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TRU (Tobacco.Reality.Unfiltered) Youth Advocacy and Tobacco-free Parks.

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1 TRU (Tobacco.Reality.Unfiltered) Youth Advocacy and Tobacco-free Parks

2 A Walk in the Park

3 Goals What is advocacy How to advocate for a cause How to conduct an effective interview How to conduct yourself while being interviewed How to plan and organize an event advocating for tobacco free parks

4 What is advocacy? Advocacy is the act of supporting or educating about a specific cause. Any advocacy effort must start with a goal. Therefore you must decide who your audience is and what you will need to educate them on.

5 Reasons for Tobacco Free Parks

6 Eliminate litter Secondhand smoke is threatening to those around Negative influence on youth Tobacco use is the leading cause of preventable death Children suffer from secondhand smoke

7 Tobacco Free vs. Smoke Free Tobacco Free This encompasses all forms of tobacco: Smokeless Tobacco Cigarettes Cigars GOLD STANDARD!! Smoke Free This only encompasses cigarettes and tobacco smoked in pipes.

8 Who can pass laws on the local level? Any local political subdivision of this State, any airport authority, or any authority or body created by any joint resolution, ordinance, or rules of any such entity. County Commissioners City/Town Council Boards of Health / Public Health Authorities ** Airport Authorities

9 Assessing Tobacco-Free Parks Survey Community Profile Environmental Scan

10 Public Speaking Be well prepared Practice Relax before speaking Have proper appearance Speak clearly Be YOURSELF!

11 Seven Seconds of Sound

12 Letters to the Editor & Tips When writing an editorial: Contact your local paper and check the word limit. Usually it will be between 100 and 200 words. Before you start writing, make a list of Key Points you would like to make in your editorial. Make sure to cite other resources if needed. Send a copy to your adult leader so it can be approved before you send it to the paper.

13 Applauds a healthy move by City Council by Ari Zitin published July 24, 2007 12:15 am Asheville Citizen Times On May 22, Asheville City Council passed a policy that makes all Asheville City Parks tobacco- free zones. As a student at Asheville High School, I believe that this policy is a great step forward in ensuring that our youths can grow and thrive in a safe and healthy environment. By passing this policy, we have shown that here in our community we care about the well-being of our youths and are willing to make some small sacrifices to ensure the greater good. Our tobacco-free parks policy opens the door for Asheville to become a local leader in progressive policy-making, especially where our health is concerned. I commend City Council for moving to make our parks cleaner and more family-friendly and would support them in other movements toward greater health for ourselves and our youths. I encourage parents to bring their children to Asheville City Parks and show their support for a healthier Asheville. Ari Zitin, Asheville

14 For more information, please visit To schedule a Question Why TRU youth leader training that focuses on Tobacco- Free Parks Advocacy, please contact Question Why.

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