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INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ORIENTATION Brookdale Community College – Fall 2014.

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1 INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ORIENTATION Brookdale Community College – Fall 2014

2 AGENDA  Welcome, Introductions, & Ice Breaker  Brookdale Community College  International Education Center (IEC)  Immigration Documents, Maintaining Status & Employment  Break  Academics & Student Services  Now that you’re here  USA Culture & Life in New Jersey  Conclusion & Questions  Campus Tour  Lunch

3 INTRODUCTIONS  Name  Home Country  Program of Study

4 ICE BREAKER #1 Name Line The group divides into two circles. In each circle, one person says his/her name and the his/her favorite food. The next person clockwise says last person’s name and favorite food, and then adds his/her own. Game continues around the circle, with each person repeating name and favorite food of the people who shared before them.


6 BROOKDALE COMMUNITY COLLEGE  Founded in 1967  COMMUNITY College  Associates Degree & Certificate Programs  15,500 students in Fall 2013  120 international students in F-1 status in Fall 2013  Higher Education Centers in Neptune, Hazlet, Wall, Long Branch, and Branch Campus in Freehold

7 Who we are What we do Where to find us INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION CENTER (IEC)

8 IEC – WHO WE ARE  Janice Thomas – Director & PDSO  Anna Flood – Associate & DSO  Lucy Wadych-Ketley – Coordinator & DSO  Howard Miller – Faculty Liaison

9 IEC - WHAT WE DO  Provide international student services for matters related to F-1 students  Sponsor and co-cosponsor globally themed events for campus and community  Organize and host long and short-term study abroad programs

10 IEC - WHERE TO FIND US  Hours: Mon – Fri, 8:30am -5pm (4:30pm in summer)  Phone: #732-224-2799; Fax: #732-224-2980  Web:  Email: MAC Building Room 114

11 Arrival and departure IMMIGRATION DOCUMENTS




15 New I-94 CBP I-94 Website Printout

16 IMMIGRATION DOCUMENTS Form I-797A: Issued by USCIS after change of status

17 IMMIGRATION DOCUMENTS The CBP admission stamp is issued at ports of entry upon arrival. The stamp is placed on a passport or travel document and notes the - date of admission, - class of admission and - admitted until date. Passport with Admission Stamp

18 Staying Legal and Avoiding Violations MAINTAINING YOUR STATUS

19 ALWAYS CONTACT THE INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION CENTER REGARDING ANY BIG DECISIONS  Change of major  Change of address (phone number, e-mail address)  Change of name  Change of immigration status  Travel outside of the USA  Transfer to a new institution  Program extension  Dropping a class

20 FULL-TIME ENROLLMENT  12 credit hours per semester  Exceptions for first semester difficulty, final semester enrollment  You MUST be enrolled full-time during FALL & SPRING terms – 15 week and/or 11 week  Winter and summer terms are optional  Online classes  You ARE eligible to enroll in online courses as long as at LEAST 9 credit hours are on campus  Higher Education Centers & Branch campus  Brookdale courses taken here DO count towards your degree!

21 PROGRAM COMPLETION  2.5 years to complete your program  May apply for an extension through the International Education Center (IEC) BEFORE current I-20 expires  Counselor verification  Updated financial documents  Must let the IEC know if you complete your program before program end date cited on I-20  60 day grace period upon completion of program  Transfer to another school  Depart the USA  Apply for Optional Practical Training (OPT)


23 ON-CAMPUS EMPLOYMENT  On-Campus Employment  Very limited on-campus employment may be available  May not exceed 20 hours in any week during academic year  Contact the Career Services office, MAC 105 Located in MAC 105, (732) 224-2385 Bookstore, Cafeteria, Student Ambassador, Office Assistant Tutoring: Languages, Math, etc.

24 OFF-CAMPUS EMPLOYMENT  Eligibility  F-1 status at least one academic year  Good academic and immigration status  Types  Economic Necessity  Practical Training  Attend Employment Workshop Later in Semester

25 IMMIGRATION REVIEW…  True or False:  It is optional for F-1 students to enroll in the summer & winter term. True (only Fall and Spring are required).  F-1 students at Brookdale may not take online courses. False (9 credits must be taken face-to-face)  F-1 students will apply for a new F-1 visa in the United States if their current visa has expired. False (apply at U.S. Embassy at home or in another country)  Full time status at Brookdale is 12 credit hours. True  F-1 students must apply for a program extension through the US Citizenship & Immigration Services (USCIS) False (through the Brookdale IEC)

26 REMEMBER… It is YOUR responsibility to maintain your status. (But we’re here to help!)

27 Classroom culture and considerations ACADEMICS

28 SCHEDULING CLASSES & PREPARING  Design a schedule that works best for you  Morning, afternoon, and evening courses  See the detailed course catalog online  Put together a schedule – see how you’re spending your time  Learn where your courses are located before the first day of class  Attend class regularly and on time – absence or tardiness can lower your grade  Learning Assistants can help you with your classes

29 CLASSROOM BEHAVIOR & SUCCESS  Read the syllabus carefully  Turn your cell phone off during class  Relationships between teacher and student differ from country to country – be open to change  Find out your instructor’s office hours, location, and email address  Grades and credit are awarded at the end of each semester  Plagiarism is not tolerated

30 Safety, success, and well-being at Brookdale STUDENT SERVICES

31 STUDENT DEVELOPMENT SPECIALISTS  Where to find them:  2 nd Floor of CAR Building  Also at Higher Education Centers/Branch Campus  Also called “Counselors”

32 STUDENT DEVELOPMENT SPECIALISTS  Meet with them often during your stay. They help with:  Scheduling  Registration  Add/drop forms  Change of major  Counseling for personal issues  Appointments are better, walk-ins are welcomed too  Tel. (732)-224-2555  academic-advising/ academic-advising/

33 FIRST YEAR EXPERIENCE - FYE  Program to help students’ transition and adjustment to the demands of college life through fostering connections and relationships with faculty, staff, and other students, and by offering specific college survival skills and resources  Six category passport; stamped for participation in select events  year-experience/ year-experience/

34 CAREER SERVICES  Located in MAC 105  Meet to discuss volunteer opportunities, internship/externships, on/off campus employment, service-learning, & complete Learning Contracts  Also provide Career & Job Search Workshops  Tel. # (732) 224-2385  services/ services/

35 OFFICE OF STUDENT LIFE & ACTIVITIES  Located in the Warner Student Life Center Building  Student Life Board & Student Ambassadors  Intramurals & Recreation and Intercollegiate Athletics  Clubs and Organizations  Provides services and activities for all Brookdale students like  Orientations, Movies, Comedy Shows, Guest Speakers, Trips to Museums, Baseball games, etc…  Runs information desk in Student Life Center (SLC)  Tel. # 732-224-2390  life-activities/ life-activities/

36 CLUBS & ORGANIZATIONS  Over 50 on campus  Examples: Anthropology Club, Asian Students Club, Black Student Union, BCC Water Watch, Creative Writing Club, Brookdale Amateur Radio Club (B.A.R.C.), International Student Association (ISA), Speech Alliance Club, Theater Club, Women’s Student Organization, etc…  Learn more in the Office of Student Life or checkout the Club Cubicles in the basement of the SLC  International Student Association (ISA) meets every Thursday from 11:30 – 12:45 pm in MAN 208

37 JERSEY BLUES ATHLETICS  Fall, Winter, & Spring Sports  Intramural & Recreation programs – For fun!  Basketball, Coed Volleyball, Charter Fishing Trip, Tennis Tournament, Horseshoe Tournament, Krav Maga (Self Defense Training), Friday-Night Recreational Tennis, Indoor Soccer, Run-4- Fun, 100 Mile Club, etc.  Intercollegiate Athletics – Competitive!  Soccer, Tennis, Basketball, Cheerleading, Baseball, Softball, Golf, Lacrosse  Fitness Center Fitness Center  Membership is free for students!

38 Safety, success, and well-being at Brookdale OTHER STUDENT SERVICES

39 BANKIER LIBRARY  Located at the end of the MAN Building  Check out books, videos, DVDs, and magazines with a valid ID  Media viewing rooms and study rooms for individual and groups are available  Computers with internet access and WIFI  Online catalog accessed from BCC homepage  Tel. # (732) 224-2443 

40 BROOKDALE POLICE  On duty 24 hours per day, 7 day a week  Do not be afraid to report something or to request assistance if needed!  Call:  2222 when using a campus telephone  (732) 224-2222 when off campus or using cell  Or 911 to be transferred to Brookdale Police  students/campus-safety/ students/campus-safety/

41 STUDENT Health Insurance  Healthcare in USA is very expensive.  Health insurance is not provided for students.  We strongly recommend you to have health insurance, but you need to take care of it yourself.  Look for the health insurance information in your package from this orientation, and choose the one, that is right for you.

42 DISABILITY SERVICES  Located in MAC 111  Offers support to persons with disabilities  Must identify self, provide documentation of their disability and request appropriate services  Tel. # (732) 224-2730  offices/disability-services/ offices/disability-services/

43 LABS – COMPUTER, MATH, READING WRITING  Computer labs – 79 through out Brookdale campuses  Math Lab  Located in MAS 204  Tel. # (732) 224-1808  Reading Lab  Located in LAH 124  Tel. # (732) 224 – 2942   Writing Lab  Located LAH 118 (and weekly at HEC’s/Branch Campus)  Tel. # (732) 224-2941 

44 SCROLL & PEN BOOKSTORE  Located on the main floor of the Student Life Center  Take your registration form and staff can assist with choosing textbooks  Also has school supplies, cards, gifts, art supplies, clothing, & educational materials  Contains Paddock Convenience store which sells food, snacks, beverages, magazines, & health/beauty aids  offices/bookstore/ offices/bookstore/

45 MEDIA AND INFO  The Happenings  Information flier for the BCC community published weekly  The Stall  Brookdale’s student newspaper. All students can submit articles to be published.  90.5 The Night  Brookdale’s radio station and a good place to find out events on campus and in the community 


47 CHECKING IN  Check-in with IEC  Submit passport, CBP I-94 website printout, I-20  Update your address  At IEC: for immigration purposes  With College: 1 st floor CAR Building

48 REGISTERING FOR COURSES  Test – Basement, CAR Building  Take the ESL or Basic Skills (Accuplacer) Exam  Go to the Testing Center in a basement of CAR Building  Have your student number (ID) and passport  Meet with a Counselor – 2 nd Floor, CAR Building  Schedule appointment as soon as possible  They help you select your courses  Register – 1 st Floor, CAR Building  Take counselor form to Registration on 1 st floor  Pay tuition at the Cashier  F-1 students are assessed Out-Of-State tuition

49 GETTING STUDENT IDENTIFICATION (ID)  What you need:  Registration Form showing payment  Form of identification (passport or USA Drivers License)  Where to go:  Basement, Warner Student Life Center, Room 109  What happens:  A validation sticker is placed on the back of your card  You MUST revalidate your ID EVERY SEMESTER  ID Required for use of Brookdale facilities and discounts on student events  First ID is free as well as validation each subsequent term

50 SETTING UP “MYBROOKDALE PORTAL”    For assistance, call (732) 224-2829  Portal provides access to  Brookdale E-mail (mandatory)  WebAdvisor  CANVAS  Student Calendar  Regularly check BCC email or forward emails to an account that you do use!

51 TRANSPORTATION  NJTransit –  Buses, trains, & light rail throughout New Jersey and to/from surrounding airports and cities like NYC & Philadelphia  Bus 833 runs from Red Bank - Brookdale Lincroft campus - Freehold  Student discount on monthly pass  Taxis  Yellow Cab – # (732) 747-0747  Able Taxi – # (732) 528-2253  Shore Cab – # (732) 222-6688)

52 DRIVING  Can be expensive – car, gas, insurance, parking, tickets, maintenance, etc.  Traffic laws are strictly enforced!  International License good for 1 year, must get NJ license  Social Security Number is not needed to get a driver’s license

53 DRIVERS LICENSE  Apply at Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC)  Visit to find out eligibility and requirements for obtaining  Take valid I-20, I-94 printout, passport, Social Security Card or letter of denial from Social Security Office, Enrollment Certification from IEC, and any additional documents as required by the MVC  Must update your address with the MVC if moving

54 Adjusting and settling into life in abroad USA Culture & Life in New Jersey

55 YOU TELL ME… What have you noticed that is different from your own culture or unique to the USA? (Everyone can respond to this!)

56 CULTURE  Melting Pot  U.S. mix of nationalities, ethnicities, races, and religious groups with a population of around 280 million people  Values  Independence & individuality  Norms & Customs  Punctuality - Being on time!  Gratuity – Giving an added “tip” of 10-20% of total bill to service industry workers such as waiters, bartenders, parking attendants, coat check, taxi drivers  Informality – titles, first names, asking questions, etc.


58  Precipitated by the anxiety that results from losing all familiar signs and symbols of social interaction  How to cope:  Develop a hobby  Get involved on and off campus and find new friends  Talk to a counselor  Exercise, relax or meditate  Maintain ties with your ethnic group  Patience

59 IN CLOSING…  Your success at Brookdale is our goal!  Ask for help when you need it.  Make time for work and play.  Take advantage of the available opportunities.  Do not forget to attend New Student Orientation and ask questions!

60 Questions or comments…?

61 Campus tour

62 ICE BREAKER #2  Face to Face – Pair up with a person you don’t know, and ask each other three questions: - If you could travel to any country, or US state which one would it be and why? - If you could meet any historical figure who would it be and why? - If you could be granted one wish, what would it be? Take 30-45 seconds to answer each question.


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