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Canadian Society for Civil Engineering Real engineering since 453 BC.

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1 Canadian Society for Civil Engineering Real engineering since 453 BC

2  Are you proud to be a civil engineer?  Are you interested in being part of the future of our profession:  Raising the profile of the profession?  Leading?  Building infrastructure for the next century? WHY JOIN CSCE

3 We are the ORIGINAL Engineers! Pont du GardPont du Gard, France, a Roman aqueduct built circa 19 BCFranceRoman NOTRE DAME CATHEDRAL GREAT WALL - CHINA RIALTO BRIDGE - VENICE


5  Tangible benefits:  Discounts/participation at CSCE organized events:  technical tours, invited speakers  CIVIL Magazine  National competitions/recognition Your Career Starts with CSCE! StudentAssociate & YPFull Life / Fellow

6  Less obvious benefits:  Pride of association - Civils build the future  Leadership training – non-technical skills  Networking – entrée to your future professional network through local Section activities CSCE SERVICES TO STUDENT MEMBERS StudentAssociate & YPFull Life / Fellow

7  Graduating class:  Free Associate membership in Local Section  Young Professional (YP) activities  Associate membership – four years  Full Membership YOUR FUTURE WITH CSCE StudentAssociate & YPFull Life / Fellow

8  Academics and practitioners  Civil Engineering Students to most experienced civil engineers in the country (Fellows and Life members)  Corporate members:  major civil engineering employers  Civil Engineering Departments at Universities WHO ARE THE MEMBERS OF CSCE

9  22 Sections in cities across Canada:  Regular social events and professional presentations and training  Peer network  5 Regions  National Executive:  Board of Directors  Technical Committees  Honours and Awards HOW ARE WE ORGANIZED StudentAssociate & YPFull Life / Fellow

10  Professional networking (Section level)  Professional development:  Workshops/seminars/national lecture tours  Conferences  CIVIL magazine  Honours and Awards  Leadership - Giving back to the Profession BENEFITS OF FULL MEMBERSHIP StudentAssociate & YPFull Life / Fellow

11  New award  Informing the public and the profession:  Building infrastructure right  Full cost analysis – construction, maintenance and replacement costs  Building the right infrastructure  Social need for the long term  Minimize environmental impact  Working with public sector decision makers LEADERSHIP IN SUSTAINABLE INFRASTRUCTURE

12  Talk to your Chapter President, Faculty Advisor or Section President  Contact National Office:  Patricia Kerr, Membership Officer HOW TO JOIN


14 StudentAssociate & YPFull Life / Fellow

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