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California State University, East Bay Tobacco Policy Presentation Compilation of work completed 2009-2013.

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1 California State University, East Bay Tobacco Policy Presentation Compilation of work completed 2009-2013

2 Response to Public Health Concern Written/verbal concerns from students, staff, & faculty State of California 20ft. restrictions City of Hayward 20ft. Restrictions Cigarette smoking is considered the number one cause of preventable disease and death in the United States (ALA, AMA)

3 SHCS Tobacco Initiatives (2009-2013) CSUEB Campus survey Key Informant Interviews Environmental scan ALL Clear Campaign Review policy and recommend changes

4 CSUEB campus survey (2009-2010) Participants (n = 553) ▫ Faculty/staff = 53% ▫ Students = 47% Data collection ▫ Classroom visits ▫ Massmail ▫ Campus events  al Fresco, Earth Day, Soberfest, Health Fair

5 Findings: campus survey 76% have never smoked. 87% are aware that secondhand smoke is hazardous. 68% know that there is a smoking policy. 15% knew of free smoking cessation program. 96% of participants are in favor of updating the current policy. ▫ 47% favor of a completely smoke free campus ▫ 49% would support designated areas 63% feel that a smoke free campus is very important.

6 Key Informant Interviews (Spring 2010) Presidential Cabinet Shawn Bibb, Administration & Finance Facilities Management (Custodial & Grounds staff) Martin Castillo, Student Housing & Residential Life Donna Placzek, Environmental Health & Safety Dr. Mark Khoo, Student Health Services University Police Department

7 Findings: Interviews Concern for second hand smoke near buildings No enforcement or governing body Limited resources for staff, educational materials, new signs, etc. Need for designated smoking areas Usage of EAP smoking cessation programs Increase education for campus community Facilities continuously works to clean butts and move ashtrays

8 Environmental Scan (2010 & 2013)

9 Purpose of Environmental Scan Location of ashtrays – 20’ Usage of ashtray design Active disposal of butts Previous disposal of butts

10 Findings: Ashtrays Areas of concern ▫ Meiklejohn ▫ North & South Science ▫ Library Courtyard ------------------------------ Not aware it is an astray Moved to <20’ of door way Clogged with litter No signage on concord campus

11 Litter surrounds ashtray rather than inside 57% observed improperly disposed of cigarette butt ▫ Ground ▫ Grass ▫ Wood landscaping Findings: Disposal of butts

12 ALL Clear Campaign (2010-2013) To educate the campus community on proper disposal of cigarette butts and increase awareness of the Smoking Policy. Air: Reduce exposure of secondhand smoke Land: Reduce improperly disposed cigarette butts Lungs: Promote smoking cessation services Education through existing campus events: ▫ Blue Tape Campaign – 20’ Door Ways ▫ What is an Aladdin Ashtray ▫ Smoking Cessation Services

13 ALL Clear Clean Up QuarterVolunteersButts Cleaned Spring 2012419,617 Fall 2012349,653 Winter 201312019,243 Spring 2013252,500 Total22041,013 Equivalent = 2,051 packs

14 Enforcement of Policy AB 795. Public postsecondary education: smoke-free campuses. University of California, California State University, California Community Colleges Each set enforcement standards for their local campuses. Impose fines for first, second, third, and for each subsequent offense.  Fines determined by each campus – not exceed $100  Funds shall be allocated to enforcement, education/promotion, cessation If a campus adopts the enforcement and fine measures: ▫ Post the locations where use is prohibited and permitted on campus. If a campus adopts the enforcement and fine measures: ▫ Inform employees and students of the policy and enforcement measures

15 Other CSU Campuses Smoke Free ▫ CSU Fullerton* Designated Smoking Areas ▫ CSU San Bernardino* ▫ CSU Fresno ▫ Humboldt State University ▫ California Maritime Academy ▫ San Francisco State University ▫ Cal Poly San Luis Obispo ▫ CSU San Marcos 50 foot Perimeter ▫ CSU Channel Islands 30 foot Perimeter ▫ CSU Stanislaus

16 CSU Fullerton (Smoke Free Campus) Initiative created by Academic Senate Pass by interim President Effective August 2013 100% Smoke free campus ▫ Must go off campus to sidewalk ▫ No parking lots or vehicles Increased staff training for student cessation Community agencies for staff/faculty cessation Requested UPD enforcement with fines ▫ Plans to fund SSO program

17 Potential Next Steps for CSUEB Clarify current policy for “student friendly” language Improve current signage and education Conduct quarterly ALL Clear Clean-Up Follow other campus progress – CSU, UC Connect with student leaders Extend opportunities for faculty input Develop and distribute survey to gauge current support

18 Progressive plan and enforcement Recommendations from ATOD Council Policy development Education and outreach team 2012-2015 Clarify and enforce existing policy 2015-2020 Designate smoking areas 2020 Smoke free

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