylaws & ] Non-profit/charitable or educational promotions may be OK but you must receive prior written approval from the Compliance Office in order to participate. [Bylaw ]

14 Eligibility

15 5-Year Clock You have 4 years of competitive eligibility within the span of a 5-year clock, which begins at the time of initial full-time enrollment at ANY collegiate institution. [Bylaw ] Without injury or another specific extenuating circumstance, you use one year of eligibility even if you only compete for one second of one contest or just a single play the entire year.

16 Initial Eligibility In order to compete during your first year of collegiate enrollment at SJSU, you must be certified by the NCAA Eligibility Center (EC) as an academic qualifier based on your high school core course GPA and test score, as well as be certified an amateur. In order to practice, you must be certified as an academic qualifier and an amateur by the 21st day of practice. [Bylaw ] 2-year & 4-year college transfers must also be certified amateurs by the EC, and in some cases, qualifiers.

17 Continuing Eligibility

18 12 Unit Rule You must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 units in order to practice and/or compete.

19 6 Unit Rule/9 Units in Fall for FB
You must pass a minimum of 6 degree applicable units in the previous semester in order to be eligible the following semester. FOOTBALL ONLY: A FB student-athlete who does not complete 9 units of academic credit during the fall semester . may not compete in the first four contests against outside competition in the following playing season.

20 18 Unit Rule You must pass a minimum of 18 units between the Fall and Spring semesters in order to be eligible the following semester. So, if you pass only 6 units in fall 2011, you must pass at least 12 units in spring 2012 in order to be eligible for fall 2012.

21 24 Unit Rule You must pass a minimum of 24 units during the previous academic year (18 units during fall & spring semesters & a maximum of 6 units in summer) in order to be eligible the following academic year.

22 % of Degree Rule In order to be eligible for competition, you must:
Declare a major by the start of your junior year. Pass 40% of your declared major upon entering your 3rd year of collegiate enrollment. Pass 60% of your declared major upon entering your 4th year of collegiate enrollment. Pass 80%of your declared major upon entering your 5th year of collegiate enrollment.

23 GPA Rule Although NCAA competitive eligibility GPA rules vary slightly, SJSU requires a 2.0 GPA for good academic standing. Therefore, you must maintain a 2.0 GPA in order to be in good academic standing as defined by SJSU.

24 Money Stuff

25 Financial Aid You are not eligible if you receive financial aid other than financial aid that SJSU distributes; however, it is permissible to receive: (1) Money from anyone on whom you are naturally or legally dependent; (2) Financial aid that has been awarded to you on a basis other than athletics ability; or (3) Financial aid from an entity outside SJSU that meets the requirements specified in the Division I Manual, which you must declare on the Outside Aid Form. [Bylaw 15.01] You must report any financial aid that you receive from a source other than SJSU; however, you do not need to report financial aid received from anyone on whom you are naturally or legally dependent.

26 Employment As an SJSU student-athlete, you may be employed; however, your compensation may not include any remuneration for value or utility that you may have for the employer because of the publicity, reputation, fame or personal following that you have obtained because of athletics ability; You may be compensated only for work actually performed; You must be compensated at a rate commensurate with the going rate in the San Jose locality for similar services; AND You must complete a Student-Athlete Employment Form available at this meeting or any other time in the Compliance Office.

27 Extra Benefits A student-athlete, because of his/her status as a student-athlete, may not receive anything that any other member of the general student body would not receive. Examples of Impermissible Extra Benefits: Special discounts and credit Free or reduced cost service Use of telephone or credit card for personal reasons without charge Entertainment services (e.g. free movie tickets) Loans of money Use of an automobile Gifts of any kind

28 Playing/Practice Season

29 Countable Athletically Related Activities (CARA)
CARA is defined as any required activity with an athletics purpose involving student-athletes and at the direction of, or supervised by, one or more of SJSU’s coaching staff (including strength coaches). CARA does not include travel or time spent in Sports Medicine (This meeting doesn’t count either!).

30 CARA, cont’d In Season Limitations: 4 hours of CARA in a day;
20 hours of CARA in a week; 1 day off per week; Days of competition count as 3 hours no matter how long they actually last; No classes missed for practice activities.

31 CARA, cont’d Out of Season Limitations:
8 hours of CARA in a week (combination of strength & conditioning and skill instruction); Skill instruction limited to 2 hours a week; Football does not have skill instruction, only strength & conditioning; 2 days off per week; In sports other than football, all CARA during the 8-hour segment is prohibited one week prior to the beginning of each final examination period through the conclusion of each student-athlete’s final exams.

32 CARA, cont’d Preseason Practice Period Football
5-day acclimatization period plus close regulation and limitation thereafter. All Other Pre-Season Fall Sports No hour limitations until the first regular season contest or the first day of school, whichever comes first.

33 Outside Competition Sports Other than Basketball:
During the academic year, you may only compete for your SJSU team; however, outside of your sport’s season, you may compete for an outside team in a noncollegiate, amateur competition during official SJSU vacation periods. Competing in Olympic Games tryouts and competition and other specified national and international competition is permitted. In M/W soccer and women’s volleyball, you may compete on outside amateur teams during the spring outside of the playing season, provided such participation occurs no earlier than May 1. Must have permission from your coach and the Compliance Office to participate in such outside competition.

34 Outside Competition, cont’d
Basketball: As an SJSU student-athlete, you may not participate in any organized basketball competition except while representing SJSU in intercollegiate competition. Competing in Olympic Games tryouts and competition and other specified national and international competition is permitted. It is permissible to participate as a member of a basketball team in an NCAA-sanctioned summer basketball league or event provided you have permission from your coach and the Compliance Office.

35 Outside Competition, cont’d
All Star Football & Basketball You are not eligible if, after you completed your high school eligibility and before your high school graduation, you participated in more than two high school all-star football or basketball games. [Bylaw 14.6]

36 Drug Testing

37 As an SJSU student-athlete, you are subject to random drug testing…
As an SJSU student-athlete, you are subject to random drug testing….Drug Testing Consent Form A no-show = a positive drug test Drug Testing is managed through Athletic Training staff Must disclose all prescription & nonprescription (nutritional supplements) medications to Athletic Training staff Positive drug tests may result in loss of eligibility

38 Transferring

39 Permission To Contact General Rule: Before speaking to another NCAA or NAIA four-year institution about transferring, student-athletes must provide that institution with permission to contact from the SJSU Compliance Office. The student-athlete must receive a release from his/her head coach before the Compliance Office will provide another four-year institution with permission to contact. If you wish to transfer, see either your head coach or the Compliance Office. Effect on Athletics Aid: A request for permission to contact another NCAA or NAIA four-year institution regarding a possible transfer does not constitute a voluntary withdrawal justifying a reduction or cancellation of a student-athlete’s athletics aid.

40 Permission To Contact, cont’d
Denial – If permission is not granted, a second NCAA or NAIA four-year institution shall not encourage the transfer and that institution shall not provide athletics aid to the student-athlete for one academic year. Hearing Opportunity – Any delay or denial of a request for permission to contact requires written notification from the Compliance Office to the student-athlete of his/her opportunity for a hearing to appeal the decision .

41 Recruiting

42 Generally speaking, student-athletes do not recruit prospects to attend SJSU.
Coaches do the recruiting. Coaches cannot ask a student-athlete to call, write to, , or otherwise contact a prospect. Two exceptions: Official Visits Unofficial Visits

43 Official Visits SJSU pays for a prospect to visit campus for a maximum of 48 hours. Current student-athlete may be a student host, who may help to recruit the prospect to attend SJSU. May entertain the prospect within 30-mile radius of campus. The prospect may not have contact with any booster and/or media during the visit. Possibility of $30/day to be used to entertain the prospect (cannot purchase items that the prospect can take home with them). Student host can receive a free meal and a complimentary admission, provided the student host accompanies the prospect. No impermissible/inappropriate entertainment activities.

44 Unofficial Visits Prospect visits SJSU, but pays their own expenses.
Student-athlete may be a student host, who may work to recruit the prospects to attend SJSU. May entertain the prospect only on campus but may not pay any expenses. No impermissible/inappropriate entertainment activities

45 Student Services Processes

46 Textbook Pick-Up Student-athletes receiving a book scholarship can see Julie Stansberry for book vouchers. Student-athletes must provide the following documentation to get book vouchers approved: -Copy of class schedule printed off MySJSU showing the student’s name -- AND -- -Book List printed off bookstore website -OR- Copy of green sheet/class syllabus These documents are required every time you get a book voucher. Only textbooks/materials that are Required will be approved, textbooks/materials that are Recommended will not be approved. Book vouchers are accepted at the SJSU Student Union Bookstore, Robert’s Bookstore, A.S. Print Shop, and Maple Press. Separate book vouchers are needed for each location. Students will NOT be reimbursed for purchases they make on their own from a book voucher location. If textbooks/materials need to be purchased from another source, students must pay for the purchase on their own and then see Julie for a reimbursement form. Students must turn in their receipts in addition to the documentation listed above.

47 Textbook Returns Textbooks must be returned to the bookstore within one week after finals end.   Students will be charged for any non-returned textbooks! Return books to whichever store they were purchased from: the basement of Spartan Bookstore or Robert’s Bookstore (Do not return books to any of the temporary kiosks set up around campus!) Readers (AS Print Shop, Maple Press) do not need to be returned. Books that were reimbursed by the Athletics Department, need to be returned to the Athletics Department . Even if a textbook will be used again for another semester, the book must be returned and purchased again with a new book voucher. NON-Returned books will be charged to the student via a hold on their MySJSU account.

48 Scholarship Check Pick-Up
Scholarship checks can be picked up from Julie Stansberry in ABS on the following dates: Fall Semester 2011 Wednesday August 31 Wednesday September 28 Wednesday October 26 Wednesday November 30 NO CHECKS IN DECEMBER! Spring Semester 2012 Wednesday February 1 Wednesday February 29 Wednesday March 21 Wednesday April 25 PHOTO ID IS REQUIRED TO PICK-UP CHECKS! Checks must be picked-up within 3 months.

49 Special Assistance Fund
Student-Athletes who receive a PELL Grant are eligible for a Clothing/Groceries stipend. See Julie or Wendy to check if you are eligible. If you are eligible, here are the steps: 1 – See Julie for a Special Assistance Fund Application Form between October 1 and November 10 2 – Checks will be available for pick-up on scholarship check dates 3 – Student must sign a form when they pick up their check stating they understand the permissible uses of the funds

50 MySJSU Students are expected to check their MySJSU account daily and to read important messages. Students need to complete their To Do List, have Holds removed, and comply with deadlines. If you have trouble logging in, please follow the instructions on the MySJSU website.

51 Failed Class Policy If you fail or withdraw from a class that has been paid for by the Athletics Department, you will be responsible for paying those registration fees back. The money will be deducted from your check(s) or a hold will be placed on your account until payment is made to the Athletics Department.

52 FAFSA ALL Student-Athletes are encouraged to submit FAFSA!
All Scholarship Student-Athletes are REQUIRED to have a completed FAFSA on file with the Financial Aid Office. Scholarship checks will not be distributed until FAFSA is complete. Applications can be submitted online via the FAFSA website: March 2 is the State of California priority filing deadline! In order for a FAFSA to be COMPLETE, a student must submit the online application with all required signatures AND must complete all documents posted to their MySJSU To Do List by the Financial Aid Office.

53 International Students
If you are an International student, you will receive information from Wendy regarding International Taxes. It is your responsibility to follow the instructions and to be aware of payment deadlines. At the end of the year, returning students will also receive information from Wendy regarding International Student Health Insurance. Contact Wendy if you do not receive the International student information or if you have questions.

54 University Housing The Athletics Department is NOT responsible for paying any housing damage fees. Damage fees will be on your MySJSU account and you are responsible for paying the charges. Students are responsible for understanding all policies and procedures set forth by University Housing Services.

55 Tuition Fee Deferrals All students receiving a tuition scholarship will have a fee deferral placed on their account each semester prior to registration. The fee deferral will protect your classes from being dropped. If there are tuition charges on your account and you do not see a fee deferral, contact Wendy Dunn before the payment deadline to make sure there is a fee deferral on your account.

56 Late Fees The Athletics Department is NOT responsible for late fees.
The student is responsible for being aware of registration dates and payment deadlines.

57 Student-Athlete Handbook and Planner
The Student-Athlete Handbook and Planner will be distributed at Student-Athlete Orientation. All students are required to complete and sign the Contact Information page and Confirmation of Receipt. Signing these forms acknowledges that you have read the San Jose State Athletics Department Code of Conduct and that you are agreeing to abide by those rules.

58 Compliance Forms The Employment Form and Outside Aid Form are due annually to the Compliance Office. Changes to employment or outside aid during the year are to be reported on a new form and submitted to Wendy. Employment during the academic year and during the summer needs to be reported.

59 Contact Information Wendy Dunn, Director of Compliance: or Julie Stansberry, Student Services Coordinator: or

60 Questions, Comments, Concerns
If you need assistance with any Compliance or Student Services issues, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to help!

61 PAPERWORK!!!...

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